Stargold Digital Coax Cable Splitter Hd Diseqc Switch 4 Way Cable Splitter Works With Hd Tv, Satellite, Amplifier, Antenna, SG-D41


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Product Description

Stargold Digital Coax Cable Splitter HD Diseqc Switch 4 Way - SG-D41

Upgrade your home entertainment setup with the Stargold Digital Coax Cable Splitter HD Diseqc Switch 4 Way (SG-D41). This versatile and high-performance splitter is designed to enhance your audio-visual experience by providing seamless connectivity and signal distribution. Whether you're connecting your HD TV, satellite receiver, amplifier, or antenna, the SG-D41 ensures optimal signal quality and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • SKU: SG-D41 Easily identify and select the Stargold Digital Coax Cable Splitter HD Diseqc Switch 4 Way with the unique SG-D41 SKU, a mark of quality and reliability.
  • Brand: Stargold Trust in the reputable brand, Stargold, known for delivering cutting-edge solutions in home entertainment. The SG-D41 is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence.
  • Multi-Purpose – This Digital Coax Cable Splitter Is Designed For Use With Hd Tv Signals, Satellite Tv, And High-Speed Internet Modems As Well As Cable Tv, Amplified Antennas, Amplifiers, And Other Coaxial Devices.
  • Frequency Range – Distributes A Digital Signal Of 2.5 GHz (950-2400 MHz) Frequency Range.
  • Outputs – Splits A Single Digital Signal To Up To 4 Devices, Balanced, And With Power Pass Through On All Ports.
  • Connectors – Allows For Optimal Connectivity, Corrosion Resistance, And Compatible With Rg59 And Rg6 Coax Cable.
  • 4X1 Diseqc Switch: Experience the convenience and efficiency of the 4X1 Diseqc switch, designed to seamlessly distribute your signals to various devices. With this splitter, you can easily connect multiple devices without compromising signal quality.
  • Low Insertion Loss: Say goodbye to signal loss and enjoy uncompromised signal quality. With a low insertion loss of just 30dB, this splitter ensures that your signals are distributed efficiently, maintaining clarity and integrity.
  • Power Passing Capability: This splitter features power passing capability of up to 500mA-Max, allowing it to provide power to connected devices such as amplifiers or satellite receivers. It streamlines your setup and eliminates the need for additional power sources.
  • Reliable Signal Distribution: Whether you're setting up a home entertainment system, connecting multiple satellite receivers, or enhancing your antenna signal distribution, the Stargold SG-D41 is the ideal solution. It ensures reliable signal distribution to all your devices, so you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Easy Installation: The SG-D41 is designed for hassle-free installation. Simply connect your devices to the splitter, and you're ready to experience enhanced signal distribution. No complex setup or technical expertise required.
  • Enhance Your Entertainment Experience: Upgrade your signal distribution setup with the Stargold SG-D41 Digital Coax Cable Splitter HD Diseqc Switch. Whether you're a home theater enthusiast or a satellite TV user, this splitter ensures that you enjoy the best possible signal quality on all your connected devices. Say goodbye to signal loss and hello to superior viewing experiences. Elevate your connection quality - choose Stargold. Order your SG-D41 splitter today!

Product Description:

The Stargold Digital Coax Cable Splitter HD Diseqc Switch 4 Way (SG-D41) is a feature-packed solution to meet your signal distribution needs. Whether you're setting up a home theater system, connecting satellite receivers, or amplifying your antenna signal, this splitter ensures reliable performance and ease of use.

The 4X1 Diseqc switch allows you to connect up to four input sources, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your devices. Easily switch between connected devices with the push of a button, giving you control over your entertainment setup.

With a frequency range of 950-2400MHz, the SG-D41 is compatible with a variety of devices, including HD TVs, satellite receivers, and amplifiers. Enjoy enhanced signal quality and clarity for an immersive audio-visual experience.

The low insertion loss of 30dB ensures minimal signal degradation as your audio and video signals pass through the splitter. This is crucial for maintaining the highest quality in your entertainment setup.

Power passing capabilities of up to 500mA make the SG-D41 versatile enough to support devices that require power, such as satellite receivers or amplifiers. This ensures a seamless and efficient setup for all your connected devices.

Upgrade your home entertainment experience with the Stargold Digital Coax Cable Splitter HD Diseqc Switch 4 Way (SG-D41). With Stargold's commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust in the reliability and performance of this advanced splitter. Connect with confidence and enjoy a seamless audio-visual experience in your home.