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STARGOLD Full HD Extreme Quality, Mpeg4, 2.0 USB, 5000 Channels, Dvb-S2 Satellite, Media Player, Multi Language OSD, Dual Display HD And SD, SG-710 HD MINI

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Brand: STARGOLD Model Name: SG-710HD MINI Frequency Range: 950MHZ To2150mhz Input Impedance: 75ohms Unbalanced Signal Input Level: -65̴-25dbm Symbol Rate: 2-45mbps LNB Power:13/18v, Max 350ma IR: Receive THE Signal FORTHERC DV̴Out: Connects To DV ̴Out In Device Av: CVBS, Audio, L/R Input: Ac220-240v _ 50/60 Hz Consumption: Max 15w Decoder Module: Pal, NTSC Video: MPEG2 Transport MP@ML.HL, MPEG4 AVC/H.264 Hp@L4 Audio: Mpeg2 Audio Layer Compliance: ETSI/En 300421 DVB-S Compliant Sound Mode: Right, Left, Stereo Electronic Program Guide: Yes Feature 1: Receiver Feature 2: Smart Feature 3: HDMI-ARC Feature 4: Digital, 1080p Full HD Dvb-S2 Feature 5: USB 2.0 High-Speed Host Place of Origin: China What's in the Box: HD Satellite Receiver

Product Description

Stargold SG-710HD MINI Full HD Satellite Receiver

Stargold full HD satellite receiver (SG-710 HD Mini) offers high-definition satellite technology. This compact and powerful device offers superior quality and reliability. Whether you're a sports fanatic, a news buff, or a movie enthusiast, this receiver is designed to meet all your entertainment needs.

You can enjoy exceptional performance with Stargold's full HD satellite receiver. It is expertly developed to provide crisp, clear visuals and outstanding sound quality, ensuring every viewing experience is as engaging as enjoyable.

Stargold SG-710 HD mini offers advanced features and versatility. Any modern home entertainment setup would benefit from this satellite receiver's user-friendly interface and advanced functionality.

Here are some of the key features of Stargold full HD satellite receiver:

Brand Quality

Stargold continues its tradition of excellence with the SG-710 HD MINI, a satellite receiver that stands out for its superior performance and reliability. This device is designed to bring a high-quality viewing experience into your home, allowing access to a wide array of satellite channels with unmatched clarity.

Your television viewing experience will be improved by this full HD satellite receiver equipped with the latest technology. This digital satellite receiver full HD mini ensures vibrant visuals and crisp audio, making every moment in front of the screen truly spectacular.

Stargold SG-710HD MINI Full HD Satellite Receiver in UAE

Model Name

The SG-710HD MINI is a testament to Stargold's dedication to authenticity and quality assurance in satellite entertainment. This compact unit is designed to consistently deliver a premium entertainment experience, ensuring you get the most out of your satellite TV subscription.

This full HD satellite receiver provides crystal-clear picture quality and robust signal reception. With the Stargold SG-710 HD MINI, viewers can enjoy a wide range of high-definition channels in stunning detail and vivid colors, enhancing every viewing session.

Frequency Range

Stargold digital satellite receiver has been designed to cover a wide range of frequency ranges between 950MHz and 2150MHz. Its broad spectrum allows a smooth reception of satellite signals and a variety of viewing options.

The receiver's wide frequency range ensures users can access their favorite satellite channels uninterrupted. Its advanced technology helps to improve signal clarity and stability, providing consistently high-quality entertainment at home.

Input Impedance

An unbalanced input impedance of 75 Ohm enhances this full HD satellite receiver capability to provide stable reception. Satellite television viewers benefit from this technical feature with fewer interruptions and consistent clarity.

As a full HD digital satellite receiver, the Stargold SG-710 HD MINI excels at delivering high-definition content. By maintaining signal integrity, you will experience superior pictures and sound on your TV screen, making every viewing session enjoyable.

Signal Input Level

An additional benefit of Stargold full HD satellite receiver is its USB receiver interface. It allows for a signal input level of -65 dBm down to -25 dBm up. Satellite signals are captured with clarity and precision, ensuring crisp and clear viewing.

Signal reception flexibility is crucial for maintaining consistent quality across various satellite channels. In addition to providing convenience, this USB satellite receiver allows for easy updates and media playback, improving overall functionality.

Symbol Rate

The SG-710 HD MINI, an impressive satellite receiver UAE, supports data rates ranging from 2Mbps to 45Mbps. Satellite broadcasting and streaming are made possible by this feature, which ensures uninterrupted and smooth data transmission.

With robust performance in various viewing environments, this satellite receiver is designed to meet the requirements of the diverse UAE market. Whether it’s live sports, news, or premium entertainment channels, users can expect a seamless viewing experience without lag or disruption.

LNB Power

As the Stargold full HD satelite receiver can supply power to compatible LNB devices up to 350mA, it ensures a stable and sufficient power supply to devices that require 13/18V power. In this way, the satellite setup provides users with uninterrupted service, increasing reliability and effectiveness.

In addition to high-definition content, this device is a full HD satellite receiver. It ensures that all connected components are adequately powered, thus maintaining high performance in satellite signal reception.

IR Functions

Remote controls can be received easily with the Stargold Full HD satellite receiver since it is equipped with IR functionality. Users have the convenience of operating their full HD satellite receiver from a distance, thus increasing their user-friendliness and accessibility.

By integrating these features, this Full HD satellite receiver stands out as a superior choice for those seeking a convenient and efficient home entertainment solution. Its robust design includes the latest in remote signal reception technology, ensuring smooth and hassle-free interactions.

DV̴ Out

Through DV-out connectivity, this digital satellite receiver full HD allows users to connect easily to devices that support DV-Out. This capability allows for smooth receiver integration into a variety of home entertainment systems, broadening user setup possibilities.

This full HD digital satellite receiver incorporates this feature for high-quality audio and video reception. By doing so, users can enjoy a superior multimedia experience with clear, crisp visuals and sound directly from their satellite receivers.

Av- Connectivity

Connectivity options, such as CVBS, Audio, and L/R, enhance the utility of the Stargold full HD satellite receiver by allowing connections with a variety of audiovisual devices. Due to this flexibility, the receiver can be easily integrated into different home entertainment systems.

In terms of both video and audio performance, the SG-710 HD MINI is a top-notch digital satellite receiver in UAE. It's built to deliver clear, vibrant visuals and crisp sound, improving the overall viewing experience with high-definition satellite broadcasting.

Power Input

A wide range of power standards is supported by the SG-710 HD MINI, which is compatible with AC220-240V power input at 50/60Hz. Various regions can easily adapt this model to their home entertainment systems without worrying about power discrepancies due to its wide-ranging compatibility.

Additionally, this model features a USB satellite receiver, increasing functionality by allowing easy updates and media playback from external storage devices. This integration not only simplifies the user experience but also expands the receiver's utility.

Power Consumption

In the UAE market, the SG-710HD MINI is unique in its energy-efficient design with a maximum power consumption of just 15W. This low power usage not only helps reduce electricity bills but also supports eco-friendly practices.

This satellite receiver designed for UAE market ensures high-quality satellite reception while reducing energy consumption. Its efficiency makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers looking for sustainable technology solutions.

Decoder Module

Due to the inclusion of both PAL and NTSC decoder modules, the Stargold satellite receiver is highly compatible with international broadcast standards. By providing such flexibility, users can enjoy easy access to a variety of satellite channels regardless of their location.

In this cosmopolitan region, this satellite receiver in UAE adapts effortlessly to the diverse media formats encountered. It is a robust choice for anyone seeking a versatile and reliable satellite viewing experience.

Video Compatibility

As a compact, high-definition video recorder, Stargold full HD satellite receiver supports MPEG2 Transport MP@ML.HL and MPEG4 AVC/H.264 Hp@L4, providing crisp, clear, and vivid visuals in stunning Full HD resolution. With this capability, users can enjoy detailed and vibrant imagery across all content.

This full HD digital satellite receiver is designed to maximize satellite TV visual quality, bringing cinema-quality images into your living room. For those seeking the best home entertainment technology, this device is ideal.

Audio Harmony

A powerful audio reproduction is available with Stargold full HD satellite receiver, powered by MPEG2 Audio Layer technology. The audio quality is greatly improved by this feature, which imparts crystal clear and richly detailed sound that perfectly complements the high-definition visuals.

Stargold full HD satellite receiver provides an amazing viewing and listening experience. It ensures that audio and visual quality will not be compromised when watching movies, sports, or your favorite television shows.

Compliance Issue

ETSI/En 300421 DVB-S standards guarantee the SG-710HD MINI's reliability and optimal performance. Satellite receivers must comply with this standard to ensure uninterrupted service and high-quality satellite broadcasts.

This model is a leading example of Stargold full HD satellite receiver lineup, known for its robustness and state-of-the-art technology. It offers a superior entertainment experience, ensuring that every use meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Sound Mode

This full HD satellite receiver features right, left, and stereo sound modes. These options allow users to customize their audio settings for an immersive listening experience. Viewers' preferences and specific media requirements are taken into account.

It ensures that every movie, show, or sporting event is not just watched but truly experienced, with crystal-clear audio complementing high-definition visuals.

Electronic Program Guide

As part of the SG-710HD MINI's electronic program guide, menu operations are simplified. This model ensures superior picture quality, as well as an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Consequently, users can access a wide range of channels and programs, ensuring a satisfactory viewing experience.

Additional Features:

Its comprehensive suite of functionalities makes the SG-710HD MINI one of the best satellite TV receivers in UAE available on the market. With its smart features and hassle-free connectivity options, this receiver guarantees high-definition viewing and a wide range of multimedia capabilities. Below are the additional features that this device has.

  • Receiver Functionality: Access a wide array of satellite channels.
  • Smart Features: Enhanced usability for a smoother user experience.
  • HDMI-ARC Support: Allows hassle-free audio connectivity with home theater systems.
  • Digital 1080p Full HD DVB-S2: Ensures crisp, clear high-definition video quality.
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed Host: Enables media playback and recording directly from USB devices.

Place of Origin

As a full HD digital satellite receiver manufactured in China, the SG-710HD MINI boasts superior performance and reliability. A high-quality, consistent satellite reception and a full HD experience are offered by this device, improving any home entertainment system.

What's In The Box?

The package includes a digital satellite receiver in full HD (SG-710HD MINI), so you can start watching satellite channels and media content as soon as possible. In addition to delivering high-definition viewing, this device ensures that every detail is sharp, and every color is vibrant, thus enhancing your overall entertainment experience.

Stargold full HD satellite receiver offers more than just an array of satellite channels, it enhances your viewing experience in every way. It promises crisp visuals and rich, dynamic audio, making every moment in front of the screen vivid and engaging. 

A wide range of formats and connectivity options are supported, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Ideal for those who appreciate quality and functionality, this receiver is a top choice for elevating your home entertainment setup.