STARGOLD Quartz Heater, 4 Heat Settings, 1500W, Overheat Protection Room Heater, SG-HIT2015

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Brand: STARGOLD Model Name: SG-HIT2015 Power Wattage: 1500W Power Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz Product Features 360𝆩 Heating Range Overheating Protection 3 Heating Mode 500W/ 1000W/ 1500W With Safety Grill And Reflection Safety Tip Cut Off Switch One Button Control For Easy Wheels For Easy Shift Functions: Warm/Hot Wind Plug: BS Plug Gross Dimension: 25cm*16cm*57cm= 4 kg

Product Description

Stargold SG-HIT2015 Quartz Heater with Overheat Protection

Increase the warmth in your home during the winter seasons with the Stargold SG-HIT2015 quartz heater. This efficient and safe device provides portable comfort. The Stargold room heater is an essential addition, featuring easy operation and a compact design for any household. Its powerful heating capability ensures a cozy atmosphere throughout your living space.

360° Heating Range

This room heater from Stargold is engineered to provide a 360-degree heating range, ensuring that warmth is evenly distributed throughout the room. This capability removes cold spots, making it perfect for larger spaces requiring uniform heat. It's considered the best room heater for its ability to maintain consistent temperatures, ensuring optimal comfort in every corner. Ideal for spacious areas, its comprehensive coverage stands out.

Overheating Protection

Safety is paramount with the Stargold room heater. This heater is equipped with a protection mechanism that automatically shuts off the heater if internal temperatures exceed safety levels. This not only prevents potential safety hazards but also enhances the longevity of the heater.

STARGOLD SG-HIT2015 Quartz Heater with Overheat Protection

Variable Heating Modes

Adapt to your comfort needs with the versatile settings of this heater. Choose from three heating modes: mild warmth at 500W, moderate heating at 1000W, or intense warmth at 1500W. This affordable room heater adjusts to meet your preferences, ensuring energy efficiency and optimal comfort. Its flexibility is a key feature of the heater, making it ideal for maintaining a comfortable home environment.

Safety Features

The heater includes several safety features:

  • Safety Grill: This overheat protection heater protects users and helps prevent direct contact with the heating elements.
  • Reflection Feature: Enhances the efficiency of the heat distribution by increasing reflection.
  • Safety Tip Cut-Off Switch: This crucial safety feature instantly cuts power if the heater tips over, preventing accidents and enhancing user safety.

One Button Control

Operating the Stargold is much easier than your regular room heater thanks to its one-button control. This easy-to-control mechanism simplifies switching between heating modes or turning the heater on and off. This makes the home heater accessible for users of all ages, which is why it's well-known as the best room heater in the UAE.


With built-in wheels, this quartz heater is designed for easy mobility. You can easily move the heater from one room to another, ensuring warmth wherever it is needed most in your home.

Mode Selection

Stargold room heater provides versatility in adjusting the temperature, enabling users to choose between a gentle warm breeze and a hotter one. This adaptability makes it ideal for varying weather conditions and personal comfort preferences. By doing so, it ensures optimal warmth and comfort for every user.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Despite its powerful performance, Stargold quartz room heater (SG-HIT2015) is compact and lightweight, with a gross weight of just 4 kg and dimensions of 57cm x 16cm x 25cm. This design ensures it can be placed in any room without taking up much space.

Designed for reliable and safe heating, Stargold room heater ensures your indoor comfort during the colder months. It's truly the most economical room heater in UAE for those seeking a cozy and warm environment at home. Don't wait to experience the warmth; make it part of your home today.