Stargold Solar Lighting System With 2 LED Bulbs 3W Solar Panel, SG-3001

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Brand: Stargold Model: SG-3001 LED: 2 Bulbs Battery: 3.7V / 5000 mAh Lithium Wattage: 3W Solar Panel: 10W with 5 Meters Cable USB Cable: 10 IN 1 for Mobile Charging

Product Description

Stargold Solar Lighting System with Dual 3W LED Bulbs

In order to meet outdoor and emergency lighting needs, the Stargold solar lighting system integrates dual 3W LED bulbs as well as a solar panel. A combination of advanced solar technology and high-quality LEDs ensures dependable performance and sustainability under various conditions.

Reliable Dual LED Bulbs

Stargold Solar Lighting System with Dual 3W LED Bulbs and Solar Panel

Equipped with two high-intensity 3W LED bulbs, the Stargold solar lighting system provides ample illumination for a variety of settings. Whether you need lighting for camping, outdoor events, or as a backup during power outages, these LED bulbs deliver bright and consistent light, enhancing visibility and safety. The LEDs are energy-efficient, helping to extend battery life while maintaining powerful illumination.

Long-lasting Lithium Battery

The lighting system features a 3.7V / 5000 mAh lithium battery, ensuring extended operational hours. This high-capacity battery considered as the best solar light is designed to hold a charge effectively. Allowing the lighting system to run for extended periods without frequent recharging. The lithium battery's efficiency ensures that you have dependable light when you need it most, making it an excellent choice for off-grid applications.

Efficient Solar Panel with Long Cable

Included with the system is a 10W solar panel equipped with a 5-meter cable, providing flexibility in panel placement to maximize sunlight exposure. The solar panel efficiently converts sunlight into energy, ensuring that the battery is consistently charged throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial for remote locations where traditional power sources are unavailable, making it a truly eco-friendly solution.

Versatile Mobile Charging

The Stargold solar lighting system also includes a 10 in 1 USB cable for mobile charging, allowing you to charge various devices simultaneously. This added convenience makes the system not only a lighting solution but also a portable power source for your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-compatible devices. The multiple charging options ensure that you stay connected, even in remote areas.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of the Stargold Solar Lighting System, an innovative solar lighting system that combines advanced solar technology with practical lighting solutions. Perfect for outdoor adventures and emergencies, this system ensures sustainable and dependable lighting. It's your choice for the best solar streetlights that deliver peace of mind and eco-friendly performance wherever you need it most. Experience lighting that's as reliable as it is efficient, choose Stargold today!

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