Baseus Power Bank Digital LED Display Portable Charger, Fast Charging USB Type-C 3A Battery 15W 10000mAh, PPQD-B09 RED

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SPECIFICATION: ● BRAND: Baseus ● MODEL: ‎PPQD-B09 ● Wattage: 15 Watts ● Battery Capacity: 10000mAh ● Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Polymer battery is required. (included) ● Connector Type: USB Type-C ● Special Feature: Lightweight, Slim, Fast ● Wireless Charging: YES ● Digital Led Display: YES ● Useable For: Mac Book, Laptop, Mobile, EarPods, ● Includes: Charging Cable ● Over Charge: Protected ● Over Current: Protected ● Short Circuit: Protected ● What Is In Box: You Will Get A Baseus Power Bank With A USB Charging Cable.

Product Description

Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh: Charging Reinvented in Style

Introducing the Baseus Power Bank with Digital LED Display – where elegance meets efficiency. Unleash the power of fast charging, compact design, and cutting-edge features with this 10000mAh portable charger.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Baseus

    • A name synonymous with innovation and reliability in the tech world.
  • Model: PPQD-B09

    • The Baseus Power Bank with Digital LED Display – your perfect companion for on-the-go charging.
  • Wattage: 15 Watts

    • Enjoy 15W of power output for fast and efficient charging, ensuring your devices are always ready for action.
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

    • A robust lithium polymer battery with a 10000mAh capacity, providing ample power for multiple charges.
  • Connector Type: USB Type-C

    • Equipped with a USB Type-C port, this power bank ensures universal compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Special Feature: Lightweight, Slim, Fast

    • Designed with portability in mind, the slim and lightweight build makes it the ideal travel companion.
  • Wireless Charging: YES

    • Experience the convenience of wireless charging, making it easier than ever to power up your devices.
  • Digital LED Display: YES

    • Stay in control with the digital LED display, offering real-time battery status at a glance.
  • Useable For: Mac Book, Laptop, Mobile, EarPods

    • Versatile compatibility ensures you can charge various devices, from MacBooks and laptops to smartphones and EarPods.
  • Includes: Charging Cable

    • The package includes a high-quality charging cable, providing a complete charging solution out of the box.
  • Over Charge: Protected

    • Advanced protection against overcharging guarantees the safety of your devices and the power bank itself.
  • Over Current: Protected

    • Built-in over-current protection ensures a secure charging process for your valuable devices.
  • Short Circuit: Protected

    • Guarded against short circuits, providing an extra layer of safety during usage.
  • What Is In Box: Baseus Power Bank With USB Charging Cable

    • Your purchase includes the Baseus Power Bank and a USB charging cable, offering everything you need for a hassle-free charging experience.

Elevate your charging routine with the Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh. With a perfect blend of style and functionality, it's more than just a power bank – it's a statement. Choose Baseus for a charging experience that complements your lifestyle.