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STARGOLD Rechargeable Fan 2 Speed Mode With ABS Body And Blades Are PP Material 20W, 220-240V, SG-441 Yellow



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Sat, Jun 22, 2024

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Specification: Brand: STARGOLD Model: SG-441 Color: Yellow Power Supply: AC 220-240V Wattage: 20 Watt Room Type: Office, Room or Outdoor Useable Special Feature 1: Tilting Fan Special Feature 2: Easy To Carry Special Feature 3: Electric Fan Special Feature 4: 2 Speed Mood Mount Type: Wall, Table Clip and Floor Item Weight: 1.3 Gross Height: 21cm Gross Width: 21cm Gross Length: 22cm

Product Description

  • When the heat of summer or a stuffy room gets unbearable, you need a reliable cooling solution that's both efficient and convenient. The STARGOLD Electric Fan in sunny yellow (SG-441) is the perfect answer to your cooling needs, offering a refreshing breeze with a host of convenient features.
  • Color: Yellow - Radiate positivity with this vibrant and cheerful fan.
  • Power Supply: AC 220-240V - Ensures powerful and consistent airflow.
  • Wattage: 20 Watt - Energy-efficient performance to keep you cool without driving up your energy bill.
  • Room Type: Versatile for use in the office, bedroom, or outdoors - wherever you need a cool breeze.
  • Special Feature 1: Tilting Fan - Customize the angle to direct the airflow where you need it most.
  • Special Feature 2: Easy To Carry - Lightweight and portable for effortless transportation.
  • Special Feature 3: Electric Fan - A practical and efficient way to beat the heat.
  • Special Feature 4: 2 Speed Modes - Choose between two fan speeds for your comfort.
  • Mount Type: Wall, Table Clip, and Floor - Multiple mounting options for your convenience.
  • Item Weight: 1.3 kg - Easy to handle and move to different areas of your space.
  • Gross Dimensions: 21cm x 21cm x 22cm - Compact size for versatile placement.
  • The STARGOLD Electric Fan is your go-to solution for staying cool during warm weather or in stuffy indoor environments. Its cheery yellow color brings a touch of brightness to any space, making it a stylish addition to your home, office, or outdoor gatherings.
  • With a power-efficient 20-watt motor, this fan delivers a refreshing breeze without causing a spike in your electricity bill. You can choose between two speed modes to tailor the airflow to your comfort level.
  • The tilting fan feature allows you to adjust the angle of the fan head, ensuring that the cool air is directed where you need it most. Whether you prefer it on a table, clipped to a desk, or mounted on the wall or floor, this fan is versatile in its placement options.
  • The lightweight and portable design make it easy to move the fan around, so you can enjoy a cooling breeze wherever you go. Beat the heat with the STARGOLD Electric Fan - SG-441 Yellow and stay comfortable all year round. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a fresh and cool atmosphere!