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STARGOLD HALOGEN RADIANT HEATER PTC, 3 Heat Settings 1000W, Overheat Protection Room Heater, SG-HIT2008

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Brand: STARGOLD SKU: SG-HIT2008 Power Wattage: 1000/1200W Power Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz Safety: Child Lock function, overheating protection Mode: 3 Heat Setting 400W/ 800W/ 1200W Power: Per Lamp Power 400W Selection for: Warm/Hot Wind Window Open: Yes Remote Control: Yes Plug: BS Plug Dimension: Gross height: 23.5cm, gross width: 16cm, gross length: 57cm Weight: 3.00KG

Product Description

Stargold SG-HIT2008 Halogen Electric Heater PTC

Want to keep warm this winter without sacrificing style or safety? Then Stargold halogen heater PTC (SG-HIT2008) will be a good choice. This innovative radiant heater utilizes PTC technology for powerful yet efficient warmth, ideal for spacious rooms. Safety features like a stable design and overheat protection offer peace of mind. Besides, user-friendly controls and oscillation ensure effortless comfort. With Stargold halogen heater, you can enjoy your winter to the fullest.

Brand Overview

Stargold is a brand dedicated to creating innovative heating solutions that promote your comfort experience. Their radiant heater goes beyond simply generating warmth; their focus lies on ensuring safety, user-friendly, and stylish heaters that smoothly integrate into your living space. Their Stargold halogen heater (SG-HIT2008) utilizes advanced PTC technology and halogen radiant heating for efficient and powerful warmth.

Stargold SG-HIT2008 Halogen Electric Heater PTC

Versatile Heating Performance

Stargold SG-HIT2008 is equipped with a powerful 1000W/1200W output, offering a variety of heating options. You can choose from three heat settings – 400W, 800W, and 1200W – to adjust the warmth to your specific preference and room size. Need a gentle refresh on a chilly morning? Opt for the 400W setting. Looking for intense heat to combat a frigid winter night? Speed it up to 1200W.

For the maximum comfort control, this radiant heater features three dedicated heat settings. The 400W setting provides a gentle and energy-efficient warmth, ideal for maintaining a comfortable temperature in smaller spaces or during mild chills. The 800W setting offers a more moderate heat output, perfect for larger rooms or when you need a bit more warmth. The 1200W setting delivers a powerful and intense heat, ideal for bitterly cold days.

Dual Mode Functions

Stargold SG-HIT2008 allows you to perfectly switch between warm and hot wind modes to adapt to changing conditions throughout the day. Need a gentle warmth to take the edge off a cool morning? Choose the warm wind mode. As the day progresses and the temperature drops, easily switch to the hot wind mode for a more intense heat output. This flexibility ensures optimal comfort in any situation.

Child Lock Function 

Prioritizing safety, the halogen radiant heater comes equipped with a child lock function. This feature provides peace of mind, especially in homes with curious children. With the child lock engaged, little hands won't be able to accidentally adjust the settings, ensuring the heater remains under your control.

Overheating Protection

Safety remains the most important with the Stargold SG-HIT2008. An advanced overheating protection mechanism is built-in, automatically shutting off the heater if internal temperatures exceed safe levels. This feature provides peace of mind during extended use, eliminating the risk of overheating and potential safety hazards.

Secured Connection

This affordable room heater prioritizes safety and performance with a BS plug. This industry-standard plug ensures a secure and reliable electrical connection, eliminating concerns about loose connections or potential malfunctions that could lead to electrical issues.

Lamp Power

Stargold halogen electric heater utilizes individual lamps, each with a power output of 400W. This targeted heating approach ensures efficient warmth delivery, focusing heat where you need it most.

Ventilation Feature 

With the Stargold SG-HIT2008 round room heater, you can even use it with a window open. This is ideal for maintaining warmth while still enjoying fresh air circulation. No need to sacrifice ventilation for comfort!

Remote Control Convenience

You can enjoy the maximum comfort and control with the included remote control. Easily adjust settings like heat level and wind mode from the comfort of your couch or bed. No need to get up and adjust the heater manually – simply use the remote for effortless operation.

With the Stargold halogen radiant heater PTC (SG-HIT2008), you don't have to settle for a chilly room ever again. This heater has a powerful PTC technology, delivering instant warmth and efficient heating whenever you need it. Choose from a variety of heat settings to create your perfect level of cozy comfort, no matter the season.