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Stargold Waterproof Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp for Yard, Garage, Garden, SG-DSL319

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SKU: SG-DSL319 • Brand: Stargold • Feature: Remote Control • Special Features: Energy Efficient • Wattage: 250 Watt • Battery: 6000mAh • Working Temperature: 120℃ • Color temperature:6500k • Style: Modern

Product Description

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space Effortlessly with Stargold Waterproof Solar Street Lights

Enhance the ambiance of your yard, garage, and garden with the Stargold Waterproof Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp, designed to bring both efficiency and elegance to your outdoor space. Stargold is a trusted name in providing innovative lighting solutions, and the SG-DSL319 is no exception.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control: Experience the convenience of remote-controlled lighting. Adjust the brightness and settings of your outdoor lamp without leaving your comfort zone. Whether you want a subtle glow or brilliant illumination, it's at your fingertips.
  • Energy Efficiency: Stargold understands the importance of energy efficiency. The SG-DSL319 is designed to make the most of solar power, harnessing the sun's energy to provide brilliant lighting without excessive energy consumption. Say goodbye to high utility bills and hello to eco-friendly outdoor lighting.
  • Impressive Wattage: With 250 Watts of power, this outdoor lamp is equipped to light up even the most expansive outdoor spaces. Be it your garden, yard, or garage, the SG-DSL319 ensures visibility and security.
  • Long-lasting Battery: The 6000mAh battery is capable of storing ample energy for extended use, ensuring that your outdoor lamp remains lit throughout the night. Don't worry about frequent recharging – it's built to last.
  • Wide Working Temperature Range: Stargold's dedication to quality is evident in the SG-DSL319's ability to perform in extreme conditions. With a working temperature of up to 120℃, this lamp can handle various weather challenges, making it perfect for year-round use.
  • Crisp Color Temperature: The SG-DSL319 boasts a color temperature of 6500K, which provides a clean and bright white light. This modern lighting solution adds a touch of contemporary style to your outdoor space.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Stargold
  • SKU: SG-DSL319
  • Wattage: 250 Watt
  • Battery: 6000mAh
  • Working Temperature: Up to 120℃
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Style: Modern

Elevate your outdoor area with the Stargold Waterproof Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp. Enjoy efficient, remote-controlled illumination that enhances the security and aesthetics of your yard, garden, or garage. The SG-DSL319 is not just a light; it's a lifestyle upgrade.

Make the eco-conscious choice without compromising on performance. Stargold ensures that your outdoor lighting is energy-efficient, powerful, and stylish. Embrace the future of outdoor illumination with Stargold's innovative solar street lights.