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Starlife Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers for Men, SL-2071 Silver

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• SKU: SL-2071 Silver • Brand: Starlife • Color: Silver • Power source: Battery • Feature 1: Stainless steel blade • Feature 2: Taper Control Cutting Lengths • Feature 3: Four-Spacing Comb • Feature 4: Battery Indicator Light • Charging Time: 8 hours • Using Time: 45 Minutes • Voltage: 3.2V • Includes: Cleaning Brush, USB Charger • Material: ABS • Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

Starlife Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers for Men, the SL-2071 Silver

Introducing the Starlife Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers for Men, the SL-2071 Silver - your go-to solution for achieving professional-quality haircuts from the comfort of your home. Designed with precision, durability, and convenience in mind, this sleek and stylish hair clipper is a must-have for every modern man's grooming arsenal. Here's why the SL-2071 Silver stands out:

Key Features:

  • Brand You Can Trust: Starlife, a reputable name in personal grooming, presents the SL-2071 Silver Hair Clippers, a reliable choice for your grooming needs.
  • SKU: SL-2071 Silver - Ensuring authenticity and quality assurance for your grooming needs.
  • Color: Sleek silver finish adds a touch of elegance to your grooming arsenal, making these clippers a stylish addition to your bathroom or grooming kit.
  • Power Source: Battery-powered operation offers cordless convenience, allowing you to groom anywhere, anytime without being tethered to a power outlet.
  • Sleek and Sophisticated Design: This hair clipper boasts a timeless Silver finish, adding a touch of elegance to your grooming routine.
  • Exceptional Cutting Performance:
    • Stainless Steel Blade: The SL-2071 is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel blade, designed to effortlessly glide through your hair, ensuring a precise and consistent cut with each pass.
    • Taper Control Cutting Lengths: Achieve the perfect hair length with ease. The taper control feature lets you customize your haircut, giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles.
    • Four-Spacing Comb: The four-spacing comb allows you to trim your hair to various lengths, catering to your specific grooming preferences.
    • Battery Indicator Light: Stay informed about your clipper's battery status with the handy indicator light, so you're never caught off guard during a grooming session.
  • Cordless Convenience: Powered by a rechargeable battery, you can enjoy 45 minutes of continuous cordless use on a full charge. With a voltage of 3.2V, this clipper ensures consistent, reliable performance.
  • Includes: Comes complete with essential accessories, including a cleaning brush and USB charger, providing everything you need for efficient grooming.
  • Materials and Maintenance: The hair clipper's body is crafted from durable and easy-to-clean ABS material, built to withstand regular use and maintain its sleek appearance. The package includes a cleaning brush for easy maintenance and a USB charger for hassle-free recharging.
  • Warranty for Peace of Mind: The SL-2071 Silver Hair Clippers come with a 1-year warranty, providing you with the assurance that you're investing in a reliable and long-lasting grooming tool.

Elevate your grooming game with the Starlife Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers for Men, the SL-2071 Silver. Enjoy professional-quality haircuts in the comfort of your home, with precision, convenience, and style. Whether you're maintaining a buzz cut, experimenting with new looks, or simply keeping your hair in check, this clipper is your trusted partner for impeccable grooming.

Other Features:

  • Lasting Hair Clipper: This rechargeable hair clipper is integrated with high-quality cutting blades that smoothly cut hair. The ultra-high-speed motor offers 45 minutes of continuous performance.
  • Versatile Combs: This cordless hair clipper comes with 4 plastic combs which will help you create your desired hairstyle in a few minutes. Switch between the combs for customized and swift desired results.
  • Trouble-Free Maintenance: This 4-combed hair clipper is offered with a cleaning brush to help you brush off the excess hair from the comb and clipper. The charger will charge the device within 8 hours for a powerful and continuous performance.
  • Product Specifications: This 3W hair clipper operates on 240V of power. It can be recharged quickly using the included charging adaptor. It can run for continuous 45 minutes on 8 hours of charging. With 4 plastic combs and a cleaning brush, it’s easier to maintain.