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STARGOLD Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter Automatic 700W Multi Cooker 220-240V for Healthy Cooking White, SG-318

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Brand: STARGOLD SKU: SG-318 Capacity: ‎1.8 Liter Wattage and Voltage: 700W, 220-240V ̴ 50/60Hz Feature 1: Personal Feature 2:Portable Feature 3:Ergonomic Appliance Type: Manual Energy Used: Electric Gross Height:29.5cm Gross Length:28.5cm Gross Width:28.5cm Gross Weight:2.880kg

Product Description

Stargold Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter Automatic (SG-318)

Stargold 1.8 liter rice cooker (SG-1436 Light Blue) will change the look of your kitchen, making it the ultimate kitchen tool for easy and nutritious cooking. With the focus on convenience and efficiency, Stargold rice cooker redefines meal preparation, ensuring perfectly cooked rice with minimal effort. 

In addition to simplifying your culinary processes, this appliance guarantees delicious, perfectly cooked rice every time, making it a must-have appliance.

With Stargold rice cooker, you can effortlessly prepare raw grains into fluffy, aromatic rice dishes. This rice cooker simplifies cooking thanks to its intuitive design and advanced features. By doing this, you can focus on creating delicious meals for your family. 

Take your cooking to the next level with the Stargold rice cooker (SG-318 Light Blue). Take a look at its key features and discover the culinary possibilities it offers.

Stargold Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter Automatic (SG-318)

Brand: Stargold 

Stargold, a trusted name in electric appliances, offers top-quality products designed for efficiency and durability. From energy-saving rice cookers to powerful mixer grinders, Stargold ensures superior performance and modern design.

A trusted choice in rice cooker UAE, Stargold presents its latest innovation, the SG-318 rice cooker. As a leading brand of kitchen appliances, Stargold is known for its high levels of quality and reliability.

Model: SG-318 

With SG-318, you can identify your automatic rice cooker effortlessly, ensuring quick ordering and support. The SKU simplifies product identification and reference, simplifying customer purchasing. 

You can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an automatic rice cooker with the SG-318. The result is a hassle-free meal preparation process that produces consistently delicious meals.

An Individual's View

For smaller households, the Stargold rice cooker (SG-318) offers a 1.8-liter capacity, making it ideal for singles, couples, or small families. As a result of this perfect size, you can prepare the right amount of rice without wasting any. 

Hence, dietary preferences and needs can be accommodated for each individual. Stargold rice cooker allows you to enjoy deliciously cooked rice with minimal effort, whether you are cooking for yourself or a few loved ones.


The compact and lightweight design of Stargold automatic electric rice cooker makes it highly portable. Its portability allows you to take it on picnics, vacations, or simply move it around your kitchen as needed. 

A versatile tool suitable for any setting, this rice cooker features an ergonomic handle and a convenient size. No matter where you are cooking, whether at home or on the go.


Offering an ergonomic design and one-touch operation, the Stargold rice cooker (SG-318) provides complete user convenience. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless rice cooking every time.

Moreover, this rice cooker automatic shut off feature, providing added safety and peace of mind during use. This feature prevents overcooking and ensures your rice is perfectly cooked, allowing you to focus on other tasks without worrying.

Versatile Cooking

You will be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the Stargold automatic electric rice cooker, which goes far beyond rice cooking. This multi-cooker can handle a variety of dishes, including steamed vegetables, soups, and more. 

Its functionality extends to various recipes, allowing you to explore and experiment with different culinary creations effortlessly. As a result of the Stargold's versatility, you will discover a wealth of possibilities in the kitchen.

Appliance Type: Manual 

Simple and intuitive controls make the Stargold rice cooker (SG-318) an easy appliance to use. With its user-friendly interface, this rice cooker is suitable for users of all skill levels, ensuring hassle-free cooking experiences. 

It's easy to cook rice with the SG-318, whether you're a novice or a pro. You can easily prepare delicious rice dishes with the Stargold rice cooker, designed to simplify your culinary needs.

STARGOLD Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter Automatic 700W Multi Cooker 220-240V for Healthy Cooking White


Stargold rice cooker stands out as the best automatic rice cooker, offering energy-efficient performance. With its 700W of power, it ensures quick and efficient cooking, saving time and energy in the kitchen. 

A reliable addition to your culinary arsenal, this electric appliance offers convenience without sacrificing performance. With the Stargold rice cooker, you can easily prepare delicious rice dishes using energy-efficient technology.

Wattage and Voltage: 700W, 220-240V 

Stargold rice cooker boasts a wattage of 700W and a voltage of 220-240V, ensuring powerful performance to cook rice to perfection. With this combination, you can easily prepare delicious rice dishes. Suitable for standard electrical outlets. 

Additionally, Stargold rice cooker (SG-318) is equipped with automatic shut-off functionality, providing peace of mind during cooking sessions. You may enjoy perfectly cooked rice every time thanks to this feature that ensures safety and prevents overcooking.


As the automatic rice cooker is compatible with both 50 and 60Hz frequencies, consistent performance is assured regardless of the electrical standard. The appliance's versatility enables it to be used in various regions without sacrificing efficiency. 

With its ability to adapt to different frequencies, the rice cooker offers convenience and reliability worldwide. Regardless of whether the appliance is used for daily meals or special occasions, it provides consistent results regardless of the power system.

Product Dimensions

Stargold rice cookers come with a gross height of 29.5cm, a gross length of 28.5cm, and an overall width of 28.5cm, which is ideal for UAE households. Although it has a robust design, it still maintains a manageable weight of 2.880kg, ensuring stability and durability over the long term. 

Rice cookers from Stargold are reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliances that can withstand daily cooking activities in UAE homes due to their size and weight.

As the ideal kitchen companion, the SG-318 rice cooker from Stargold offers superior convenience and efficiency. Its intuitive design and advanced features guarantee perfectly cooked rice with minimal effort, making it suitable for households' diverse culinary needs. 

With a focus on versatility, this appliance transcends beyond rice cooking, accommodating various dishes and recipes effortlessly. Stargold SG-318's ergonomic design, energy-efficient performance, and reliable functionality make it a standout choice for both novice and experienced cooks alike.