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STARGOLD Cabin Size Luggage ABS Hardside Material 360° Rotating Wheels, SG-T80D-C Blue Fog

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Brand: STARGOLD Model Name: SG-T80D-C Trolley Size: 20" Casing: ABS Hard Side Exterior Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Interior Material: Polyester Closure/Fastener: Zipper Expandable zipper: Yes Zipper: Mash Pocket Strap Material: Nylon Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy Handle Stage: 3-Stage Lockable: Number Lockable Password Changeable: Yes Lock Changeable Is Number Lock safe: Yes It's Fully Safe Pattern: Printed Department: Unisex Wheel Caster: Silent Spinner Wheels Quantity: 4PCS Double Wheels: Yes Wheels Directional: 360° multi-directional Gross Height: 50.5 cm Gross Length: 28 cm Gross Width: 21 cm Gross Weight: 4 KG Trolley 20" Dimensions: 50.5× 28× 21cm What's In The Box: Full Set of 1 Luggage Bag

Product Description

Stargold SG-T80D-C Blue Fog Cabin Size Luggage with 360° Rotating Wheels

Stargold cabin size luggage (SG-T80D-C Blue Fog) is one of the most luxurious and stylish pieces of luggage on the market. The sleek travel partner combines style and functionality perfectly to streamline your journey. Manufactured with durability in mind, this cabin-size luggage ensures your belongings stay safe throughout your adventures. 

With its innovative design, organizing your essentials becomes effortless, promising a worry-free travel experience. For travelers seeking elegance and convenience, Stargold luggage is the ideal choice. Read the full product description to learn more about the features that distinguish the Stargold cabin size luggage (SG-T80D-C) from the competition.

Here are some of the key features of Stargold luggage (SG-T80D-C Blue Fog):

Brand and Model

Stargold is a popular brand in the UAE for its stylish and high-quality luggage. A suitcase of quality and style, the SG-T80D-C epitomizes Stargold's commitment to excellence. 

With the renowned Stargold brand behind it, you can trust this travel companion. Stargold luggage (SG-T80D-C) is the utmost in premium travel gear designed to meet and exceed your expectations in both style and functionality.

Premium-Quality Material

Featuring a hard ABS side casing that is both durable and attractive, Stargold's trolley suitcase offers the best style in travel. ABS, short for thermoplastic copolyester, ensures durability without compromising style.

You will find this suitcase to be the perfect travel partner, offering both elegance and functionality. The ABS trolley suitcase combines premium design with practicality to further simplify your travel experience.

ABS Hard Side Construction

Stargold's ABS hard-side construction is rugged and impact-resistant. Whether it's the turbulence of air travel, the jostling of bus journeys, or the excitement of outdoor adventures, this luggage is built to endure it all. 

Despite any challenges you may face, your items will remain intact during your travels. This luggage offers unbeatable value for your money with a truly competitive price and quality.

Interior Material

The meticulously designed Stargold suitcase features a polyester interior, making it the epitome of sophistication in cabin size luggage. This interior material was created with your comfort and convenience in mind. It ensures durability and ease of use throughout your travels. 

Organize and protect your belongings with the premium polyester lining, providing functional and stylish storage space. Travel in style, durability, and practicality with cabin-size luggage.

Lockable System

Stargold luggage features a customizable number lock, which will give you peace of mind. With ten digits from 0 to 9, you can create your unique combination. While the standard code is 0-0-0, easily set your preferred combination for added security. 

The real-life experiences shared in Stargold luggage reviews give you an insight into its convenience and security features. Its products are versatile and reliable because of this.


You can access your belongings easily with Stargold luggage, which features a zipper. The secure and user-friendly closure system allows you to travel with peace of mind, knowing your items remain secure. 

Many Stargold luggage reviews highly recommend the zipper closure for its durability and functionality, ensuring a smooth operation and hassle-free travel experience for users worldwide. You can depend on Stargold luggage's quality design to surpass your expectations both in terms of style and performance.

360° Rotating Wheels

The silent spinner wheels on Stargold luggage provide effortless maneuverability. With these innovative features, getting around crowded airports, bus stations, or bustling streets in the UAE is a breeze. 

The 360° multi-directional double wheels offer superior control and stability, ensuring smooth and stress-free movement wherever your journey takes you. Enjoy a hassle-free and reliable travel experience with Stargold luggage UAE and around the world.

Expandable Zipper

Stargold luggage features an expandable design for more packing options without compromising space. Thanks to this feature, you can pack efficiently instead of cramming belongings together. 

Ensure you keep your essentials handy on your travels, whether they are extra clothing, souvenirs, or other items you acquire along the way. With Stargold luggage's expandable design, you can travel with confidence, knowing you have enough space for all your necessities.

Strap Material

Nylon straps are used in Stargold luggage to add strength and resilience. With this nylon strap, your luggage will remain safe during transit despite travel rigors. You can explore the UAE or travel internationally. 

Stargold luggage's premium quality and innovative design will accentuate your travel journey. The luggage combines style and functionality for travelers in the UAE and beyond.

Stylish Design

Featuring an elegant, fashionable printed pattern that oozes style, Stargold cabin size luggage brightens your travel look. You'll make a statement wherever your journey takes you, whether on business or leisure. 

The stylish design adds elegance to your travels, setting you apart from the crowd. In this way, you arrive in style. The eye-catching printed pattern on our cabin-size luggage will help you stand out with confidence and flair.

Gross Height, Length, Width, and Weight

Stargold cabin size suitcases are meticulously designed to meet airline requirements, making them a perfect fit for your travels. The suitcase's gross height is 50.5 cm, length is 28 cm, and width is 21 cm, making it easy to store in overhead compartments or under seats. 

Despite its compact size, the suitcase weighs 4 KG. With enough space for your essentials, this bag remains lightweight and easy to transport.

User-Friendly Design

The ergonomic features of Stargold luggage, including a three-stage aluminium alloy handle, bring top-notch comfort and convenience. Travelers of all heights will be able to maneuver their luggage comfortably, minimizing strain during transit. Inside, a mesh pocket organizes your essentials, keeping them easily accessible throughout your journey.

Stargold luggage reviews praise the thoughtful design and functionality of ergonomic features. Thus, all types of travelers will have a more enjoyable travel experience.

The ultimate travel partner for adventurers worldwide, Stargold luggage is the perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality. With meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, Stargold cabin size suitcase, exceeds expectations in both size and functionality. 

From its premium-quality materials like ABS hard side casing to its user-friendly features such as the customizable number lock system and expandable design, every aspect of Stargold luggage is designed to spice up your travel experience.