STARGOLD Microwave Oven 20L Capacity With 30-Minute Cooking Timer And 6-Stage Heat 700W Home Appliance, SG-2241MC

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Brand: STARGOLD Model Number: SG-2241MC Features 1: Manual Programs Features 2: 30-Minute Cooking Timer Features 3: 6 Microwave Power Levels Features 4: Cooking End Signal Features 5: Light Weight Display: Manual Material: stainless steel Capacity: 20 liters Wattage: 700 watts Power Supply: 220-240 volts Hertz: 50/60 Hz Cooking Timer: Yes End Signal Reminder: Yes Gross Length: 47cm Gross Width: 39cm Gross Height: 26.1cm

Product Description

STARGOLD 20L Capacity Microwave Oven SG-2241MC

Stargold microwave oven (SG-2241MC) is designed to maximize your cooking experience with its compact design and versatile features. Ideal for any kitchen, this microwave oven is ideally suited to busy households, offering a user-friendly experience that simplifies meal preparation. It's the perfect addition for anyone looking to make quick and delicious meals.

Here's a detailed breakdown of its specs and features:

STARGOLD 20L Capacity Microwave Oven SG-2241MC

Renowned Brand

Trust a brand that knows what your kitchen requires. Stargold presents the SG-2241MC, a microwave oven designed for both convenience and performance. It stands as the best microwave oven UAE, offering a dependable solution for quick and efficient cooking. This appliance ensures that your meal preparation is both simple and effective, perfectly suited for modern lifestyles.

Manual Programs

Enhance your cooking effortlessly with manual programs that let you perfect each dish. The Stargold microwave oven features customizable settings, ensuring that you can adjust the cooking parameters to match your culinary needs. This flexibility enhances your kitchen experience, allowing for precise control over every meal you prepare.

30-Minute Cooking Timer

Enjoy the convenience of a 30-minute timer, which guarantees your meals are prepared exactly to your preference, saving you time. This feature allows for precise cooking, ensuring that every dish turns out just as you desire. The precision offered simplifies meal preparation, making it easier to manage your time efficiently in the kitchen.

Multiple Power Levels

Achieve perfect cooking results with six power levels that offer the flexibility to handle various culinary demands. This versatility ensures that you can adjust the intensity to suit different recipes, enhancing your cooking experience. With these options, you can fine-tune your meal preparations to meet any specific requirement, ensuring optimal outcomes every time.

Cooking Indicator

You can stay updated with the cooking end signal that alerts you when your dishes are perfectly done and ready to serve. This feature is just one aspect of the practicality offered by the cheapest microwave oven in UAE. It ensures that you never miss the moment to enjoy your freshly cooked meals, enhancing your kitchen efficiency.

 STARGOLD Microwave Oven 20L Capacity With 30-Minute Cooking Timer And 6-Stage Heat 700W Home Appliance, SG-2241MC


The lightweight design of this microwave oven enhances its convenience, making it easy to handle and position in your kitchen. Opt for the 20L Microwave Oven, which combines practicality with sufficient cooking space. Its compact size and easy maneuverability make it an ideal choice for any kitchen setup, facilitating effortless installation and use.

Manual Display

The manual control panel of the Stargold microwave oven ensures easy navigation and straightforward operation, allowing you full control over your cooking. This feature simplifies the cooking process, making it accessible to everyone, from beginners to experienced cooks. It allows for precise adjustments, enhancing the overall user experience and culinary results.

Durable Material

With its stainless steel exterior, this microwave enhances your kitchen decor while adding durability. Considered the best microwave oven UAE, it merges functionality with style. This design choice ensures that the appliance withstands frequent use while enhancing the visual appeal of your cooking space.

Ample Capacity:

Perfect for families large and small, the 20L microwave oven provides an easy way to prepare meals. Capacity such as this allows you to cook ample portions for your family without hassle. Its versatility and capacity make it an essential tool in any household, ensuring you can handle a variety of cooking tasks easily.


Due to its 700W microwave power, this appliance is a reliable choice for everyday kitchen tasks. Its robust performance ensures meals are prepared quickly, saving time while maintaining high-quality results. This efficiency is essential for busy households, streamlining the cooking process and enhancing kitchen productivity.

Power Supply

With stargold's microwave oven, you can use any standard power supply from 220 to 240 volts, ensuring compatibility with any electrical system. This feature allows for easy integration into different kitchen setups without special accommodations. It enhances the appliance's versatility, making it a suitable choice for homes worldwide.

Compatible Hertz

This appliance is compatible with different power frequencies, operating efficiently at both 50 and 60 Hz. This adaptability ensures it can function in various electrical environments, making it a flexible choice for diverse settings. Its versatility is ideal for households and businesses alike, accommodating a broad range of electrical standards seamlessly.

STARGOLD SG-2241MC 20L Capacity Microwave Oven in UAE

Cooking Timer

Utilize the convenient cooking timer feature to achieve precise and controlled meal preparation. This function allows you to manage cooking times accurately, ensuring that your dishes are perfectly prepared every time. It simplifies the cooking process, enabling you to focus on other tasks while your meal cooks to perfection.

End Signal Reminder

Relish the convenience of an end signal reminder, which alerts you when your food is perfectly cooked and ready to serve. This feature adds ease to your cooking routine, ensuring you never miss the moment to enjoy your meals at their best. It enhances kitchen efficiency by notifying you promptly, allowing for timely and enjoyable dining experiences.

Gross Dimensions

This microwave from Stargold measures 47cm in length, 39cm in width, and 26.1cm in height, ensuring a compact footprint that fits easily on any countertop or kitchen surface. Its size makes it an ideal choice for kitchens where space is at a premium, providing efficient use of the area while maintaining full functionality. This design optimizes placement and enhances kitchen layout flexibility.

Stargold's microwave oven (SG-2241MC) is perfect for every modern kitchen. With features like a 30-minute timer, six power levels, and a manual control panel, it simplifies cooking and enhances meal preparation. The durable, stylish design fits any space, making it a must-have for busy households. Now is the time to upgrade your kitchen with this essential cooking appliance.