How To Open A Luggage Lock: All The Different Tricks

To open a combination lock, you need to first find the empty spaces in every circle. Once you have identified them, move each number dial two spaces in a clockwise direction. This will align the opening with the lock mechanism on the inside of your lock, allowing it to open. However, if you are using a larger or older combination lock, you may need to turn the number dials more than twice.

3 Easy Methods to Open a Locked Luggage Without the Combination

Traveling can be stressful, and the last thing you need is to find yourself staring at a locked suitcase with no idea how to access its contents. Fortunately, if you've forgotten the combination to your luggage lock, there are methods to open it without causing damage. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various techniques to unlock different types of luggage locks, including listening to the lock, opening a Master Lock, and unlocking a TSA lock.

Method 1: Listening to the Lock

  1. Push the Button on the Lock to Put Pressure on It:

    • Begin by locating the button on your luggage lock.
    • Firmly press the button to put pressure on the internal locking mechanism.
  2. Spin the First Number Dial Until You Hear a Click:

    • Turn the first number dial slowly and pay close attention to any audible clicks.
    • Stop turning when you hear a distinct click, indicating the correct position.
  3. Rotate the Second 2 Dials Until They Click as Well:

    • Repeat the process for the remaining two number dials, ensuring each one clicks into place.
  4. Slide the Button on the Lock to Open It:

    • Once all three dials are in the correct position, slide the button on the lock to open it.

Method 2: Opening a Master Lock

  1. Set Your Suitcase on a Flat Surface:

    • Place your suitcase on a stable and flat surface for better control.
  2. Rotate the Numbers Until You Can See the Empty Spaces in the Circles:

    • Turn the number dials until the empty spaces in the circles align and become visible.
  3. Spin the Circles 2 Positions Clockwise:

    • Rotate all three number dials two positions clockwise to reset the lock.
  4. Slide the Button to Open the Lock:

    • After resetting, slide the button to unlock the Master Lock.
  5. Write Down the Combination So You Don’t Forget It:

    • To avoid future troubles, make a note of the new combination and keep it in a safe place.

Method 3: Unlocking a TSA Lock

  1. Shine a Light on Your Combination Lock:

    • Ensure proper visibility by shining a light directly onto the combination lock.
  2. Look for the Metal Bracket on the Side of Each Number Circle:

    • Observe the side of each number circle for a metal bracket with indents.
  3. Spin the Circle Until You See an Indent in the Metal Bracket:

    • Turn each number dial until you identify an indent in the metal bracket.
  4. Rotate Each Circle Until All of the Indents Face Upwards:

    • Align all the indents to face upwards by turning the number dials accordingly.
  5. Spin Each Circle Downwards 5 Times:

    • Complete the process by spinning each number dial downwards five times.

3 Easy Methods to Open a Locked Luggage Without the Combination



  1. Use a Flashlight for Better Visibility:

    • In low-light conditions, a flashlight can be immensely helpful to see the lock clearly.
  2. Gentle and Patient Movements:

    • Apply gentle and patient pressure when manipulating the lock components to avoid damage.
  3. Reset the Combination After Opening:

    • Once you've successfully opened the lock, consider resetting the combination to a new one for security.

FAQs for Opening a Luggage Lock

  1. I forgot the combination to my luggage lock. How can I open it?

    • If you forgot the combination, check if there's a default combination provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, follow the reset instructions provided in the lock's manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.
  2. Can I use a master key or special tool to open my luggage lock without the combination?

    • Using unauthorized tools or methods to forcibly open a luggage lock may damage the lock or the luggage. Always follow proper procedures provided by the manufacturer to avoid causing harm.
  3. My luggage lock is jammed. How can I open it?

    • If the lock is jammed, check for any visible obstructions or damage. Apply gentle pressure and try turning the dials or using the key (if applicable). If the issue persists, contact the lock's manufacturer or seek professional assistance.
  4. What should I do if the key to my luggage lock is lost or broken?

    • If the key is lost or broken, attempt to use the combination method if available. If not, contact the lock's manufacturer or consider consulting a locksmith for assistance.
  5. Is there a universal method for opening luggage locks in case of an emergency?

    • No, there isn't a universal method. The method for opening luggage locks varies among different brands and models. Always refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  6. Can I cut or break the lock to open my luggage in an emergency?

    • While it's possible to cut or break the lock in emergencies, doing so may damage your luggage and is generally not recommended. It's safer to follow proper procedures provided by the manufacturer.
  7. Can I open a TSA-approved lock if I forgot the combination?

    • TSA-approved locks have a special access point for security checks. If you forgot the combination, follow the reset instructions provided by the lock's manufacturer or contact them for assistance.
  8. Can I open my luggage lock without the combination by trial and error?

    • Trying to open the lock through trial and error may result in a lockout. Some locks have security features that trigger after multiple unsuccessful attempts. Follow the proper reset procedures to avoid this.
  9. My luggage lock is digital, and the battery is dead. How can I open it?

    • Digital locks often have a key override or an alternative power source. Check the lock's manual for instructions on accessing the battery compartment or using the key in case of a dead battery.
  10. Are there locksmiths or services that can help open a locked luggage without damaging it?

    • While some locksmiths may offer assistance, it's advisable to first contact the lock's manufacturer or customer support. They are more likely to provide accurate and safe guidance for opening the lock.
  11. Can I open a combination lock with a magnet or other tools?

    • Attempting to open a combination lock with unauthorized tools may cause damage and is not recommended. Always follow the proper procedures provided by the lock's manufacturer.
  12. Is there a time limit for attempting to open a luggage lock before it locks permanently?

    • Some locks have a timeout period between attempts. Refer to the lock's manual or contact the manufacturer for information on any time-related restrictions to avoid permanent lockout.


No one wants to be faced with a locked suitcase and a forgotten combination while traveling. By understanding these methods for opening different types of luggage locks, you can alleviate the stress associated with a potential lockout. Remember to exercise patience and caution, and if all else fails, seek professional help to avoid damaging your luggage or the lock itself. Travel with confidence, knowing that you have the knowledge to unlock the mystery of your luggage lock.