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Smart TV Price in UAE - Buymode

Buy Mode is the place to go for unique deals on the world's leading 4K TV brands. After determining the screen size and pricing, you have a large selection of TVs. Buy Mode has everything from affordable TVs under AED 1999 to high-end 4K TVs priced at AED 7000 and more.

Find the best deals on Stargold, Sony, Samsung, and LG TVs with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches in the UAE. Not only do you find great bargains on televisions, but you also save a lot of money when you buy TV accessories online.

Bring joy to your streaming experience. Enjoy your favorite tv channels, watch movies and videos, and browse the internet effortlessly by choosing a smart TV from our collection.

Buymode has many options from world-class manufacturers and brands to choose from. Order online and get your products delivered to your home.

What Exactly is a 4K Ultra-UHD Smart TV?

For a long time, Full HD, or 1920x1080 pixels, was the industry standard for televisions. However, technology is constantly progressing from Full HD resolution to Ultra HD TVs. 4K UHD TVs contain four times the pixels of current HD TV screens (3840 x 2160).

A QLED screen, also known as a quantum-dot LED screen, uses an LCD or liquid crystal display and requires a backlight. On the other hand, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens have a backlight. Consider the OLED options if you're looking for a low-cost 55 or 65-inch 4K LED TV.

Buy Smart TV at the Best Price in UAE

Explore our wide range of smart tv collections to buy the one according to your setting and needs.

Choose From Varieties of Brands

Find your preferable high-end brand in one place. You can now get it at Buymode as we have variations in brands and sizes of screens according to your house.

Enjoy Crystal Crisp Images and Colors

When looking for a TV, you must look for great picture quality. Crystal-clear pictures and colors will surely make your watching experience way better. TVs from Buymode offer you a fine layer and true-to-life tones.

Get Intelligently and Quickly Optimized 4K Content

Our TVs' higher resolution enables us to display images in higher quality and larger displays. When watching movies or videos, the 4K technology can improve your experience by filling your vision with a clear image.

Control Your TV with Voice

Browse and edit text without using your hands using Google's Voice Access app for your television. Here, you need to command your voice, and you can run anything on your TV.

Stream OTT Servers and Play Games

Tired of looking at the small laptop screen for your OTT streaming? Your time won't go idle anymore because you can now watch your favorite movies and dramas on our TVs. Besides, you can also play your favorite video games on these TVs.

Get a Free Moving TV Bracket

Get a tv bracket for FREE by purchasing a smart TV from Buymode. It allows you to place your TV and enjoy the shows with all your family.

Smart TV Products You Can Consider Buying

Latest Smart TV Price List in UAE 2022

HDR Smart 4k TV 65" - Price: 2,039.00 AED

HDR Smart TV, 4k TV 43" - Price: 918.00 AED

FREE!! HDR Smart TV 32" With Free Moving Tv Bracket - Price: 499.00 AED

HDR Smart TV, 4k TV 40" - Price: 838.00 AED

HDR Smart TV 32" - Price: 430.00 AED

STARGOLD Smart TV, SMART LED TV 50" - Price: 1,485.00 AED

Why Choose Buymode?

Buy Mode allows you to own your dream TV through easy EMI payments. Each product is supported by world-class service assurance. On all of our smart TVs, we include a free extended warranty and screen protection.

Buymode is one of the most popular online sellers in the UAE. We offer quality accessories, electronics, perfumes, smart gadgets, home textiles, TV carts…and the list must go on. Here is why you choose Buymode as your online shopping partner.

One-Store Shopping Facility

Need a smart TV, TV bracket, or a sound system for your TV? You can now find everything on Buymode. We offer a variety of screen sizes, styles, and color options for your SMART TV. Buy the best one as per your choice and get it delivered to your place.

Benefit from Amazing Discounts

Smart TVs' durability and cost of materials may be fairly pricey. But what's this? The identical TV is now available for purchase at an unbelievable discount. You can obtain deals on practically any electronic product, not just TVs, here at Buymode.

Additionally, these promotional discounts are available for longer, and you can benefit from the discount all year long. We also offer Seasonal Flash sales, Buy1 Get1 deals, and free home delivery.

Order From Inside & Outside of the UAE

Have trouble finding the perfect TV for your home? We got your back with Buymode. You may get your preferred smart TV even when you are not from the UAE. Regardless of where you order your selected item, it will arrive at your door in 2 to 3 business days.

Easy Replacement and Refund Policy

Buymode provides consumers with the highest quality goods, and we make sure you receive the goods flawlessly. While other online stores may or may not replace or refund it in such circumstances, Buymode provides you with this option.

Great Customer Service Team         

Have any issues placing your order? Or do you want to see any changes? You may always call our customer support helpline for assistance and solutions. They are also receptive to ideas that could improve their website daily. Email us at any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your desired TV from Buymode and enjoy amazing deals.


What Exactly Does a Smart TV Do?   

A standard TV set with built-in Internet and interactive Web 2.0 capabilities is a smart TV. You can now view pictures, browse the internet, and stream films and music. You won't need phones or computers for these anymore.

What is the Price of a Smart TV in the UAE?       

Here at Buymode, the price of a smart TV may vary from 500 AED to 2100 AED as per size and configuration. You can also buy them at a discounted price from us several times. You will find the products with an official warranty, including a fair refund policy.

What is the Difference Between a TV and a Smart TV?

A smart TV is capable of much more than just playing music and streaming content on demand. It includes keeping up with your favorite sports, and social media, or using your favorite applications. In contrast, using a standard TV won't allow you to accomplish these things, and it won't be able to connect to the internet since it lacks that processing power.

How to Connect iPhone to Smart TV?

You can show anything that displays on your iPhone on Apple TV or a smart TV. Select an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV or your Apple TV as the playback destination after opening Control Center on your iPhone. Enter the passcode on your iPhone if an AirPlay passcode is displayed on the TV screen.

How to Connect a Laptop to Smart TV?

  • Confirm that the TV and laptop are both Wi-Fi connected.
  • Go to Settings > System > Display on your laptop.
  • Click Connect to a wireless display under the Multiple displays header. 
  • Click on your TV when it appears in the list to connect your laptop.

How to Connect Mobile to Smart TV?

  • Click on All Settings under Settings.
    • Select External Device Manager under Connections.
    • Press the Device Connect Manager button.
  • Drag the top bar of the screen down on your mobile phone, then choose Smart View.
  • Choose the TV that will be connected to it.