Humax Auto Antenna search 4K Ultra High Definition Humax F1 Mini Plus Digital Satellite Receiver

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SKU: Humax F1 Mini Plus • Brand: Humax • IR Extender included • Two IR Sensors (1x built-in, 1x IR Extender) • Media Play (MP3 and JPEG) • Support Full HD Resolution (1080p) • Multi-Satellite receiver • Thinner and lighter, small in size & big in the entertainment • HUMAX AUTO Antenna search • Blind Search • HUMAX OTA • Available in English, Arabic, Persian & French Languages

Product Description

Elevate your home entertainment to new heights with the Humax F1 Mini Plus Digital Satellite Receiver. Experience 4K Ultra High Definition, versatile media playback, and a range of convenient features that put you in control of your entertainment. Whether you're watching TV, streaming media, or enjoying your own content, this receiver delivers it all. Order yours today and step into the future of entertainment! SKU: Humax F1 Mini Plus.

  • Flaunts the latest WiFi standard for faster access and more reliable streaming for various devices
  • HDMI interface considerably enhances the transfer rate
  • Powerful GPU renders faster speed while consuming low power
  • Allows you to enjoy large-scale games and movies that require frame rate at 60fps
  • Fueled by a massive storage capacity which allows you to stock without worrying
  • High definition (HD) is definitely easier on the eyes. As compared to standard definition, HD gives you more vivid detail, finer gradations, truer colors, and more precise contrasts and contours
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) gives you all the details of radio and TV programs for the next sevens days right on your screen
  • Just connect the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable to any HD source and enjoy the optimized pictures and sounds each and every time
  • Elevate your viewing experience to the next level with the Humax F1 Mini Plus. This digital satellite receiver supports 4K Ultra High Definition, delivering stunning visuals with exceptional clarity, sharpness, and vibrant colors. Dive into a world of lifelike detail and immersive entertainment.
  • Take full control of your satellite receiver with the included IR extender. Enjoy the convenience of operating your receiver from a distance. With two IR sensors (1x built-in, 1x IR extender), you have the flexibility to place your receiver wherever you like.
  • With multi-satellite receiver capabilities, you have access to a vast array of channels and programs from various satellites, expanding your viewing options and choices.
  • Say goodbye to manual antenna adjustments. The HUMAX AUTO Antenna Search feature automatically finds and optimizes your satellite signal, ensuring you receive the best possible quality without the hassle.
  • Discover new channels and programs effortlessly with the Blind Search feature. Let your receiver scan for available channels, even those not listed in your usual channel lineup.
  • Keep your receiver updated with the latest software and features using the HUMAX OTA feature. Stay connected to the latest developments in satellite technology without the need for physical updates.
  • The Humax F1 Mini Plus is available in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Persian, and French, catering to a diverse audience and making it accessible to viewers worldwide.