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STARGOLD 800W Portable Electric Quartz Room Heater with 2 Temperatures, SG-HIT2003


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•Brand: STARGOLD •SKU: SG-HIT2003 •Safety thermal fuse •2 heat settings •Power indicator light •High quality quartz tube •Wide-angle heat reflector •With tip-off switch •Power 400/800 watts •220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz •BS plug

Product Description

STARGOLD 800W Portable Electric Quartz Room Heater, SG-HIT2003

Introducing the STARGOLD 800W Portable Electric Quartz Room Heater, SG-HIT2003 – your reliable companion for staying warm and cozy during chilly days. This compact and efficient room heater is designed to provide quick and effective heating for your personal space.

Key Features:

  • Brand Reliability: Trust in the quality and reliability of STARGOLD, a brand known for its commitment to delivering top-notch home appliances.
  • SKU: SG-HIT2003: Easily identify and locate your room heater with the specific SKU: SG-HIT2003 for quick reference.
  • Safety Thermal Fuse: The built-in safety thermal fuse ensures that the heater automatically shuts off in the event of overheating, providing peace of mind during use.
  • Two Heat Settings: Choose from two different heat settings to suit your comfort level, allowing you to adjust the warmth according to your preference.
  • Power Indicator Light: The power indicator light provides a visual signal, indicating when the heater is in operation, making it easy to monitor its status.
  • High-Quality Quartz Tube: The heater features a high-quality quartz tube that efficiently emits heat, ensuring rapid and effective room heating.
  • Wide-Angle Heat Reflector: The wide-angle heat reflector helps distribute warmth evenly across the room, preventing cold spots and ensuring a cozy atmosphere.
  • Tip-Off Switch: For added safety, the heater is equipped with a tip-off switch that automatically turns off the unit if it is accidentally knocked over.
  • Two Power Options: The heater offers two power settings, with options for both 400 watts and 800 watts, providing flexibility in managing your energy consumption.
  • Voltage Compatibility: The heater operates at a voltage range of 220-240V, suitable for most residential electrical systems.
  • BS Plug: The BS plug ensures secure and reliable electrical connections, meeting safety standards.

Why Choose the STARGOLD SG-HIT2003 Room Heater?

The STARGOLD SG-HIT2003 800W Portable Electric Quartz Room Heater is a practical and efficient solution to combat the cold and maintain a comfortable living space. With its safety features, multiple heat settings, and quality components, this room heater is your reliable partner during the winter months.

Stay warm and cozy with the STARGOLD SG-HIT2003 800W Portable Electric Quartz Room Heater. Order yours today and experience the pleasure of a warm and inviting room even on the coldest days.