Humax Thailand HD Digital Satellite Receiver 4K Ultra HD-ACE Digital Satellite Receiver Arabic, Persian & French Language Supported

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• SKU: HD-ACE • Brand: Humax Thailand • Support Mpeg-4 HD And SD Channel • Support Hevc Channels • Access To All Free-to-air Channels • Multi-Satellite Receiver • Thinner And Lighter, Small In Size & Big In Entertainment • Humax Auto Antenna Search • Humax Ota • Humax Advanced Epg For 7 Days • Support Aac Audio • Digital Surround Sound By 5.1 Dolby Audio • Available In English, Arabic, Persian & French Languages

Product Description

Introducing the Humax Thailand HD-ACE Digital Satellite Receiver - Your Gateway to a World of 4K Ultra HD Entertainment, featuring support for Arabic, Persian, and French languages. Elevate your television experience with the latest in satellite technology, brought to you by the trusted brand, Humax Thailand.

  • Humax HD Receiver 4K Ultra HD | Humax HD ACE Digital Satellite Receiver

  • Experience the future of television with the Humax Thailand HD-ACE Digital Satellite Receiver, a cutting-edge product designed to redefine your viewing experience. With its sleek design and an array of powerful features, this receiver is set to elevate your entertainment journey to new heights.

  • Channel Variation: HUMAX HD ACE Multi-Satellite Receiver IR Extender included(Two IR Sensors 1x built-in, 1x IR Extender) supported MPEG2 HD, (HP@HL), H.264 (HP@L4.2).Diseqc 1.0,1.2 USALS compatible fully support 13/18v 0/22k, 0/12v, Current MAX 350 mA lnb control. Frequency Range 950 MHz to 2150 MH. Signal Level -25 ~- 69 dBm. Moreover, it is SCPC and MCPC receivable from the C/KU band satellite. Access to all free-to-air channels. 

  • Language: Multiple languages (English, French, Arabic & Persian) supported. You can set the system language or subtitle languages. Besides, user can save their favorite channels in a group. 

  • Sound and Video: Support Full HD Video Resolution 1080p,1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i. Graphics 32bpp with 256 alpha blending. You can set the screen ratio, display format, and screen resolution. Audio Mode Single/ Dual Mono/ Stereo/ Joint Stereo. Moreover, you can set the duration the channel information bar is displayed whenever you change the channel and you can set the subtitle font. 

  • Channel Editing and Sorting: Various channel editing function (favorite, moving, lock/unlock, renaming, deleting, and sorting) are available. Channel list can be sorted by alphabetic a-z, scramble, favorite, lock, SAT 

  • Ease to use System: This receiver menu can be managed easily and software can be upgrades through USB port. Also automatic save option available for the last channel. Moreover, 8 timer reservation automatically switch to a specific channel

  • Unrivaled Clarity with 4K Ultra HD: Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals. The Humax Thailand HD-ACE supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring that every detail comes to life on your screen. Enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports in breathtaking clarity and vibrancy.

  • Mpeg-4 HD and SD Channel Support: Whether it's high-definition or standard-definition channels, this receiver has you covered. Enjoy your favorite programs in the best quality possible, with support for both Mpeg-4 HD and SD channels.

  • HEVC Channel Support: Stay ahead of the curve with High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) support. This cutting-edge technology ensures efficient video compression, delivering superior picture quality while conserving bandwidth.

  • Free-to-Air Access: Gain access to a world of entertainment without any subscription fees. The Humax Thailand HD-ACE allows you to enjoy all your favorite free-to-air channels, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest news, shows, or sporting events.

  • Advanced Features: Humax receivers goes the extra mile to enhance your viewing experience. With features like Humax Auto Antenna Search and Humax OTA (Over-the-Air) updates, you can be sure your receiver is always up-to-date and optimized for the best performance.

Experience the next level of entertainment with the Humax Thailand HD-ACE Digital Satellite Receiver. Whether you're a fan of movies, sports, or international content, this receiver delivers stunning visuals and exceptional audio quality, while its multilingual support ensures a comfortable viewing experience for all.

Upgrade your home entertainment system with the HD-ACE and discover the world of 4K Ultra HD content, all with the ease of Humax Thailand's innovative technology. Enjoy your favorite channels and explore new ones, all with the crispness of 4K Ultra HD resolution.