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STARGOLD Kettle 1.8 Liter with Automatic Turn-Off Electric Kettle 2200W High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel, AC 220-240V And 360° Swivel, SG-1455

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Brand: STARGOLD SKU: SG-1455 Voltage: AC 220-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Power: 2200 watts Capacity: 1.8 Liters Body Material: Stainless Steel Feature 1: Stainless Steel Inner Feature 2: Overload Protection Feature 3: On/Off Light Indicator Feature 4: Heat-Free Handle Feature 5: Easy Grip Handle Feature 6: Pull Lid Opening Feature 7: Easy Clean Energy Used: Electric Installation: On/Off Switch Gross Length: 21 cm Gross Height: 23 cm Gross Width: 17 cm Gross Weight: .960 kg Country of Origin: China

Product Description

Stargold Kettle 1.8 Liter (SG-1455): Advance Your Tea Experience

With Stargold electric kettle 1.8 litre (SG-1455), you can add a touch of elegant style to your kitchen. An expertly designed appliance that perfectly blends style and functionality will serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen counter. 

With a 1.8 liter capacity, it is ideal for brewing morning coffee and evening tea. Stargold electric kettle reflects elegance in every detail due to its precision manufacturing and elegant design. 

You are about to discover how this modern wonder will revolutionize your kitchen preparation. Check out the full product description to learn more about the perfect combination of design and function.

Key features of Stargold electric kettle (SG-1455):

Brand: Stargold

There is no doubt that Stargold is well-known in the industry of manufacturing electrical appliances. SG-1455 is an automatic electric kettle that epitomizes the brand's commitment to quality.

A true symbol of quality and excellence in kitchen appliances, Stargold has manufactured the SG-1455 in a style and design that is renowned for its strong commitment to innovation. 

Model: SG-1455

SG-1455 is a stainless steel electric kettle of Stargold that combines style and functionality. Due to its sleek design, this model redefines elegance in any kitchen environment.

In addition to its aesthetic design, the SG-1455 delivers powerful performance for your brewing needs. Durable and reliable, this kettle is made with premium materials and precision engineering.

Capacity: 1.8 Liters

Stargold electric kettle offers a large 1.8-liter capacity, suitable for meeting your beverage needs throughout the day. In the morning rush, this kettle can fill up multiple coffee mugs or make a big pot of tea for guests. 

Its generous capacity ensures convenience and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy your favorite hot beverages without frequent refills. You can easily meet the needs of your household or gatherings with Stargold electric kettle.

Body Material: Stainless Steel

The stainless steel body of this automatic electric kettle provides durability and style. This premium material guarantees longevity and lends a sleek and modern aesthetic to your kitchen. 

Stainless steel construction is reliable and elegant, so say goodbye to flimsy plastic kettles. The Stargold automatic electric kettle ensures that your appliance performs impeccably, but also enhances the overall look of your culinary space.

Stainless Steel Inner

This electric kettle features stainless steel inner chambers that ensure purity and safety. By using this premium feature, you can ensure that your boiling water remains clean and contaminant-free. 

With a stainless steel interior, you can trust that your beverages are prepared in the cleanest and safest manner possible, promoting your health and well-being. Quality and safety meet every sip with the Stargold electric kettle UAE.

Overload Protection

Stargold stainless steel electric kettle is equipped with overload protection so that you can protect your appliance and extend its lifespan. In case of excessive electrical load, this essential feature automatically shuts off the kettle, preventing damage. 

By incorporating overload protection, Stargold kettle prioritizes both user safety and product durability, providing you with peace of mind every time you use it. You can enjoy your favorite hot beverages worry-free with this advanced safety feature.

On/Off Light Indicator

Easy-to-read on/off indicator lights allow you to keep track of the status of your automatic electric kettle. This intuitive feature provides visual cues, ensuring you always know whether the kettle is operating. 

The on/off light indicator provides the ease and convenience of use of the kettle, whether it is illuminated to signal boiling or turned off to signal the end of the heating cycle. Your daily routine becomes easier and more enjoyable with the Stargold automatic electric kettle's thoughtful addition.

Heat-Free Handle

A heat-free handle design provides unprecedented safety and comfort with the electric kettle UAE. This innovative feature ensures that you can handle the kettle easily, even immediately after boiling, without burns or discomfort. 

Get rid of bulky oven mitts and towels and enjoy the convenience of a cool handle. Pouring hot water becomes effortless and worry-free with the Stargold electric kettle UAE, so you can enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about safety.

Easy Grip Handle

You will have effortless handling and pouring when you use this automatic electric kettle with a hand grip handle that is comfortable for you to hold. This thoughtfully designed handle ensures a secure hold, allowing you to lift and pour with confidence. 

Whether you're serving yourself a cup of tea or filling up a pot for guests, the ergonomic design of the handle provides comfort and stability. Stargold automatic electric kettle not only performs impeccably but also prioritizes user comfort and ease of use.

Pull Lid Opening

A user-friendly pull lid opening mechanism makes the electric kettle in UAE convenient to use. The kettle's innovative design makes it easy to fill with water and clean, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

It's time to bid farewell to complicated lids and spouts and hello to effortless operation with the Stargold electric kettle UAE. With its thoughtful features and intuitive design, this kettle takes the guesswork out of boiling water. Enjoy your favorite beverages with ease.

Easy Clean

You can maintain the sleek appearance of your stainless steel electric kettle with its easy-to-clean design. It ensures that you can quickly and effectively clean your kettle without wasting time or effort. 

As you enjoy its pristine appearance for years to come, you don't have to worry about stubborn stains or hard-to-reach corners with Stargold stainless steel electric kettle. A user-friendly design ensures that cleanliness becomes a normal part of your brewing routine, ensuring a hygienic and enjoyable experience every time.

Energy Used: Electric

Stargold electric kettle provides quick and efficient boiling of water, powered by electricity for reliable performance. The electric-powered machine ensures that hot beverages are available in a short period of time. 

With the Stargold electric kettle, you can enjoy the efficiency of modern technology without having to dependon a stovetop. Boiling water with electricity makes it easy to enjoy your favorite drinks whenever you want.

Installation: On/Off Switch

You will have easy control over the operation of your electric tea kettle by using the intuitive on/off switch, simplifying the boiling process. Brewing is hassle-free with this convenient feature, which allows you to start and stop the kettle easily. 

Additionally, the kettle is equipped with automatic shut-off functionality, providing peace of mind by turning off the appliance once the water reaches the desired temperature. Stargold electric tea kettle offers convenience and safety with its on/off switch and automatic shut-off feature.

Gross Dimensions:

You will enjoy effortless handling with this electric kettle UAE, which has a lightweight design that does not compromise on stability. This kettle features 21 cm of length, 23 cm of height, and 17 cm of width, offering compact yet functional proportions for any kitchen. 

Though the kettle is lightweight at 0.960 kg, it remains sturdy during use, ensuring a reliable and comfortable brewing experience. Stargold electric kettle UAE makes brewing tea and coffee a breeze.

Voltage: AC 220-240V

The electric tea kettle automatic shut off feature ensures peace of mind during operation. This device operates seamlessly within the range of AC 220-240V, ensuring compatibility and safety within standard household voltages.

A voltage range in this range allows for efficient heating while adhering to safety standards for household appliances. Whether you're brewing your morning cup of tea or preparing hot water for cooking, the SG-1455 provides reliable performance with safety.

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Thanks to its 50-60Hz frequency, this stainless steel electric kettle (SG-1455) offers stable and consistent performance. This frequency range guarantees reliable operation, ensuring your kettle meets your kitchen demands without fluctuations. 

No matter what you're cooking, the SG-1455 consistently provides hot water whenever you need it, whether it's morning brews or evening preparations. A kettle such as this becomes an indispensable asset to have in your arsenal of cooking tools due to its durable construction and reliable performance.

Power: 2200 Watts

The SG-1455 electric kettle in the UAE features a 2200-watt heating element that offers top-notch speed and efficiency. This high-powered feature ensures rapid boiling, significantly reducing the time spent waiting for your water to reach the appropriate temperature. 

With its speedy delivery of hot water, the SG-1455 is an indispensable appliance in any kitchen, whether you need it in the morning or during the evening. It's time to say goodbye to lengthy waits and hello to convenience.

Country of Origin: China

Stargold electric kettles are proudly manufactured in China, a country known for its quality and production standards. The country of origin, China, signifies a dedication to precision engineering and attention to detail, ensuring each kettle meets rigorous quality control measures. 

Put your trust in the reliability and durability of a product that has been designed and manufactured in China. Stargold's electric kettles uphold their commitment to excellence in every aspect.

As a testament to innovation and quality productions, Stargold electric kettle stands out. This appliance blends style and functionality, promising convenience and reliability in every brew. 

With its spacious 1.8-liter capacity and durable stainless steel construction, every detail is designed to speed up your brewing routine. The safety of the unit is prioritized without compromising performance, with features such as automatic shut-off. 

Manufactured in China, and known for quality manufacturing, the Stargold electric kettle assures durability and precision engineering. With the Stargold electric kettle, you can enjoy the perfect blend of form and function.