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STARGOLD Luggage Set of 4 PCS Polyester Fabric Suitcase With 4 Rotational Wheels and Best Lockable Travel Bag, SG-T74 PURPLE

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Specification: • Brand: STARGOLD • Model Name: SG-T74 • Trolley Size: 20", 24", 28", and 32" • Exterior Material: Polyester Fabric • Department: Unisex • Lockable: Number Lockable • Password Changeable: Yes you can change your password • Is Number Lock safe: Yes Number Lock is Fully Safe • Wheels: 360-degree multi-directional • Wheels Quantity: 4 Wheels • Wheel Caster: Silent Spinner • Mash Pocket: Yes Zipper Mash Pocket Inside • Strap Material: Nylon • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy • Handle Stage: 3-Stage • Gross Height: 87cm • Gross Length: 52cm • Gross Width: 33cm • Gross weight: 15 KG • What's In The Box: 1 Full Set of STARGOLD Trolley Luggage

Product Description

STARGOLD SG-T74 PURPLE: Unleash Your Travel Passion in Regal Style

Embark on a journey of opulence and practicality with the STARGOLD SG-T74 PURPLE Luggage Set, a fusion of regal aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality.

Key Features:

  • Brand: STARGOLD

    • Revel in the pinnacle of travel sophistication with STARGOLD. The SG-T74 PURPLE represents the brand's commitment to crafting luggage that seamlessly melds fashion with functionality.
  • Model Name: SG-T74

    • Versatility and elegance converge with the SG-T74, offering a quartet of sizes (20", 24", 28", and 32") to cater to all your travel needs. Whether a brief escapade or an extended vacation, this set is your ideal companion.
  • Exterior Material: Polyester Fabric

    • Enveloped in durable polyester fabric, the SG-T74 PURPLE not only stands as a fashion statement but also guards your possessions. The regal purple hue adds a touch of royalty to your travel ensemble.
  • Department: Unisex

    • Crafted for all, the unisex appeal of SG-T74 PURPLE ensures that it complements the style of both men and women. Travel with regal elegance.
  • Lockable: Number Lockable

    • Prioritize the security of your belongings with the integrated number lock system. The SG-T74 PURPLE ensures your peace of mind throughout your journey.
  • Password Changeable: Yes

    • Assume control of your luggage's security with the ability to set and change your password as needed. The SG-T74 PURPLE puts you in command of your travel experience.
  • Is Number Lock Safe: Yes, Number Lock is Fully Safe

    • Trust in the fully secure number lock system, ensuring that your valuables remain safeguarded during your travels.
  • Wheels: 360-degree Multi-directional

    • Effortlessly navigate diverse terrains with the 360-degree multi-directional wheels. The SG-T74 PURPLE promises a smooth and agile journey, adapting to any environment with grace.
  • Wheels Quantity: 4 Wheels

    • Enjoy stability and flexibility with four robust wheels that provide reliable support. The SG-T74 PURPLE ensures your luggage moves seamlessly, adapting to your travel pace.
  • Wheel Caster: Silent Spinner

    • Glide through airports and streets without a disturbance, thanks to the silent spinner wheel casters. The SG-T74 PURPLE guarantees a tranquil and discreet travel experience.
  • Mash Pocket: Yes, Zipper Mash Pocket Inside

    • Stay organized on the go with the convenient zipper mesh pocket inside. The SG-T74 PURPLE offers a dedicated space for small essentials, optimizing your packing efficiency.
  • Strap Material: Nylon

    • Rely on durable nylon straps for a secure and comfortable grip. The SG-T74 PURPLE ensures reliable and comfortable travel, whether lifting, pulling, or carrying.
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

    • The lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy handles offer a 3-stage adjustable height. Customize the handle to your liking, ensuring comfort at every stage of your journey.
  • Gross Dimensions:

    • Height: 87cm
    • Length: 52cm
    • Width: 33cm
  • The SG-T74 PURPLE strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and practicality, making it your ideal travel companion.
  • Gross Weight: 15 KG

    • Despite its generous size, the SG-T74 PURPLE remains lightweight for easy handling and maneuverability.
  • What's In The Box:

    • Unbox sophistication and efficiency with 1 full set of STARGOLD Trolley Luggage. The SG-T74 PURPLE is poised to accompany you on your next adventure with regal flair.

Elevate your travel experience with the STARGOLD SG-T74 PURPLE, where regality meets practicality, ensuring that every journey is a seamless blend of opulence and ease. Travel with panache, travel with STARGOLD.