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Buy Extension Cord Online in UAE

To ensure that all of your devices can be connected to and charged in the UAE, you will require extension cords and adaptors while setting up your home and business.

Extension cords exist in a variety of designs, including 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, and 6-way. In some countries, they are also referred to as Universal Power Extension Sockets. Simply put, this refers to the number of connectors on the extension cord into which you can insert cables and chargers. The electrical cord for these Universal Extension connectors is available in lengths ranging from 3 to 5 meters.

You must look to buy at least 5 to 6 units of the 5-way extension cord and 3–4 adaptors for a new office. 5 units of 3 or 4-way extension cords should be sufficient for households, depending on the size of the family and the number of rooms. Calculating the number of devices and rooms that require power connections is a quick and easy planning process.

If you don't think you need a power extension, you can purchase an adaptor that you can plug directly into the building's main socket. These adaptors can handle three wires for charging three different gadgets. Purchasing high-quality electrical products is important because the market is filled with various items that do not comply with UAE electrical standards and provide a risk of fire. Choose a high-quality brand like "STARGOLD," which is well-known for its extended universal sockets that exceed UAE standards.

Find the right extension cord for your equipment, devices, and appliances to direct the power where it is needed. With our huge collection of extension cords, you can easily find your desired product from our list at a reasonable price, irrespective of location.

Besides, investing in a high-quality extension cord will make your household and office chores much simpler and more convenient.

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Buy High-quality Extension Cords in UAE from Buymode

Buymode comes with a great deal and special discounts on every kind of power socket extension. So along with enjoying the power, your pocket also gets saved up.

Top-rated and durable products are available right at your service.

Bigger Expansion

The greater the expansion, the more you can power up electronic devices simultaneously. So, to enjoy the benefits, do the required purchase based on your need.

High Safety

In addition to offering surge protection for your devices, each of our products comes with several other safety features, including overload protection, fire-resistant housing, safety shutters, and many more.

Long Wire

No more facing the hassle of short wire. Instead, with our 3m/5m long wire products, you can use it quite conveniently. Besides, each cable has the power to sustain up to 3250W 13A 250V AC electric current.

Latest Extension Cord Price List in UAE 2022

Power Extension Cord with 4 Outlets, 3 Meter Power Strip with Surge Protection - Price: 38.00 AED

Three Way Universal Multi Power Adapters, Travel plug, Pack of 3 - Price: 32.00 AED

Power Extension Cord with 4 Outlets, 5 Meter Power Strip with Surge Protection - Price: 61.00 AED

Power Extension Cord with 4 Outlets, 3 Meter Power Strip with Surge Protection - Price: 55.00 AED

Power Extension Cord, 5 Meter Power Strip with Surge Protection - Price: 45.00 AED

High power extension cord, Surge Protector, Power Strip, Flat Plug Safety Covers - Price: 56.00 AED

Power Extension Cord, Smart Plug Power Strip, Travel Plug - Price: 48.00 AED

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Check out the below most commonly asked questions in case you have anything to clarify about:

Is it Safe to Connect Multiple Extension Cords?

In short, the answer is a big No.

Never make the mistake of connecting two extension cords. Combining these cords can result in too much electricity because as the number of cords is increased, the electrical resistance decreases.

As a result, your circuit breaker can trip due to an electrical overload. So, multiple extension cords can potentially cause tripping and present a fall risk.

What is the Difference Between a Power Cord and an Extension Cord?

A power strip's intended function is primarily what sets it apart from an extension cord. To add extra outlets from a single source, a power cord is used.

In contrast, for connecting equipment placed at a distance from the outlets, an extension cord is needed.

What Do the Different Extension Cord Colors Indicate?

If you have noticed closely, you will see extension cords come in varied colors. Here, each color serves a different purpose.

Such as, the white wire serves as the neutral wire, the black wire as the hot wire, and the green wire as the ground wire. Usually, the light-duty interior extension cords often don't include a ground wire, but if one exists, make sure to connect it.

Is a Three-Prong Extension Cord Necessary?

Yes, you do. A three-prong plug must be present on every metal-encased small and large device you own. If a loose wire inside of an unground metal case hits the metal case, the metal case will heat up along with the loose wire.

Why Can't You Plug an Extension Cord Into Another?

The resistance of the extension cable effectively rises after two identical extension leads are linked in series, one after the other. This causes the cord to heat up more and may harm the insulation, which can start fires and cause electric shocks.

Do Extension Cords Use More Electricity?

The amount of power required to run the extension cord to the appliance increases with its length. More electricity is used when an appliance is plugged in using an extension cord instead of directly into the wall. This increase is insignificant for little items but will grow over time for larger items.