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STARGOLD Traditional Muslim Prayer Mat Muslim Worship Blanket, SG-P010 D1 BORDO


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Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): SG-P010 Bordo Product Brand: Stargold Product Types: Super soft prayer mat. Fabric: 100% polyester. Size: 70x110cm. Gross weight: 550 grams. Easy care: machine washable.

Product Description

Stargold Traditional Muslim Prayer Mat SG-P010 D1 Bordo

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and spirituality with the Stargold SG-P010 bordo traditional Muslim prayer mat. This Stargold prayer mat is made from premium polyester fabric. It offers superior softness and durability and has a generous size, lightweight design, and easy maintenance. This makes it the perfect companion for prayer at home, in the mosque, or on the go.

Exceptional Softness

With the prayer mat of Stargold, you will experience unique comfort. The smooth surface provides gentle cushioning, ensuring that you can kneel or prostrate comfortably. This softness heightens your focus during prayers, fostering a deeper spiritual connection.

Premium Polyester Fabric

This Muslim prayer rug from Stargold features exceptional quality and durability, shaped from 100% polyester. Its resilience ensures it withstands daily use while maintaining its softness and elegance. This enduring quality makes the Muslim prayer rug a cherished part of your daily routine, offering comfort and reliability with every use.

Generous Size

With dimensions of 70x110cm, this Stargold prayer mat offers enough space for comfortable prayer. It facilitates unrestricted movement and positioning, essential for worship. The generous size of the prayer mat UAE ensures that you can perform your prayers with ease and flexibility, allowing you to fully engage in your spiritual practice without constraints.

Lightweight and Portable

The prayer mat weighs just 550 grams, which makes it incredibly lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it to the mosque or take it with you during travels. Its convenient design allows you to enjoy the comfort of this prayer mat anywhere, including the tranquility of your home.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Stargold SG-P010 bordo traditional prayer mat was designed with your convenience in mind. This traditional Muslim prayer rug is machine washable, simplifying your daily routine. Its easy-care feature ensures it remains clean and fresh for every prayer session. Experience the blend of tradition and modern convenience with this exceptional prayer rug.

Elegance in Simplicity

With Stargold’s timeless aesthetics derived from traditional Islamic aesthetics, making the best prayer mat in Dubai that perfectly combines cultural richness with modern comfort. This prayer mat's rich bordo color infuses serenity into your sacred space.

An Investment in Your Faith and Comfort

You can't make it through your spiritual path without having a decent prayer mat; it's an essential companion on your spiritual path. This portable prayer mat symbolizes your devotion and commitment to your faith while providing a soft and comfortable foundation for your prayers.

You can greatly improve your prayer experience with the Stargold prayer mat. Its softness, regal appeal, and cultural significance complement daily worship, making each moment of prayer peaceful and fulfilling. This Muslim prayer rug offers unique comfort and style. Take advantage of its exquisite design, and let this Janamaz transform your spiritual practice with every use.