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طبق الأقمار الصناعية العالمي 8 إخراج OCTO LNBF

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رمز المنتج: SG-400 • العلامة التجارية: ستار جولد • عالمي عالي الكفاءة أوكتو LNB • تصميم عالي الكسب منخفض التأثير البصري • خطية رائعة ومقاومة للماء • متوافق في ظل ظروف درجات الحرارة القصوى • حل متوافق مع الأقمار الصناعية المتعددة واتصال بسيط • استقبال رقمي عالي الجودة • الإدخال/الإخراج: 10.7 ∼12.75 جيجاهرتز وO/P: 950-2150 ميجاهرتز • L.O: 9.75، 10.60 جيجاهرتز • N.F: 0.2، 0.3، 0.5 ديسيبل • الكسب: 70 ديسيبل

وصف المنتج

Elevate your satellite television experience with the Stargold SG-400 Universal High-Efficiency Octo LNBF. Designed to deliver uncompromising signal reception and exceptional performance, this LNBF (Low Noise Block Downconverter with Feedhorn) is the key to unlocking a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • Universal High-Efficiency Octo LNB: The SG-400 is a versatile solution, compatible with various satellite dishes and receivers, ensuring that it complements your satellite TV setup seamlessly.
  • High Gain, Low Visual Impact: With its high-gain design, the SG-400 is capable of capturing signals effectively while maintaining a discreet and unobtrusive profile, ensuring it blends effortlessly with your satellite dish.
  • Outstanding Linearity & Waterproof: Crafted with waterproofing features, this LNBF remains resilient in the face of the elements, providing reliable signal reception no matter the weather.
  • Extreme Temperature Compatibility: The SG-400 is engineered to operate reliably in extreme temperature conditions, making it suitable for use in various climates.
  • Multi-Satellite Compatible Solution: Connect to multiple satellites to access a wide range of channels and programming, expanding your viewing options significantly.
  • Simple Connection: Designed for straightforward installation, the SG-400 ensures that both seasoned and novice users can set it up with ease.
  • Extra High-Quality Digital Reception: Say goodbye to signal disruptions and enjoy superior digital reception quality across all your favorite TV channels.
  • Wide Frequency Range: With an input frequency range of 10.7 to 12.75GHz and an output frequency range of 950-2150MHz, the SG-400 is versatile enough to work with a variety of satellite signals.
  • Low Noise Figure (N.F.): Featuring a low noise figure of 0.2dB, 0.3dB, and 0.5dB, this LNBF minimizes signal distortion, resulting in clear and crisp TV reception.
  • Impressive Gain: The SG-400 offers a substantial gain of 70dB, ensuring it can effectively capture even weak satellite signals, providing you with an unparalleled viewing experience.

Upgrade your satellite TV setup with the Stargold SG-400 Universal High-Efficiency Octo LNBF. Whether you want access to multiple satellites or seek top-notch signal quality, this LNBF boasts the versatility and performance to meet your expectations. Experience uninterrupted, high-quality satellite TV viewing with Stargold.