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Buy Home Appliances in UAE | Within Your Budget

Home appliances comprise a huge list, from home decor items to electronic equipment.

Each appliance specializes in its respective field to make your everyday life comfortable and convenient.

Here is a list of the top 10 home appliances you can buy from Buymode—a trusted online shop for home appliances in Dubai.

Refrigerator—Store Foods to Keep Fresh

Keep your food always fresh while preventing food spoilage with high-end refrigerators. They offer an optimum environment for slowing down bacterial growth. Also, have enough space for storing your vegetables, fruits, cooked and even uncooked food. It is a must-needed item of every house and is something you will find in almost every household.

Before the purchase, determine the capacity you and your family will require. For instance, if your family is a small one, then a small fridge will do the work. On the other hand, if it is a large family, then you must definitely buy a larger one that comes with loads of space.

There are several other options to look for! Such as, you can either opt for a single/double door refrigerator or go for the one that comes with several drawers, etc. Each model comes with numerous features to offer!

Therefore, pick the one that suits your requirements the most.

Washing Machine—Your Home Laundry

Clean your clothes like a pro without wasting labor and time with washing machines. Get all cleaned up no matter how dirty or stubborn stains are on your clothes!

A wide range of easy-to-operate, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly washing machines is available at Buymode. From semi-automatic machines to top-loading and front-loading washing machines – there are different ranges of machines to meet the needs of various families.

The front loading is preferable for the larger-sized families who are ideally searching for a way to save some on water but also want neat and clean clothes with an efficient drying feature.

In contrast, the top loading is suitable for the elderly people suffering from back and joint aches. Super easy to use and also give a good cleaning.

Now, semi-automatic machines are perfect for those looking for a high-quality washing machine within a budget-friendly price range.

Go for the one that meets your requirements to make the most of it!

Vacuum Cleaner—House Cleaning at Ease

Remove allergen from breathing air and leave no specks of dirt behind with our advanced features and low-cost vacuum cleaner. Cleans every area of your house with total class!

Our vacuum cleaner range comes in two different size ranges, either small or big. In case you have a large space, then it s better to go for the bigger vacuum cleaner. As with the help of them, you will always be able to keep your house totally neat and clean.

Now for the smaller vacuum cleaners, one of their problems is they tend to get heated up easily. That's why, in comparison, it is better to go for the bigger vacuum cleaner than the small one.

From making your cleaning hassle-free to saving up energy – a big-sized vacuum cleaner has tons of benefits to offer.

We have a wide variety of products to offer. So, based on your need, buy the one that you are comfortable with working on.

Air Conditioner—Keep You Cool

Air conditioner has become such an item of our life without which many people cannot even imagine spending their life. After all, this device saves us from the extremely hot temperature with its superior cooling feature.

But to get the most of it, you must pick the AC size according to your home requirements and size. It's better to go for the power-efficient ACs, which, along with having up electricity, also lessen the carbon footprint.

Dishwashers for Hassle-Free Cleaning

Get rid of germs and clean all your utensils with just one wash using dishwashers. Saves you both water and energy!

We have a good range of dishwashers to offer. However, to crack the best deal, buy the one that meets your family's lifestyle.

Such as, if you only need a dishwasher for washing your regular dishes, a small one with basic controls is just enough for you.

The bigger dishwasher with additional controls and features is preferable if you want to save power and water.

Microwave Oven—Fresh & Hot Food Always

Economical and energy efficient – warm up and cook your food instantly with high-quality and advanced features microwave oven. Easy to clean and operate!

Choose the microwave oven based on your family size and cooking requirements. Such as, if you want to use your oven for warming purposes only, a smaller oven will be enough.

On the other hand, if you even want to grill and bake varied dishes, then certainly the bigger oven is the preferable option.

You'll also find various models that are designed to save energy. Hence, pick the one from the list that serves your requirement within budget.

Handy and Easy-to-Operate Food Processors

Right from chopping to slicing, mixing, and blending – these food processors just do every work with the total class in a few matters of seconds.

Besides, while investing in this one great product, you can cut down several other costs like buying different kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders separately.

So, why put money into varied items when you can get everything under one?

Browse the list to add your one to the cart NOW!

Useful Kettles & Toasters

To make your everyday breakfast time a delicious and hassle-free one – kettles & toasters don't have any alternative. From brewing you a hot cup of tea to toasting the bread to a perfectly crispy brown one – these two appliances are a must to have in every household.

Grab your one from our collection list right away to enjoy a perfect breakfast every morning!

Coffee Machines—Enjoy Your Coffee!

Love coffee and cannot imagine beginning your day without them? Well, then a coffee machine is a perfect item for you. After all, they brew you a cup of coffee with total perfection, retaining the exact aroma and taste of the coffee beans.

So, if you want a quality cup of coffee to relieve your everyday stress and revive your energy, having a coffee machine is a must to add to your home appliance list.

Irons/Steamers—Spruce Your Outlook

Get rid of these wrinkles and spruce your outlook within seconds using our steamers. It is a small yet handy appliance that needs a small space for storage.

You will find a wide range of products to choose from our collection list.

Hence, pick the one that suits your demands the most to enjoy and get a perfect professional look anywhere you go. It takes just a few moments to get your clothes all ready!

Latest Home Appliances Price List in UAE 2022

1200W Portable Electric Halogen Remote Control Room Heater - Price: 134.00 AED

1500W Portable Electric PTC Fan Room Heater - Price: 115.00 AED

1630W Full-Size Garment and Fabric Steamer 2.2L Water Tank, Telescopic Design - Price: 223.00 AED

2200W Dry Vacuum Cleaner with telescopic tube With Low Consumption - Price: 210.00 AED

STARGOLD 800W Portable Electric Quartz Room Heater with 2 Temperatures - Price: 320.00 AED

STARGOLD 2000W Portable Electric Fan Room Heater with 2 Temperatures - Price: 220.00 AED

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Should You Buy an Extended Warranty on Appliances?

If an essential system or appliance fails without warning, an appliance extended warranty may be able to help. Your manufacturer's warranty is extended by this kind of warranty, giving you more protection for the costly new item you recently purchased.

How to Calculate the Electric Consumption of Appliances?

You calculate the power in kW by the number of hours you use the devices per day, per week, or per month to compute consumption. Let's look at the consumption in Agnes and Roman's house as an example: The TV has a 200 W, or 0.2 kW, power output. They use 0.4 kWh daily since they leave it on for 2 hours daily.

How to Protect Home Appliances from Voltage Fluctuation?

In modern homes, circuit breakers are essential for controlling power surges and safeguarding large appliances. It is advisable to go over the best circuit breaker options with the electrician.