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STARGOLD Blanket Set of 4 Pieces King Size Premium Super Soft Double Ply Combo Blanket, SG-BLC606 Brown

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Brand: STARGOLD Model Name: SG-BLC606 Base Material: 100% Polyester Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Hand Wash Color Name: Multicolor Comfort Level: Plush Pattern: Solid Product Height: 220 cm Product Length: 160 cm Product Weight: 3 kg Size: 160 x 220 cm Material: Polyester SPUN YARN Special Feature: Reversible Style: Korea Quality Age Range: Adult Size: King Number of Items: 1 piece Offer: Blanket Country of Origin: Korea What's In The Box: King Plush Blanket 1 Blanket

Product Description

STARGOLD 4-Piece King Size Super Soft Double Ply Combo Blanket Set

With Stargold SG-BLC606 brown king size double ply combo blanket set of 4, your home will be cozier than ever. In this collection, every blanket is meticulously made with attention to detail, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience.

As quality and comfort are always in high demand in the UAE, the Stargold blanket set stands out as an essential addition to any home. It offers more than just warmth; it’s a complete package of coziness and style. Take a look at Stargold SG-BLC606 blanket set features and benefits, and transform your living space into a haven of relaxation and style.

Top-Notch Quality and Manufacturing

Stargold SG-BLC606 brown blanket set represents the zenith of the brand's dedication to quality and excellence. Stargold, a name familiar with excellence and reliability, presents this set, designed to keep you warm and cozy. These blankets reflect the brand's commitment to luxurious, long-lasting products.

Originating from Korea, these blankets are a perfect example of meticulous manufacturing, reflecting Korean-made quality. The SG-BLC606 stands out as the best blanket set for comfort and style enthusiasts.

Luxurious Refinement and Durability 

The set of brown blankets features premium material, woven from 100% polyester spun yarn. There is no doubt that this high-quality fabric is renowned for its exceptional softness and durability, making these blankets more than just a source of warmth. The solid pattern adds elegance, making them an excellent addition to any bedroom decor.

These king-size blankets are made from 100% polyester to ensures durability, allowing you to enjoy its softness for years to come. Stargold SG-BLC606 blankets symbolize quality and luxury, offering you a luxurious and cozy bedding option. With these exquisite blankets, you can take pleasure in comfort and beauty.

Easy-To-Maintain Design 

You can easily maintain your Stargold SG-BLC606 blankets, keeping them fresh and clean. The blankets can be washed either by machine or by hand, keeping them in perfectly good condition. Designed with durable materials, these blankets withstand regular cleaning while retaining their luxurious feel.

Featuring a multicolor design, these blankets add vibrancy and elegance to your living space. The blend of colors enhances your decor, making these blankets not just a source of warmth but also a stylish addition to your home. As an affordable blanket option, it combines practicality with luxury.

Plush Comfort and Sophisticated Design 

Stargold blanket set (SG-BLC606) offers plush comfort, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere appropriate for relaxation and warmth. Solid patterns make each blanket a timeless addition to any home decor. As a result, it is a versatile choice that is suitable for a variety of interior design themes.

These generous, lightweight king size blankets measure 160 x 220 cm and weigh 3 kg. They offer extensive coverage to keep you and your family safe. The Stargold SG-BLC606 blankets are designed to provide both comfort and style, offering luxurious comfort.

Reversible Size and Dimensions

Featuring a reversible design, Stargold brown blanket set adds versatility to your home decor. You can easily change the appearance of your bedroom, ensuring it always looks fresh and stylish. Blankets' reversible nature helps to improve their functionality, making them a practical addition to any household.

The appropriate size for a king-sized bed, these blankets are perfect for adults and ensure a restful night's sleep. Due to its generous dimensions and warm comfort, Stargold SG-BLC606 is one of the best king size blankets available today.

Multipurpose and Luxurious Solace 

Four individual blankets are included in the Stargold blanket set, providing flexibility to use them in various ways throughout your home. You can decorate multiple living spaces with the same comfort and style. The blankets in this set offer plush comfort and a luxurious feel, making them suitable for any room in the house.

Providing excellent value with four high-quality blankets, a blanket offer such as this one ensures that you have everything you need for a cozy and stylish home. With this set, you can enhance your bedroom decor or add extra warmth to your living room. The Stargold SG-BLC606 blanket is a versatile and complete solution for home comfort.

With its exceptional warmth, quality, and style, Stargold SG-BLC606 brown blanket set is a must-have. Double-ply blankets made from 100% polyester spun yarn provide superior softness and durability. Their reversible design adds versatility to your home decor, while the king-size dimensions ensure a comfortable fit for any bed. 

Stargold blanket in this set is designed for easy maintenance, making them both practical and luxurious. With four individual blankets included, this set delivers both value and flexibility for enhancing multiple living spaces. You can breathe new life into your home's comfort with the Stargold blanket set.