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Stargold 1.8L Automatic Control 700W Electric Multi Pressure Cooker, SG-1380 White

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Brand: Stargold SKU: SG-1380 White Capacity: 1.8L. Energy Used: Electric. Feature 1: Digital. Feature 2: Dishwasher Safe. Feature 3: Ergonomic. Feature 4: Indicator Lights. Installation: Countertop. Wattage: 700-833W/ 220-240V/ 50-60Hz.

Product Description

Stargold SG-1380 White 1.8L Electric Multi-Pressure Cooker

Stargold electric multi pressure cooker (SG-1380 White) is an innovative new appliance in modern kitchen appliances. You can simplify your cooking process with the Stargold 1.8L electric multi pressure cooker (SG-1380 White). 

This appliance is designed to accommodate your culinary needs effortlessly, regardless of whether you are a passionate home chef or someone who seeks convenience in the kitchen.

With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the Stargold electric multi-pressure cooker ensures delicious meals are prepared easily. From quick weekday dinners to elaborate weekend feasts, this appliance delivers consistent results every time. The Stargold 1.8L electric multi-pressure cooker can transform your cooking routine.

Find out how the Stargold multi-pressure cooker can enhance your culinary experience. Check out the product description for more details.

 Stargold 1.8L Automatic Control 700W Electric Multi Pressure Cooker, SG-1380 White


Stargold, a leading culinary name, presents its latest innovation: the electric multi pressure cooker. An appliance that perfectly integrates versatility and efficiency by Stargold is renowned for its commitment to excellence.

With a wide range of cooking options, the Stargold electric multi pressure cooker simplifies meal preparation. As a result of its superior quality and innovative features, this appliance ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection.

Energy Used

This electric pressure cooker uses electricity for its operation, making it a convenient and modern way to cook. Now that you can cook efficiently with the touch of a button, you no longer have to depend on traditional stove top methods.

With its electric-powered functionality, the pressure cooker provides consistent heating and precise temperature control. This streamlines the cooking process and allows for increased flexibility and convenience in the kitchen.

Efficient and Powerful

In addition to its digital interface and precise controls, this digital pressure cooker provides a modern and intuitive cooking experience. You can easily monitor and adjust cooking settings using the built-in digital display.

The 700W electric power of this pressure cooker ensures efficient and powerful performance, making it ideal for preparing meals quickly and conveniently. With this digital pressure cooker, you can easily prepare meals, whether you are cooking for yourself or hosting a gathering.

Stargold SG-1380 White 1.8L Electric Multi-Pressure Cooker in UAE

1.8L Capacity

Small to medium-sized families will appreciate the 1.8-liter capacity of this electric multi pressure cooker. With this large capacity, you can prepare a variety of dishes, whether you're cooking for a few or hosting a party.

As an electric multi pressure cooker with a capacity of 1.8 liters, this appliance offers versatility and convenience, accommodating a range of meal sizes and quantities. You can prepare a variety of recipes to satisfy your family's culinary preferences. 

Digital Control

This digital pressure cooker provides you with the convenience of an intuitive digital control panel. You will be able to fine-tune cooking parameters such as time and temperature with ease, ensuring delicious results every time.

Also, you can confidently experiment with different cooking techniques and recipes with the digital pressure cooker's advanced digital control system. Whether you're slow-cooking tender meats or pressure-cooking hearty stews, you can customize each dish to suit your preferences.

Dishwasher Safe

This electric pressure cooker has dishwasher-safe components that keep your kitchen clean. After enjoying a delicious meal prepared in this versatile appliance, simply place the inner pot and select parts in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleanup.

You can spend less time cleaning up after cooking and more time savoring your food thanks to dishwasher-safe features. Clean-up is a breeze with Stargold electric pressure cooker.

Ergonomic Design

With the ergonomic design of this electric multi pressure cooker, you'll get the best of both. As well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, it ensures optimal functionality.

The thoughtfully designed ergonomic handle and user-friendly interface provide effortless operation, making cooking a delightful experience. No matter what level of cook you are, this electric multi-pressure cooker simplifies meal preparation.

 Stargold 1.8L Automatic Control 700W Electric Multi Pressure Cooker

Indicator Lights

The convenient indicator lights that are included in Stargold electric pressure cooker allow you to keep an eye on the progress of your cooking. These clear lights provide real-time updates, allowing you to monitor the cooking process effortlessly.

As a result of these indicator lights, you can ensure that your food is cooked perfectly every time, without having to constantly monitor it. You can achieve delicious results with precision and confidence whether you are simmering, sautéing, or steaming with these lights.

Safety Features

A range of safety features make this electric multi pressure cooker ideal for cooking adventures. One such feature is overheat protection, which ensures that your cooking experience is worry-free and safe.

These safety measures help prevent accidents and ensure smooth and efficient cooking. With these features in place, you can confidently explore your favorite recipes and cooking techniques, knowing your safety is prioritized at every step.


Stargold electric pressure cooker (SG-1380 White) is designed for easy installation on your kitchen countertop, providing flexibility and convenience in your culinary setup. Its compact and versatile design allows you to place it wherever it's most convenient for your cooking needs.

Due to its countertop installation, this electric pressure cooker can easily fit into your kitchen space. In addition to making quick weekday meals or preparing a feast for guests, the convenience of this cooker makes it an ideal solution for all of your cooking needs.

Wide Voltage Range

A wide voltage range ensures optimal performance across various international electrical systems with this digital pressure cooker. This cooker can operate effectively within the voltage range of 220-240V at 50-60Hz, so you can use it in different countries without worrying about voltage compatibility issues.

For travelers, expatriates, and culinary enthusiasts alike, Stargold digital pressure cooker provides versatility and convenience. Thanks to its adaptable voltage range, this cooker delivers consistent results at home or abroad.

Healthy Cooking

Using high-grade components that meet international food safety standards, Stargold electric multi pressure cooker prioritizes health. It undergoes rigorous analysis and certification by ESMA to ensure cooked meals' safety and quality, while also promoting environmental protection.

As a result of its construction with food-grade materials, Stargold electric multi-pressure cooker offers a reliable and eco-friendly cooking solution for households throughout the world.


It has a large cooking capacity and is capable of preparing approximately six bowls of grains at a time. Due to its ample capacity, it is well-suited to prepare meals to the appetites of 10-15-20-50 people. 

This makes the multi pressure cooker a perfect choice for business hotels, institutions, and student cafeterias. As it is versatile and can accommodate large quantities of food, it is a convenient and efficient solution for busy environments.


Once the grains are cooked, the digital pressure cooker instantly switches to keep warm mode. By using this feature, you can enjoy warm meals even after several hours, ensuring that your grains remain deliciously fresh for extended periods. 

Whether you're preparing rice, quinoa, or other grains, this functionality adds convenience to your cooking routine. Your meals will always be served at the perfect temperature.

 Stargold 1.8L Automatic Control 700W Electric Multi Pressure Cooker, SG-1380 White

Use In Multi Purposes

As a versatile electric pressure cooker, it is capable of serving a variety of functions in the kitchen. Its multi functionality ensures that you can cook a wide range of dishes, from grains to porridge, yogurt, and soups, easily and conveniently. 

By virtue of the cooker's design, the internal liner is protected from scrapes and oxidation, ensuring durability and longevity. A versatile kitchen appliance, this electric pressure cooker performs a variety of culinary tasks.

Easy Cooking

A well-designed, easy-to-use digital pressure cooker like Stargold brand makes cooking a breeze. With just a simple press of a button, indicated by the illuminated white pilot lamp, you can start cooking your favorite dishes without any hassle. 

Once the cooking process is complete, the cooker automatically switches to the keep warm mode, indicated by the illumination of the yellow-colored pilot lamp. Whenever you are ready to enjoy your rice or other meals, they remain warm and ready to serve.

Stargold electric multi-pressure cooker (SG-1380 White) provides you with the ultimate convenience in pressure cooking. This kitchen essential simplifies meal preparation for modern households. Its intuitive digital controls offer precision and ease of use, ensuring flawless cooking results every time. 

With a spacious 1.8L capacity, it accommodates various recipes, from soups to stews, easily. It offers a wide range of safety features so that you can cook with confidence and peace of mind.

Stargold opens up new possibilities in the culinary field. It is possible to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary creations with ease. Cooking becomes a joy with the Stargold electric multi pressure cooker, ensuring delicious meals without the stress.