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Stargold Universal Satellite Dish High Efficiency Quad 4 Output LNB, SG-H-300


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SKU: SG-H-300 • Brand: Star Gold • Universal High Efficiency Quad LNB • High Gain Low Visual Impact Design • Outstanding Linearity & Waterproof • Compatible Under Extreme Temperature Conditions • Multi Satellite Compatible Solution & Simple Connection • Extra High Quality Digital Reception • I/P:10.7 ∼12.75GHz & O/P:950-2150MHz • L.O:9.75,10.60GHz • N.F:0.2,0.3,0.5dB • Gain:70dB

Product Description

Stargold Universal Satellite Dish High Efficiency Quad 4 Output LNB, SG-H-300

Introducing the Stargold Universal Satellite Dish High Efficiency Quad 4 Output LNB, your ultimate solution for enhanced satellite signal reception. Crafted by Stargold, a trusted name in satellite technology, this LNB (Low Noise Block downconverter) ensures exceptional performance and reliability for your satellite TV or internet connection.

Key Features:

  • High Efficiency Quad LNB: With four output connections, this Quad LNB offers an efficient way to connect multiple satellite receivers to a single dish. It's perfect for households or businesses with more than one television, allowing each TV to independently tune into different satellite channels.
  • High Gain, Low Visual Impact: The SG-H-300 is designed for high gain, ensuring that you get the strongest possible satellite signals. Despite its powerful performance, it maintains a low visual profile, making it a discreet addition to your satellite dish setup.
  • Outstanding Linearity & Waterproof: The LNB is engineered to provide outstanding linearity, meaning it accurately translates satellite signals into your TV's digital content. Its waterproof construction ensures that it remains reliable even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Multi-Satellite Compatible: If you're a fan of satellite television from multiple providers or are looking to receive signals from several satellites, this LNB is a fantastic choice. It's compatible with various satellite systems, offering a versatile solution for your viewing needs.
  • Simple Connection: Installing the SG-H-300 is a breeze. Its user-friendly design allows for easy connection to your satellite dish and receivers. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to straightforward, high-quality satellite TV.
  • Specifications:
    • Brand: Stargold - Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring reliability and performance.
    • SKU: SG-H-300 - Guarantees authenticity and quality assurance for your satellite reception needs.
    • Type: Equipped with four output ports, this LNB allows for the simultaneous connection of up to four satellite receivers, providing flexibility and convenience for multi-room setups.
    • Input Frequency Range (I/P): Covers a wide input frequency range from 10.7GHz to 12.75GHz, providing compatibility with various satellite signals.
    • Output Frequency Range (O/P): Outputs frequencies ranging from 950MHz to 2150MHz, supporting a wide range of satellite receivers and devices.
    • Local Oscillator Frequency (L.O): Features local oscillator frequencies of 9.75GHz and 10.60GHz, ensuring precise signal conversion for optimal performance.
    • Noise Figure (N.F): Boasts low noise figures of 0.2dB, 0.3dB, and 0.5dB, minimizing signal distortion and maximizing signal clarity.
    • Gain: Offers a high gain of 70dB, amplifying weak signals for improved reception quality.

Upgrade your satellite television experience with the Stargold SG-H-300 Universal Satellite Dish Quad LNB. Enjoy exceptional digital reception, access a multitude of satellite channels, and take your satellite TV setup to new heights. This Quad LNB is the key to unlocking your TV's full potential.