Germanlight Aircraft Aluminium Body Rechargeable Flashlight With Corrosion Resistant LED Light, GL-K4

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Specifications: Brand: STARGOLD SKU: GL-K4 Power Source: ‎Battery Light Source: ‎3W Cree LED Material: Aircraft Aluminium‎ Range: 2000-Meters Battery Description: 4000mAh 6.0V Gross Length: 38cm Gross Height: 6cm Gross Width: 13cm Gross Weight: 0.690kg Batteries Included: ‎ Yes Batteries Required: ‎No Special Feature: Aircraft Aluminium Body, Waterproof Included Components: 1pcs Light, 3pcs 4000mah Battery, 3pcs Charger

Product Description

Introducing the STARGOLD Aircraft Aluminium Body Rechargeable Flashlight with Corrosion Resistant LED Light, GL-K4 – a powerful and robust lighting solution designed to meet your illumination needs in any situation. Combining cutting-edge technology with durable construction, this flashlight is your reliable companion for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and everyday use.

Key Features:

  1. Brand: STARGOLD:

    • Trust in the excellence of STARGOLD – a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. The GL-K4 is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering top-tier products.
  2. SKU: GL-K4:

    • Easily identify and order this outstanding flashlight with its unique SKU: GL-K4, ensuring a seamless and efficient shopping experience.
  3. Power Source: Battery:

    • Powered by a reliable battery, the GL-K4 eliminates the need for disposable batteries, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solution.
  4. Light Source: 3W Cree LED:

    • Illuminate your surroundings with the potent 3W Cree LED, providing a bright and clear light beam for various applications.
  5. Material: Aircraft Aluminium:

    • Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium, the GL-K4 boasts exceptional durability, making it suitable for rugged outdoor activities and challenging conditions.
  6. Range: 2000-Meters:

    • Enjoy an impressive illumination range of up to 2000 meters, ensuring visibility and clarity even in expansive outdoor spaces.
  7. Battery Description: 4000mAh 6.0V:

    • Equipped with a high-capacity 4000mAh 6.0V rechargeable battery, the GL-K4 ensures extended usage and reliability when you need it most.
  8. Batteries Included: Yes:

    • The package includes one flashlight and three 4000mAh batteries, providing you with a complete and convenient lighting solution out of the box.
  9. Batteries Required: No:

    • No need to search for compatible batteries; the GL-K4 comes with the required batteries for immediate use.
  10. Special Feature: Aircraft Aluminium Body, Waterproof:

    • The aircraft aluminium body ensures sturdiness, while the waterproof feature adds versatility, making the GL-K4 suitable for various weather conditions.
  11. Included Components: 1pcs Light, 3pcs 4000mAh Battery, 3pcs Charger:

    • Complete with one flashlight, three 4000mAh batteries, and three chargers, the GL-K4 package provides all the necessary components for a reliable and sustainable lighting solution.

Illuminate your path with confidence using the STARGOLD Aircraft Aluminium Body Rechargeable Flashlight, GL-K4. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, preparing for emergencies, or simply in need of a dependable light source, the GL-K4 is your go-to solution for superior illumination. Invest in the GL-K4 today and experience the perfect blend of durability, performance, and innovation.