Where to Buy Cheap Luggage in Dubai?

Getting the perfect luggage for a long trip is tough, especially when buying it from a physical store.

What if you need help finding the proper design with your preferred color? Let's say you could match these two, but what about the quality, space, and size? Arent these tough to find altogether?

Well, not anymore. Buymode has brought you their best collection of luggage that you can never ignore. Here, you will find every quality luggage you always wanted, no after what color, style, or price range.

Best Place to Buy Luggage in UAE: Buymode

If you're looking for quality luggage, you're in the right spot. Buymode has the best options for you. You’ll find great quality luggage that you can use for ages at a very affordable price point. 

Multi-functional and Handy

Who doesn’t like a luggage that can be carried pretty easily? One of the worst experience of carrying heavy luggage is you can’t easily carry them anywhere. It will make you tired soon.

Here comes our luggage at your service. This luggage is so comfortable to carry that you will forget the hassle of pulling a regular luggage onto your trips.

Don’t Get Tired on Trips With Your Kids

It's common to see parents carrying baggage with your kid's stuff in them. Surely it becomes heavier and more exhausting. If you are a parent, this must’ve happened to you as well.

However, you don't have to stress anymore because Buymode has 3 sets of luggage, including a smaller one for your kid. Now you can keep his items in it, and they can carry the luggage by themselves. They are definitely going to enjoy taking it on trips.

Run With It Over Uneven Surfaces

Imagine going on a hill track, and your luggage wheel gets stuck on every second step. That is going to be a horrible experience. It automatically reduces the excitement to half. 

Don't worry anymore; the luggage from Buymode is made so smooth for you that the wheel won't stop even if you run on an uneven surface with it. The wheels won’t make you stop at an unpleasant spot.

Large Space for Better Organization

When you are going to any place, you wish to carry everything, maybe your entire wardrobe. Especially when you are a girl, you know the pain better. You may even have to organize according to what you need the most in comparison to others.

With Buymode, you won't have to do it anymore. The huge spacious luggage will easily hold everything you need. Now you won't have to leave your favorite outfit anymore.

Affordable Price Range

You will notice whenever you go to buy a luggage from a physical store that these are quite pricey. And those in your budget don’t have good quality or enough space.

Stop buying from physical stores and order one from Buymode. You will find good quality luggage within your budget.

Great Color Option

It is a very common problem while buying a piece of luggage that you won't find a good color option. And if you find your color, you won't get it in a good design. Doesn’t it sound stressful?

Well, now you don't have to stress anymore because Buymode has brought the greatest quality luggage with amazing designs and a lot of colors that will compel you to add them to your cart. 

Best Luggage Price in UAE

3 pieces Trolley Luggage set & One FREE backpack: 269.00 AED

List of Abs Trolley Luggage with price:

  1. 32 Inch: 130.00 AED

  2. 28 Inch: 120.00 AED

  3. 24 Inch: 110.00 AED

  4. 20 Inch: 99.00 AED

List of Abs Single Trolley Luggage with price:

  1. 32”: 145.00 AED

  2. 28”: 131.00 AED

  3. 24”: 115.00 AED

  4. 20”: 89.00 AED

  5. 28”: 130.00 AED

Why Choose Buymode?

Buymode is one of the reliable internet merchants in the UAE. We provide top-notch home appliances, technology, and accessories from well-known manufacturers all around the world.

Let’s explore some special qualities of Buymode that will prove that it is the best choice to shop online.

A One-store Shopping Capacity

Do you need a single piece of luggage or a set of them for your trip? Everything can now be purchased at Buymode. Purchase the finest option and have it delivered to your area since we provide a wide variety of sizes, styles, and color options for your luggage.

Enjoy Exciting Deals & Discounts

The luggage can be highly costly due to its potential lifetime and high material prices. You can get savings on practically any product here at Buymode, including your favorite luggage.

Additionally, special discounts are available all year round. We offer free home delivery, buy-one-get-one deals, and seasonal flash sales as well.

Order from Both Within and Outside of the UAE

Is it difficult for you to locate the luggage for your long trip? We have you covered. You can now purchase your preferred luggage from us even if you are not a resident of the UAE. Any item you select will arrive at your home in 2 to 3 working days.

The Easiest Policy for Replacement and Refund

Buymode provides the top items on the market, and we promise that you will receive them in brand-new condition. We also allow you this choice, but other online merchants may or may not fix it or issue a refund in specific circumstances.

Get an Excellent Customer Service

By contacting our customer support hotline, you can receive assistance and guidance. They are also receptive to ideas that could help them make their website better. Write an email to at any moment.

What are you still waiting for? Buy your desired luggage from Buymode and benefit from amazing savings.


How Much Luggage is Permitted on a Flight?

The majority of airlines let you bring one carry-on bag and one bag for checking. There is often a size limitation as well as a 50-pound weight cap per checked luggage. The most typical limit for bag dimensions is 62 linear (total) inches. 27" x 21" x 14" is a standard size for a bag to be checked through.

How to Clean Luggage?

Make sure your luggage is empty and put all of the pockets and detachable liners into your bowl. After that, vacuum the luggage to remove any remaining debris. Warm water and a light soap should be used to gently clean the lining. Use baking soda and a toothbrush to remove stubborn spots.

How is a Lock Placed on Luggage?

Find a little resetting button on the side or bottom of the latch, then use a clip, pen, or pencil to press it. The lock should be turned to the new combination while holding down the button, and then the button should be released.

What Are the Differences Between Luggage and a Suitcase?

A suitcase is a single item, but the words "luggage" and "baggage" refer to the entirety of your travel-related possessions. Your luggage/baggage might be any items you are taking on a trip, including bags, suitcases, backpacks, sports equipment, and other items.

How to Pull the Luggage Handle If that is Stuck?

Examine the telescopic extension's joints and bolts by opening the suitcase's inside zip. Search for any obstacles that could have any pins that are jammed halfway. Once you've located the spot where they're stuck, physically insert the pin into the guide and lift the handle from the exterior side.

Is Hard or Soft Luggage Better?

If you're going to bring breakable stuff, you might wish to get hard-shell luggage. Because it can't be easily torn apart and usually comes with integrated locks, it may provide greater security than soft-sided luggage. Even better luggage options include aluminum. Instead of zippers, it frequently uses metal drawbolt latches.