Baseus Power Bank Bipow Digital Display, Fast Charger, U+U+C (With USB-A To Type-C, 3A, 0.3m Cable) PD 3.0 Battery Pack 22.5W, 10000mAh, ‎PPBD040002 White

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SPECIFICATION: ● BRAND: Baseus ● MODEL: ‎PPBD040002 ● Wattage: 22.5 Watts ● Body Material: Adamant Metal ● Battery Capacity: 10000mAh ● Connector Type: USB Type “C” ● Special Feature: Digital Led Display ● Useable For: Mac Book, Laptop, Mobile, EarPods, ● Includes: Charging Cable ● Over Charge: Protected ● Over Current: Protected ● Short Circuit: Protected ● Gross Dimension: ‎‎2.79 x 24.64 x 16.51 cm ● Gross Weight: 200 Gram ● What Is In Box: You Will Get A Baseus Power Bank With A USB Type-C Charging Cable.

Product Description

Baseus Power Bank Bipow Digital Display: Charge Smart, Charge Fast

Introducing the Baseus Power Bank Bipow Digital Display, a cutting-edge charging solution designed for the modern lifestyle. This fast charger boasts advanced features, a sleek design, and a robust 10000mAh battery, ensuring you stay powered up and connected wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • BRAND: Baseus

    • A trusted name in charging technology, Baseus presents the Power Bank Bipow Digital Display – a blend of innovation and style.
  • MODEL: PPBD040002

    • The PPBD040002 model showcases Baseus's commitment to delivering high-performance charging solutions.
  • Wattage: 22.5 Watts

    • Experience rapid charging with 22.5W power delivery, ensuring your devices get a quick and efficient power boost.
  • Body Material: Adamant Metal

    • Crafted from durable adamant metal, this power bank offers both style and robustness, standing up to the demands of daily use.
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

    • With a substantial 10000mAh battery, this power bank provides ample power to keep your devices charged throughout the day.
  • Connector Type: USB Type-C

    • The USB Type-C connector ensures broad compatibility, allowing you to charge various devices, including laptops, mobiles, and EarPods.
  • Special Feature: Digital LED Display

    • The built-in digital LED display provides real-time information on the remaining battery, giving you control over your power usage.
  • Useable For: Mac Book, Laptop, Mobile, EarPods

    • Versatility in use allows you to charge a range of devices, from MacBooks and laptops to mobiles and EarPods.
  • Includes: Charging Cable

    • The package includes a USB Type-C charging cable, ensuring you have everything you need for instant use.
  • Over Charge, Over Current, Short Circuit Protection

    • Your devices are safeguarded with protection against overcharging, overcurrent, and short circuits, ensuring a secure charging experience.
  • Gross Dimension: 2.79 x 24.64 x 16.51 cm

    • A compact and sleek design makes this power bank easy to carry, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Gross Weight: 200 Gram

    • Lightweight yet powerful, this power bank is an ideal travel companion, providing a reliable power source on the go.
  • What Is In Box:

    • The package includes the Baseus Power Bank Bipow Digital Display and a USB Type-C charging cable.

Elevate your charging experience with the Baseus Power Bank Bipow Digital Display – a smart, efficient, and stylish solution for all your charging needs. Stay charged, stay connected.