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Stargold Solar Lighting System With 4 LED Bulbs 3W Solar Panel, SG-3007

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• SKU: SG-3007 • Brand: Stargold • LED Bulb: 3W/6V* 4 PCS With 5 Meters Cable • Battery: 9V/ 5000 mah Lithium • Wattage: 10W Solar Panel with 5 Meters Cable • 10 IN 1 USB Cable For Mobile Charging • Working Time: 4 Hours

Product Description

Stargold Solar Lighting System With 4 LED Bulbs (SG-3007)

Illuminate your surroundings with the Stargold Solar Lighting System (SG-3007), a reliable and eco-friendly solution for your lighting needs. With its innovative design and efficient performance, this solar lighting system is perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces, camping trips, emergency situations, and more.

Key Features:

  • SKU: SG-3007 - Easily identify and order your desired product with the unique SKU code.
  • Brand: Stargold - Trusted for quality and reliability, Stargold brings you innovative solutions for sustainable lighting.
  • Efficient Solar Panel: The system comes with a 10W solar panel that efficiently captures and converts sunlight into electricity, ensuring a reliable source of energy.
  • Four Bright LED Bulbs: Four energy-efficient 3W LED bulbs are included in this system. These bulbs provide bright and clear illumination, making them ideal for various lighting needs.
  • Long Battery Life: The built-in 9V/5000mAh lithium battery stores excess energy for use during the night or on cloudy days, ensuring that your lights stay on when you need them.
  • Multiple Charging Options: The system includes a 10-in-1 USB cable that allows you to charge various mobile devices, making it a practical choice for emergency power and charging.
  • Easy Installation: With the included 5-meter cables, you can easily place the solar panel outdoors to maximize sun exposure and strategically position the LED bulbs in your desired locations.
  • Durable and Eco-Friendly: The Stargold SG-3007 Solar Lighting System is an environmentally responsible lighting solution. It reduces your carbon footprint while providing reliable and sustainable lighting.
  • Working Time: Enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous lighting, allowing you to illuminate your space for extended periods, whether it's for outdoor gatherings, camping adventures, or emergency situations.

Why Choose the Stargold SG-3007 Solar Lighting System?

The Stargold SG-3007 Solar Lighting System is an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals who want a reliable and sustainable source of illumination. Whether you're planning a camping trip, need backup lighting during power outages, or want to add an eco-friendly touch to your outdoor spaces, this system has you covered. Enjoy the benefits of clean and efficient lighting with the Stargold SG-3007 Solar Lighting System.