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Buy Travel Bags Online in UAE

Although many different products are available, should you get a Trolley Backpack? Carrying comfortable, stable, large suitcases can hold many items because they should be wide inside and do not break with the wear and tear of long travel, transit flights, and any impacts is an important part of travelling. Or Do you need Fabric Trolley Case? It depends on your needs, your financial situation, and the available colours and types.

Outstanding looks, durable, incredible designs, and features make your every traveling count and pleasant with Buy mode's travel bags online in UAE. Each of the items is extremely good and offers a first-class functionality with ensuring the utmost safety level.

From suitcases to trolley luggage, backpacks, and laptop bags – Buymodehas it all!

High-Quality Bags and Travel Accessories For Your Next Adventure

Not all bag is designed for every adventure or trip. A perfect travel bag determines your traveling experience. With the wrong one, you will certainly fall in trouble.

Choose the one that suits you from our collections to make your adventure smooth.

Attractive Pouches—Easy to Store & Transport

Say goodbye to the fear of losing small things! Storing small items is crucial as they easily get lost among others. Luckily, our collection of pouches is here to the rescue.

Coming in solid and prints, this form of travel bags can be used to store a wide range of items quite conveniently. From liquids products to cosmetics, toiletries, and money – you can just store everything in this versatile form of traveling bags. They are compact in size and just get easily fitted into our suitcase.

Ideal For: Keeping small items, like cash, cosmetics, and any essential documents separately from the other things.

Durable Backpacks—Best for Your Backpacking Tours

Backpack –the perfect travel luggage to carry anywhere you go!

From holding up your laptop to clothes, important travel papers and documents, hand cash, electronic products, and cameras – our range of backpacks covers everything with total class!

They are durable and easy to carry. So, you can also have this bag as part of your carry-on luggage. Get your weight distributed across your shoulders, making things super easy and comfortable to carry around.

Ideal For: Travelers who have several items to pack and don't want to pressure their arms while carrying a heavy baggage. Such as camping, road trips, etc.

Stylish Cross Bags—Stash Your Essentials

Stylish, ultra-lightweight, and more secure—get a wide range of cross bags from our collection.

Cross bags are perfect for usage when you don't have tons of things or bigger items to pack. These bags allow you to store your papers, cash, mobile phone, charger, and several other things in one place.

They are basically side bags, coming in with a long strap that can be slung around one shoulder or looped over the head for laying across the chest area. As a result, you will not have to use your hands while carrying them. Just adjust them as per your requirement, and you will be ready to go around.

Ideal for: Perfect for carrying ID, credit/debit card, mobile phone, keys, or any cosmetic items.

Rolling Backpack—Versatile & Convenient

Give your back a rest and travel in style with our available rolling backpack.

To make things comfortable for the travelers, this rolling backpack comes with a frame and wheels. It is almost similar to the backpack with the convenience of wheeled luggage, specially made for people who need to carry heavy-weight items. So, no more carrying heavy stuff; you can just roll it smoothly with this backpack.

Carry more things with this rolled backpack—all credit goes to its big size!

Plus, they are made using sturdy materials, making them long-lasting by giving the same experience. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes you can choose from at a reasonable price.

Ideal for: People with back pain, to carry heavy loads, and adventurous people who love going on road trips combining multiple sections of a backpack with the carry-on comfort of roll-on bags.

Rolling Suitcases—Handy & Sturdy

Hard sides, wheels on the base, and retractable handle—make your journey smoother and convenient right from the go with our rolling suitcases.

No wonder they are always on the list of popular choices right from their invention back in the 1970s. Created using heavy-duty materials, ultimately making them hard to break or prone to damage. They are certainly one of a kind when it comes to easy transportation!

Ideal for: Perfect for travelers who love to keep their things organized and don't like pulling heavy luggage bags.

Buy Travel Bags Online in UAE

How to Choose the Travel Bags Online in UAE: Buying Guide

Size, functionality, and durability are crucial aspects to consider when selecting the best travel bags. Additionally, key aspects are...

Mobility Make sure your luggage does not hamper or restrict your movement. Depending on your needs, you must decide if your luggage has four wheels, two wheels, or none at all. Bags without wheels are excellent for those who travel with smaller suitcases or want to spend a weekend away from home.

Two-wheeled luggage is more difficult to control, particularly when navigating a crowded airport. They work better on the streets. If you want a travel bag that will make navigating the airport simple, four-wheeler luggage is an excellent choice.


The ideal luggage for travel is one you can handle and move around easily! Don't be convinced to spend more money on a larger size if your trips can accommodate a smaller model. For tourists who only wish to use it as a carry-on, 18"–22" suitcases work fine. Trolleys between 24" and 27" are a decent choice if you need to check a bag.
A person using this luggage size should be over 5'4" in height. Easy movement is provided, which is fantastic for travel. 28- to 30-inch cases Ideal for tall persons. It may fit a lot comfortably, but it can be difficult to carry, especially if you're small or travelling alone.


Most travel bags are made of polycarbonate, nylon, or polyester. Choose a product that is both strong and light. Polycarbonate luggage's hard sides keep the suitcase from collapsing, protecting your belongings. However, it is easily damaged and occasionally breaks. Nylon cloth is the most durable alternative because it is both strong and lightweight. Polyester cloth is the most affordable and least durable. It will not last long and is not intended for long-term wear and tear.

Travel Bags Sub-Categories You Can Consider to Buy

  • Trolley Backpack
  • ABS Trolley Case Cabin
  • ABS Trolley Case 3pcs Set
  • ABS Trolley Case 4pcs Set
  • Fabric Light Weight Trolley Case Cabin Size
  • Fabric Light Weight Trolley Case 4pcs Set
  • Fabric Trolley Case 4pcs Set
  • Backpack
  • ABS with PC Cabin Size Trolley Luggage
  • Trolley Luggage Multiple Size

Latest Travel Bags Price List in UAE 2022


Abs Trolley Luggage, 32 Inch - Price: 130.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 28 Inch - Price: 120.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 24 Inch - Price: 110.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 20 Inch - Price: 99.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 32 Inch - Price: 130.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 28 Inch - Price: 120.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 24 Inch - Price: 110.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 20 Inch - Price: 99.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 32 Inch - Price: 130.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 28 Inch - Price: 120.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 24 Inch - Price: 110.00 AED

Abs Trolley Luggage, 20 Inch - Price: 99.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 32” - Price: 145.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 28” - Price: 131.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 24” - Price: 115.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 20” - Price: 89.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 20” - Price: 89.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 28” - Price: 130.00 AED

Abs Single Trolley Luggage 24” - Price: 115.00 AED

Why Choose Buymode for Shopping Travel Bags Online in UAE?

Bags are indeed one of the most crucial things to keep things organized and securely. And each kind of a bag is designed to serve a specific purpose. Hence, making the right selection is more than necessary if you want your trip to be a successful and memorable one.

Fortunately, Buymode is here with a huge collection of travel bag set! Here at Buymode, you'll find all types of bags, from carrying all your valuables to protecting and accessing them easily and quickly.

They are made using top-rated materials and, at the same time, are extremely stylish in looking – all with a reasonable price tag. You can also enjoy exclusive offers on travel bags by shopping online.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and explore all the trolley bag offers in UAE to finally pick your desired one!


Check out the below most asked queries regarding us:

What is the Difference Between Luggage and a Suitcase?

A suitcase is an individual item or traveling bag, while luggage describes a wide collection of traveling bags that one tends to use while going on a trip or vacation.

Which One is Better, Hard or Soft Luggage? 

Hard luggage is more prone to marks and dents in comparison to the soft luggage. Besides, soft ones are easy to carry around, no matter the distance. As a result, based on the usage and durability, without any doubt, the soft luggage is the better one.

How Much is a Backpack Travel Bag Price in UAE?

Frankly speaking, there is no specific price tag as it tends to vary from backpack to backpack. However, you can get one starting at AED 290 based on your chosen shop and model. Buymode has a wide variety of collections, with significant quality and price tags per your budget and requirements.

How Many Litres of a Bag for Travelling?

30–50 liters: Usually, weekend trips only require luggage with a capacity of around 50 liters or less. Many carry-on duffels, packs, and backpacks are available in this size range. Many people jump into a bag in this size range for a trip lasting one to two weeks.

How to Clean a Travel Bag?

Clean the dirty areas by using warm water and laundry detergent. Use a washcloth and some warm water to clean. Continue until the spot is removed. If you're struggling, switch to dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda instead of laundry detergent, but take care not to harm your luggage.

How to Unlock the Travel Bag Lock?

  • To activate the lock, push the button on it.
  • Until you hear a click, turn the dial to the first number
  • Turn the additional two dials until they sound a click
  • To open the lock, slide the button