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Security Products Price in UAE: Buymode

The leading online store in the UAE for high-quality security products is Buy Mode. We can meet all of your needs for products and security solutions. Additionally, we offer a wide range of items in categories like access control systems, microphone accessories, alarm systems, Adaptors, and CCTV security systems.

Ensure your home, office, or area security with high-quality security devices from us. Whether you need CCTV devices or any other security devices, we have it all. Find the best quality security products at a mind-blowing price!

Install the latest security device today & keep your home and office fully protected.

Buy Security Products for Home

Home needs the ultimate security. But without reliable security products, you are risking your home security. Sleep peacefully by installing one of our automatic security systems. Using our home security system, you can—

  • Protect property, money, and assets
  • Monitor unattended places
  • Notice any intruder entry
  • Most importantly, find peace of mind

So, why worry about safety when you can easily get a security system? Also, you can monitor spaces from anywhere. Thus, you can also save money spent on security guards and electricity—they are all the way convenient.

Check out our collection to get the best quality security products.

Buy Security Cameras at a Cheap Rate

Good security cameras are costly? Now, you no longer need to spend tons of cash to buy the best quality security cameras. Buymode is offering them at attractive prices.

Keep yourself fully prepared by installing our well-equipped security products. Prevent and tackle any incoming danger even when you are not at home.

All of our products are:

  • Value for money
  • Comes with an extended warranty
  • Includes cutting-edge features

Check our best-selling security camera in Abu Dhabi and be worry-free.

Explore Our Wide Range of CCTV and Security Products Collection

Don't be an easy target. Prevent home intrusion and incidents like fire breakouts with our professional outdoor surveillance. We have both indoor and outdoor cameras and an alarm home security system.

Also, you can choose from wired and wireless CCTVs, and security systems according to your needs. CCTVs and alarm systems from Buymode have various features. You might not be ready to fight a burglar, but our surveillance cameras and security alarms are.

Thus, you can tackle security issues faster with the advanced features! Some of the best features of our CCTV cameras include the following:

  • HD video quality for correct detection
  • Night vision to protect you even in the dark
  • Motion detector for a targeted space
  • Mobile apps to control them from anywhere
  • Weather resistance for the highest durability
  • Two-way audio recording, speaking, and hearing
  • Power backup for interrupted surveillance
  • Huge memory to record for a longer time
  • Built-in siren to observe suspicious activities

Get authentic security products to ensure the ultimate safety of your home.

We Provide the Best Home Security System in Dubai

You want a home security system to be safe. And you may not wish to risk the safety even after setting them up.

Need to catch an intruder? These systems can help you gather as many clues as possible to confirm safety. Confirm the safety of a sudden attack and property damage with these full-featured home monitor security cameras.

We have security products from worldwide top brands used in many homes. All you need is to visit Buymode and buy the best home security in Dubai.

Buy Security Products Online

Looking for a reliable store to buy security products online? Don't want to roam around the market? Buymode is here to deliver the best security products to your doorstep.

You don't have to leave home unguarded as you can order security products online. Whether you need to update the security of your home and office or plan to install a security system, our collection will cover your needs.

Ensure your desired safety with our modern security systems, and enjoy amazing deals by ordering online.

Latest Security Products Price List in UAE 2022

  1. Camera Power Supply Adapter - Price: 20.00 AED
  2. Power Supply Adapter for CCTV and Satellite Receiver - Price: 22.00 AED
  3. POWER ADAPTER - Price: 22.00 AED

Why Are Our Security Products The Best To Choose?

Are you safe with your security system? If not, it's time to upgrade to the top product available. We are really proud of our products and are confident they are the best in the industry. Some of them are expensive, while others are incredibly cheap. The quality and characteristics of each product affect the pricing. Our products are also tested by a team of experts and comply with safety regulations. Such products, however, might not be available on other websites. The wisest decision you could make would be to purchase these items from our website.


Check out the queries below if you need further clarification.

What is a Security Product?

Security products are devices or appliances used to safeguard areas or places like your home, office, yard, or anywhere you want. Day-night security cameras and security locks are two common examples.

What are Network Security Products?

Network security devices use real or virtualized appliances with a manufacturer's pre-installed software. Network security appliances perform a variety of functions. While some monitor network activity, others spot threats and provide secure remote access. Firewalls are the most common network security hardware.

What are the Types of Security Products?

You will find different kinds of security equipment. The most common ones may include monitored security systems, environmental sensors, video surveillance, carbon monoxide detector, fire alarm, smoke detector, and burglar alarms.

What is the Best Home Security Camera?

It is tough to claim one as the best. Simply put, the best home security video cameras will fulfill your need. However, you must focus on a few features to buy the best camera such as image quality and clarity, water-proof capability if installed outside, and other technical features per your need. Cameras with outdoor/indoor functionality and Wifi connectivity will guard you well.

Is it Worth it to Get a Home Security System?

Of course, it is. It is a preventive measure for surveillance and security to prevent mischiefs like burglaries. 60% of criminals who have been caught admit they will go after another home if they discover a security system in the one they rob. Hence, it is evident that a home security system is essential for you to ensure higher security and protection.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Adapter to a Laptop?

Choose Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other devices> Bluetooth from the Start menu on your computer. Select the device, follow any extra instructions that may pop up, and then click Done.