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Led Lights Price in UAE: Decorative LED's for Your Home

Is your home looking dull even after having the best interior design? Don't worry; it is all about the lighting. Adding and changing some lights will make your home an Instagram background.

But before buying lights, you will have to know the features and price ranges of the lights. Thus you will find the most suitable one. 

You will find different types of Led Lights at Buymode that will make each part of your home look amazing.

Single Flash Lights

Want to go on camping in a dark forest? Your adventurous self will wish to explore the woods entirely, even areas no sunrays can touch. You will find single flashlights at a rescue in these places and explore as much as you want with them.


  • Better longevity
  • More battery durability
  • Can survive quivering and drops
  • The best option for an unfriendly environment


You can purchase heavy-duty and waterproof flashlights at a discounted price from Buymode. You will have to pay 50 AED to 88 AED to buy it.

Emergency Lantern

It may sound a bit dramatic to say that an emergency lantern light can affect a life-and-death situation. In your business, these lights will be there to save your business by protecting your property in emergencies.


  • Up to 100,000 hours of lifetime
  • Highly durable in all weather conditions
  • One of the brightest options available
  • Rechargable and portable


You will find rechargeable emergency lights within 65 AED to 102 AED if you purchase them from Buymode.

Solar lighting system

Imagine having a power outage while you are about to do something too important. So disturbing!! Worry no more; the solar lighting system is there to have your back. You can extract power from the sun if you have a solar lighting system installed.


  • Best for the environment and health
  • Low maintenance, one replacement in every 5 years
  • High-quality substances used for durability
  • Easier to install


Buymode offers a discounted price of 88AED to 173AED on all solar lighting systems.

Solar Street Light

Who doesn't need a good street light? A dark area requires some light beam to hit your way so you can walk or drive through it. But what if that dark area does not have a proper electricity connection?

Well, nothing to worry anymore because solar street lights are there to save you from the fear of walking through a dark area. 


  • Waterproof and climate-proof
  • Less glower and less pest attrition
  • Supports signal and night sensors
  • Very much low maintenance.


You will find solar street light in Buymode at a discounted price of 351 AED, which is rare to find while purchasing it.

AC LED Flood Light

Do you live in a too open or less bright area? Does your site tend to have floods very often? These lights will be the choice to survive these areas. Areas like shipyards, long highways, and wide open fields need the installation of AC LED Floodlights.


  • Flexible Lighting Ray Position
  • No need for a controller
  • Heat tolerant operational design
  • Special waterproof model


If you are looking for a value price, you can buy your AC LED light from Buymode. Here, you can buy these for 162.00AED and more discounted prices.

Grille Lamp

Haven't you ever thought of soft light rays from just above your head, not any corners? Well, you have thought of Grille lights.

The soft rays spreading throughout your room from the center will give your house a soothing and classy ambiance.


  • Outstanding cooling feature
  • Subtle and uniform light rays
  • Consists of flame retardant ingredients
  • Convenient to maintain and replace


You can buy a grille light from Buymode at a discounted price of 95 AED.

Tube lights

If you want to bring a sophisticated ambiance, get rid of your boring yellowish lights and install led tube light. Your surroundings will automatically have a comfortable setting.


  • Saves up to 50% more energy than fluorescent lights
  • Better color vision and less glimmer
  • Nearly 50000 hours of nonstop performance


You will find LED Tube Lights from 7 AED to 119 AED. You will see these lights at a discounted price if you order them online. 

Decorative Wall Lights

Wouldn't it be amazing to find your favorite picture background at home? It will surely attract many of your followers and your little lighting secret.


  • Slightly intrusive
  • Beautiful fixture options
  • Versatile design


You will find decorative wall lights in Dubai for AED 180. You can also buy these lights at a discounted price if you purchase them online.

Led lights sub-categories you can consider to buy

Latest Led Lights Price list in UAE 2022

Combo LED Rechargeable Flashlight, Set OF 3, Handheld - Price: 138.00 AED

Combo LED Rechargeable Flashlight, Handheld, Set Of 4 - Price: 145.00 AED

Combo LED Rechargeable Flashlight, Handheld, Set Of 3 - Price: 115.00 AED

Super Bright Tent Light EMERGENCY LANTERN - Price: 102.00 AED

Super Bright Tent Light, RECHARGEABLE EMERGENCY LIGHT - Price: 82.00 AED

Led Grille Lamp - Price: 95.00 AED

Led Grille Lamp - Price: 50.00 AED

Led Grille Lamp - Price: 95.00 AED

Solar Street Light for Yard, Garden, Street, Basketball Court - Price: 351.00 AED

Solar Street Light for Yard, Garden, Street, Basketball Court - Price: 290.00 AED

Daylight White Super Bright Ac Led Flood Light - Price: 162.00 AED

Daylight White Super Bright Ac Led Flood Light - Price: 122.00 AED

Daylight White Super Bright Ac Led Flood Light - Price: 88.00 AED

Daylight White Super Bright Ac Led Flood Light - Price: 54.00 AED




Super Bright Tent Light, Starlite Emergency light - Price: 100.00 AED

Super Bright Tent Light EMERGENCY LANTERN - Price: 89.00 AED

Why choose Buymode?

Suppose you want to buy your favorite lights to enhance your house's beauty, Buymode will be the best choice for you. You will find amazing deals on high-end products that may cost you thousands.

Your favorite lights will be in your shopping basket with a limited budget. Here, you will find discount prices with some buy1get1 offers. But these discounts will not reduce the product quality at all.

Are you worried about what you would do if you got a damaged product? Well, nothing to worry about anymore.

Buymode is offering a full refund and replacement of the products that are damaged or unsatisfactory. Well, definitely with some terms and conditions.

Even if you live out of UAE, Buymode is there for you. You can purchase your favorite lights from Saudi Arabia, Oman, or Malaysia. You are going to receive your parcel anytime soon.

So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite lights now and get your desired sophisticated vibe at home.


Which lights can I use to decorate my living room?

You can use decorative wall lights and grille lights for decoration. We have a wide selection of decorative LED lights to choose from.

How long can I use the emergency lantern?

It will work 10 hours straight at full brightness and 150 hours at low brightness. To be more sure, we suggest you check product details before buying.

Are the LED flashlights waterproof?

Yes, you'll find many waterproof flashlights in our collection. They are long-lasting and come with guaranteed quality.