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Microwave Oven

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Buy microwave ovens for your home at reasonable prices in Bahrain

The microwave oven has become the most fascinating kitchen device today. A microwave oven is everyone's favorite because it can assist prepare a wide range of dishes. Here is a guide on how to purchase a microwave oven from Buymode for all of your cooking needs. Read about the many varieties and best-selling microwaves to help you choose the right model.

Listing the top brands of microwave ovens in Bahrain

Each brand is known for a specific equipment. Similarly, below are a few well-known brands whose microwave ovens have achieved commercial success. They include:


When it comes to design and usability, nothing tops Stargold microwave ovens. The brand's devices feature a variety of preset buttons, making them simple to use.


If you need an over-the-range microwave oven in your kitchen, look no further than Samsung. Most Samsung ovens include a child safety lock and a clean ceramic surface for a fashionable appearance in your kitchen.


LG microwave ovens are expensive, but they are reliable and have the top consumer ratings.

Black & Decker

If you're looking for the best built-in microwave ovens, Black and Decker has some unique options at different prices.


Kenwood microwaves are popular in the UK kitchen appliance market, offering both grills and conventional microwave ovens.


Midea, a Fortune 500 company, offers an exclusive line of household appliances in 200 countries. Midea is best recognized for its convection and grill microwave ovens on the market.

What are the various kinds of microwave ovens?

Different kinds of microwave ovens are divided according to their functionality and placement options. The most common ovens in any kitchen are as follows:

Basic Microwave Oven

A basic microwave oven is sometimes known as a solo microwave oven. This is the first of its kind, hence there are no sophisticated cooking or baking modes. You cannot use this basic oven for baking. All you can do is reheat a few foods, cook the necessary dishes, and roast. If you're not into sophisticated cooking, a basic microwave oven is all you need in your kitchen! This style is typically placed on a kitchen counter.

Grill Microwave Oven

If you want to eat kebabs and grilled items at home, consider investing in a grill microwave oven! Grill ovens are noted for heating or cooking food faster than conventional ovens. This grill oven, together with a few accessories, will make cooking easier. You can grill meat such as chicken and veggies while also cooking another dish.

Built-in microwave oven

If you don't have much space in your kitchen and want a high-end oven, consider a built-in microwave oven. You can consider this sort of microwave oven if you want your kitchen cabinet to have the same theme and appearance as the rest of your kitchen. Built-in ovens always include advanced cooking options and can be expensive.

Convection microwave oven

You can use a convection microwave oven for anything, including roasting, heating, frying, baking, and grilling! This oven offers all of these settings, so you can enjoy cooking whatever you desire. It offers oven-like heating and a microwave function.

List of best selling microwave ovens in Bahrain in 2024

Here is a list of the best microwave ovens in Bahrain to help you choose the ideal model for your family.

  • STARGOLD Microwave Oven 20L Capacity With Child Lock Oven 99-Minute Timer Best Oven 700W Microwave Home Appliance

  • STARGOLD Microwave Oven 20L Capacity With 30-Minute Cooking Timer And 6-Stage Heat 700W Home Appliance

  • LG Microwave Oven 20 Litres MS2042DB

  • Panasonic Solo Microwave NNST65JB

  • Black & Decker Microwave Oven 20L MZ2010PB5

  • Starlife 48L Stainless Steel Electric Oven With Dual Layer Heating, SL-1333 Black

  • Samsung Microwave Oven 45 Litres MC455THRCSR

  • Midea Microwave Oven MMC21BK