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Satellite Equipment in UAE: Within Your Budget

Make your streaming experience enjoyable. By selecting a satellite equipment from our selection, you will certainly get the best signal with the finest quality gradations, true colors, precise contrast and contours needed to enjoy your favorite television channels.

There are numerous options available on Buymode from renowned brands and manufacturers. All at a reasonable price!

So, what are you waiting for? Place an online order and have the top-rated goods delivered to your house right away.

Buy UAE satellite from Buy Mode at a budget-friendly rate

In general, a good quality satellite equipment is pretty expensive. However, the good news is with Buymode, you no longer need to shell out a fortune to purchase the highest caliber satellite equipment in UAE. Instead, the price range will quite comfortably get within your budget.

Besides, they also come with an easy installation. So you can easily set them up at your house to experience the best signal like never before. 

Each one of our products offers the following features:

• Cost-effectiveness

• Includes a longer warranty, based on the model you choose

• Contains several modern and innovative features

Always stay at ease and relax to the fullest on your couch or bed with our top-selling pro satellite in Abu Dhabi.

Explore our wide range of satellite tv Collection in the UAE

Looking for a trustworthy online store to purchase security products? And don't feel like exploring the market?

Well, Buymode is here with its best satellite products to help you.

Whether you want a satellite tv receiver without dish, multi-switch satellite splitter, DVB s2 satellite receivers, satellite dish components or even a satellite finder meter— we have all kinds of products kept ready for you.

So, you can finally find the right digital satellite dish for watching your favourite channels without facing any disturbances. One-stop solution for UAE satellite antenna!

Some of the best features of our satellite dish include:

Better Image Quality

Give your eyes a total relaxation and something to cheer about with our higher visual quality dish antenna. Crystal clear images and vibrant colors right from the go.

Own Receiver

Tired of setting up? Well, with our satellite receiver. You just have to connect the receiver to the TV to begin enjoying your program while sitting on your couch with your friends and families.

Versatile Options

With our satellite equipment, you can enjoy a broadcast of several channels from different countries, regardless of the provider you have signed up with.

Easy to Troubleshoot

Enjoy a simple troubleshooting with our satellite dish. Super easy to do!

No more needing to contact your provider for doing the troubleshooting as you can do it all yourself, following the instructions in the manual guide.

Satellite equipment sub-categories you can consider to buy

Latest Satellite Equipments Price list in UAE 2022

4K Ultra HD HUMAX Official Android TV Box A1 - Price: 265.00 AED

Humax Receiver 4K Ultra HD-ACE Digital Satellite Receiver, HUMAX Thailand - Price: 145.00 AED

Humax Receiver 4K Ultra HD F1 Mini Digital Satellite Receiver, HUMAX Korea - Price: 200.00 AED

Humax Receiver 4K Ultra HD HUMAX F1 Mini Plus Digital Satellite Receiver - Price: 99.00 AED

HD Satellite Dish Antenna - H11 x W84 x D95 cm - Price: 650.00 AED

Satellite Equipment Combo pack - Price: 99.00 AED

Satellite Receiver 4K Ultra HD Audio and Video Box - Price: 84.00 AED

4K Ultra HD Audio and Video Satellite Receiver - Price: 61.00 AED

4K Ultra HD Audio and Video Satellite Receiver Mini - Price: 55.00 AED

4K Ultra HD Audio and Video Satellite Receiver Mini - Price: 62.00 AED

DISEQC 2.0 Switch, Works with HD TV, Cable, Amplifiers, Amplified Antennas - Price: 21.00 AED

DISEQC 2.0 Switch, Works with HD TV, Cable, Amplifiers, Amplified Antennas - Price: 25.00 AED

Amplifier, Cable Splitter, Works with HD TV, Cable, Amplifiers, Amplified Antennas - Price: 27.00 AED

Universal Octo LNBF - Price: 79.00 AED


4K Ultra HD Audio and Video Satellite Receiver Mini - Price: 
50.00 AED

Satellite Receiver 4K Ultra HD Audio and Video Box - Price: 61.00 AED

C-BAND 5G Filter LNBF - Price: 81.00 AED

C-Band 5G Filter LNBF - Price: 84.00 AED

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Besides, purchasing from Buymode can get you a lot of amenities, making you want to back again, including:

Several brands to choose from!
Find all the high-end brands you prefer in one spot. From multi-switch satellite splitter to satellite tv receiver without dish and finder – every item of varied famous brands is now available on Buymode.

So, pick the one that fits your budget and requirement criteria list.

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Easy Return and Refund Policy

Although Buymode offers only the best products to its users. Yet to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we give total assurance that you will receive the products in perfect condition, with no defects. So, you can stay rest assured.

However, if any problems arise, then just notify us about the issue, and we will take care of everything as soon as possible.

24/7 Customer Support

Having trouble placing your order, or do you want to make any changes in your placed order?

Well, just give us a call at our hotline number or a knock at whenever required.

Our customer support will get back to you as soon as possible with their valuable feedback and responses to help you with the problem.

So, what's holding you back? Find the right digital satellite dish for your needs and setting by browsing our wide range of selections to level up your experience level.


Check out the below most commonly asked questions in case you have anything to clarify about:

What exactly does a satellite transmission device do?

Equipment for satellite communications is used in international telecommunications for the transmission, conditioning, and reception of satellite signals. A few examples of their general specifications include product kind, mounting method, and connector or interface type.

Can I purchase my own satellite equipment?

Yes, you can definitely buy it! As for the transmission, you basically need a satellite dish and a receiver, depending on the satellite you want to receive the signals from. Well, the good news is that Buymode sells both of them and has a huge variety of models to choose from. Therefore, explore the store and add your preferred item to the cart right away.

How many types of satellite communication are there?

There are three kinds of satellite communication available, namely: telecommunications, broadcasting, and data communications.

What is the future of satellite communications?

The future uses for satellite communication are projected to include specialized land mobile radio transmission, satellite-based air traffic control, and aeronautical satellite communication. Besides, it is also expected to play a role in the constant advancements of intelligent space communications systems.

How much does satellite equipment cost in the UAE?

Buymode offers a wide variety of satellite equipment, with prices ranging from 30.00AED to 140.00AED. Additionally, a variety of bargains and promotions are available at various times to make your day more happening!