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STARGOLD Rechargeable Instant Cooling Fan, 2.2 L Water Tank Capacity, Oscillating Water Mist Fan, SG-4037

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Brand: STARGOLD SKU: SG-4037 Water Tank Capacity: 2.2 L Product Height: 20 cm Product Length: 57 cm Product Width: 47 cm Size: 16 Inch Number of Speeds: 3 Speeds Energy Used: Electric Installation: Freestanding Material: ABS Battery: Rechargeable Working Hours: 8 Hours Wattage: 75 W Voltage: 220-240V Country of Origin: China

Product Description

STARGOLD SG-4037 Instant Cooling Fan - Your Oasis of Refreshment

You'll enjoy the refreshing breeze of the Stargold Rechargeable Instant Cooling Fan. This versatile unit features a large 2.2 L water tank for extended cooling, stopping frequent refills. Manufactured from durable ABS material, it measures 57 cm in length, 47 cm in width, and stands 20 cm tall, making it an ideal addition to any room. 

With its 16-inch fan size, three speed settings, and a powerful 75W motor, it offers customizable comfort. The fan's rechargeable battery ensures up to 8 hours of cordless operation, allowing uninterrupted cooling anywhere. Check the outstanding features of Stargold rechargeable instant cooling fan below:

STARGOLD SG-4037 Instant Cooling Fan - Your Oasis of Refreshment

Brand: Stargold

Stargold stands at the forefront of innovation with its high-performance rechargeable fans. Designed with precision, Stargold rechargeable fans ensure reliability and durability.

As a trusted name in cooling solutions, Stargold is committed to excellence and continuous improvement. With a Stargold fan, you can stay comfortable in style while staying cool.

Model: SG-4037

You can beat the heat with the Stargold instant cooling fan. This 16-inch rechargeable fan combines powerful airflow with portable convenience, making it a must-have for any hot day. 

With its impressive size and easy mobility, Stargold fan ensures comfortable comfort wherever you are. Just a few switches away, you can breathe in fresh, cool air.

Water Tank Capacity

This rechargeable stand fan features a large 2.2 L water tank, allowing for extended periods of cooling without the need for frequent refills. This design not only ensures comfort but also maximizes convenience. 

Perfect for any setting, this fan keeps you cool and refreshed with minimal upkeep. You can enjoy sustained cooling with ease.

Product Dimensions

With a height of 20 cm, a length of 57 cm, and a width of 47 cm, this charging pedestal fan features compact dimensions. Designed to fit perfectly into any living space. This design maximizes efficiency without sacrificing performance, making it an ideal addition to your home or office.

 STARGOLD 16 inch Rechargeable Instant Cooling Fan, 2.2 L Water Tank Capacity, Oscillating Water Mist Fan

Size: 16 Inch

Stargold 16 inch rechargeable fan provides an ideal balance between portability and powerful cooling, making it a standout choice for comfort on the go. With its lightweight design and robust performance, this fan delivers a refreshing breeze wherever needed. The fan is convenient and efficient, ensuring cooling without the bulk of traditional fans. 

Number of Speeds

Featuring three distinct speed settings, this fast cooling fan lets you fine tune your cooling experience to your exact needs. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a strong gust, this fan adjusts to meet your needs perfectly. 

The adjustable settings make it easy to find the right level of coolness, enhancing your comfort efficiently and effortlessly. Customize your environment easily.

Energy Used: Electric

This rechargeable stand fan offers reliable and energy-efficient operation, ideal for extended use without excessive power consumption. Its dependable performance ensures a steady supply of cool air, while its energy-saving features help maintain low electricity costs. 

As a smart choice for sustainable cooling, this fan provides lasting comfort and efficiency. With this fan, you can keep your environment cool and consistent.

Easy Installation

For immediate cooling, the stand charging fan can be placed anywhere in your room. It frees you from the hassle of complex installations, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing breeze right where you need it most. A simple-to-use fan, this fan ensures a cool, comfortable environment.


Built from durable ABS material, the charging pedestal fan ensures long-term performance. This construction guarantees longevity and reliable cooling over time. Its well-constructed framework stands up to frequent use, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in any setting.

Battery: Rechargeable

The fast cooling fan features a rechargeable battery, providing cordless convenience for on-the-go cooling. This mobility allows you to enjoy a refreshing breeze anywhere, anytime, without cords. Ideal for active lifestyles, it ensures you stay cool wherever you are.

Working Hour

Throughout the day, you can stay cool with the Stargold rechargeable fan's continuous operation of 8 hours. Its long-lasting battery life ensures uninterrupted comfort and convenience, making it a reliable companion for all-day cooling in any setting. Enjoy sustained freshness with ease.


A perfect balance of power and efficiency is found in the Stargold rechargeable stand fan, which operates at 75 Watts. This optimal performance ensures effective cooling without excessive energy consumption, providing an eco-friendly solution to staying cool. Stargold rechargeable fan’s airflow is powerful and efficient.


This 16-inch rechargeable fan is designed to be compatible with a 220-240V power supply, ensuring it can be used widely without voltage compatibility. This feature enhances its versatility, making it an excellent choice for various environments where standard voltage is key. Plug-in anywhere for reliable performance.

Country of Origin

China manufactures the rechargeable stand fan with precision and quality. Its meticulous design ensures top performance and durability. Considering the rechargeable stand fan price, this product offers exceptional value, blending fine premium quality with affordability. Perfect for experienced buyers seeking quality and cost-effectiveness.

Experience Instant Refreshment

Stargold rechargeable instant cooling fan is your ultimate backup against the heat. Whether you're having a relaxing time at home, tackling tasks in the office, or engaging in outdoor fun, this fan guarantees your comfort with a refreshing breeze. 

Stargold rechargeable fan is engineered for immediate relief, ensuring you remain hydrated and comfortable regardless of your surroundings. With Stargold, you can turn any space into a cool oasis in no time. Feeling heat? Choose Stargold for a cooler, happier day. Grab yours today and stay energised all season long.

STARGOLD SG-4037 Rechargeable Instant Cooling FanSTARGOLD SG-4037 Rechargeable Water Mist FanSTARGOLD SG-4037 Rechargeable Water Mist Fan