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TP-Link 300 Mbps Hi Speed Wireless N Router, TL-WR840N

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• Brand: TP LINK • SKU: TL-WR840N • 300 Mbps wireless transmission rate ideal for both bandwidth-sensitive tasks and basic work . • Makes secure wireless connection quick and easy with the push of the WPS button. • IP-based bandwidth control allows administrators to determine how much bandwidth is allotted to each PC. • WDS wireless bridge provides seamless bridging to expand your wireless network. • Supports IGMP Proxy/Snooping, Bridge, and Tag VLAN to optimize IPTV streaming. • Supports Router, Rage Extender, Access point, and WISP modes. • Provides separate access for guests while securing the home network.

Product Description

TP-Link TL-WR840N 300 Mbps High-Speed Wireless N Router

Introducing the TP-Link TL-WR840N 300 Mbps High-Speed Wireless N Router, a reliable and efficient networking solution designed to meet the demands of modern connectivity. With its robust features and user-friendly design, this router offers seamless wireless performance for both home and office environments. Here's a detailed overview of its specifications and features:

Key Specifications:

  1. Brand: TP-LINK, a leading provider of networking products known for their reliability and innovation in the industry.
  2. SKU: TL-WR840N, ensuring easy identification and reference.
  3. Wireless Transmission Rate: Boasts a high-speed wireless transmission rate of 300 Mbps, making it suitable for bandwidth-sensitive tasks and basic work, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted connectivity.
  4. WPS Button: Allows for quick and easy setup of secure wireless connections with the simple push of the WPS button, ensuring hassle-free network configuration.
  5. IP-Based Bandwidth Control: Enables administrators to allocate bandwidth to each PC based on their specific needs, ensuring optimal network performance and resource allocation.
  6. WDS Wireless Bridge: Provides seamless bridging to expand your wireless network, allowing for extended coverage and enhanced connectivity throughout your home or office.
  7. IPTV Streaming Optimization: Supports IGMP Proxy/Snooping, Bridge, and Tag VLAN, optimizing IPTV streaming for a smoother and more reliable multimedia experience.
  8. Multiple Operating Modes: Supports Router, Range Extender, Access Point, and WISP modes, offering versatile functionality to suit various networking requirements.
  9. Guest Network Access: Provides separate access for guests while securing the home network, ensuring privacy and security for your personal data while accommodating visitors.

The TP-Link TL-WR840N Wireless N Router is the perfect choice for users seeking reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity. Whether you're streaming HD video, online gaming, or handling everyday tasks, this router delivers consistent performance and robust features to meet your networking needs.