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Stargold HD 30dB DISEQC 2.0 SWITCH 4 Way Cable Splitter Works with HD TV, Satellite, High Speed Internet, Amplifier, Antenna, SG-D50


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SKU: SG-D50 • Brand: Stargold • 4X1 DISEQC SWITCH • FREQUENCY RANGE: 950-2400MHz • INSERTION LOSS: 30dB • POWER PASSING: 500mA-Max

Product Description

Stargold HD 30dB DISEQC 2.0 SWITCH, SG-D50

Introducing the Stargold HD 30dB DISEQC 2.0 SWITCH, your reliable solution for seamless connectivity and signal distribution. Crafted by Stargold, a trusted name in satellite receiver technology, this switch ensures optimal performance for your HD TV, satellite receiver, high-speed internet, amplifier, antenna, and more.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Port Signal Distribution: With its 4-way design, this DISEQC 2.0 switch enables you to effortlessly connect multiple devices or satellite dishes to your setup. It's an ideal choice for homes and businesses that require signal distribution to various destinations.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The SG-D50 supports a broad frequency range from 950MHz to 2400MHz. This extensive range ensures compatibility with a variety of satellite, TV, and internet services.
  • Minimal Signal Loss: To maintain signal quality, the switch features a low insertion loss of just 30dB, making it one of the most efficient switches available. This ensures that your signal remains strong and clear throughout your network.
  • Power Passing Capability: The switch can handle a power passing capacity of up to 500mA, allowing you to integrate additional components such as amplifiers or devices that require power.
  • Durable Build: Stargold is known for its high-quality components, and the SG-D50 is no exception. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, reliability, and consistent performance over time.
  • Specifications:
    • Brand: Stargold - Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring reliability and performance.
    • SKU: SG-D50 - Guarantees authenticity and quality assurance for your signal distribution needs.
    • Type 4X1 DISEQC SWITCH: Designed to connect up to four different satellite dishes or other signal sources to a single receiver, providing versatility and flexibility in your setup.
    • Frequency Range: With a frequency range spanning from 950MHz to 2400MHz, this switch supports a wide range of satellite and digital signals for enhanced compatibility.
    • Insertion Loss: Boasting a low insertion loss of 30dB, this switch ensures minimal signal degradation, preserving signal quality for crisp and clear audio and video output.
    • Power Passing: Capable of passing a maximum current of 500mA, allowing for the transmission of power through the switch to compatible devices such as LNBs (Low Noise Block downconverters) or amplifiers.

The Stargold SG-D50 4-Way DISEQC 2.0 Switch is your trusted companion for achieving a flawless and uninterrupted signal distribution. Whether you're setting up your home entertainment system or managing a sophisticated satellite network, this switch provides the necessary functionality, reliability, and durability to meet your needs.

Upgrade your signal management today and enjoy a superior audiovisual experience with the Stargold SG-D50 DISEQC switch. It's the key to unlocking crystal-clear signals and seamless connectivity for your digital world.