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Online Electronics Store for Shopping in UAE

Electronics make life easier. In reality, technology has become a need for our way of life. So are you looking for a trusted online shop in UAE to buy high-quality electronics products? Then you are in the right place.

Buy Mode remains the leading electronics store in the UAE, offering the greatest shopping environment in Electronics and IT supplies online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and throughout the UAE. Our long experience in selecting the greatest brands from the world's leading Office and tech gadgets providers has earned us a special place in our clients' hearts.

Our online store is the finest option for modern office spaces and tech-savvy UAE residents. We have a chain of the most trustworthy collaborations with firms and individuals in delivering genuine products in Dubai, the hub of all modern development.

Buymode offers you a wide variety of products with a fast delivery service that would lessen your hassle and save time. So if you are looking for some quality electronic products, count us in!

Upgrade Your Life With The Most Up-To-Date Electronic Products

A house would be incomplete without electronics that allow you to carry out daily tasks and needs, and electronics were invented in the first place to assist humans in their daily tasks and lives. Your online shopping site Buy Mode in UAE, ensures that all the latest electronics from all global brands are available in various designs and budgets.

Therefore, begin your digital journey with us and make it special.

Computer & AccessoriesPurchase high-end processors, graphic cards, keyboards, mouse, and monitors, among other computer accessories.

Smart TelevisionsExperience Netflix, Prime, and all of your favourite shows live within the incredible QLED screens.

Networking & Security Products: CCTV cameras and related accessories can help you increase your security.

Deals Today: Continue to visit our store so that you can always buy it first. Every week, we feature amazing offers.

Your One-Stop Electronics Store for Online Shopping in UAE

Our electronic things will enthrall technophiles of all ages, whether you use them to enrich your house, improve your health, or simply have fun.

We have different categorized products:

Consumer Products—Improve Your Standard of Living

The goal of exceptional consumer goods is to improve our lives. No matter what you're buying, whether it's a coffee maker, printer, or thermostat, you search for a design that is attractive and easy to use. We got your back here!

You would adore our eye-catching electronic consumer products that would satisfy your everyday needs in a very feasible way.

Kitchen & Dining—Better Dinner Experience

When kitchen equipment becomes intelligent, tedious cooking rituals become a part of the past! After a hard day at work, the last thing we want to do is spend an hour preparing dinner, creating new dishes that are worthy of being pinnable.

Our smart kitchen gadgets can help in this situation. To make your daily life easier, we have introduced some appliances that would lessen the hassle! You can check our kitchen appliances that can help your cooking process easier.

Lighting Devices— Brighten Up Your Ambiance

One of the most crucial components in interior design is light, which we often overlook. More than any piece of furniture or decoration, light can create an ambiance by recreating particular experiences.

We have lighting devices that may help you to find the right lights for specific places according to your needs and can assist you in lowering the cost of your lighting systems while also enhancing the quality of the light.

Home appliances— All the things your home need

Electrical appliances are common in our homes because they save us time on routine activities, which is their main benefit. You may spend more time on your job, hobbies, or family when you don't have to wash the dishes or your clothing by hand.

That is why home appliances are the items we spend money on to equip our house so we can feel at home. We retain durable and stylish household appliances for your home improvement.

Online Electronics Store for Shopping in UAE

Electronics Sub-Categories You Can Consider to Buy

Latest Electronic Products Price List in UAE 2022

STARGOLD 60000mAh Battery-Powered Desk Fan with LED Light, SG-4039 - Price: 71.00AED

STARGOLD 60000mAh Battery-Powered Desk Fan with LED Light, SG-4039 - Price: 71.00AED

HDR Smart 4k TV 65" - Price: 2,039.00AED

HDR Smart TV, 4k TV 43" - Price: 918.00 AED

Stargold Rechargeable Pedestal Fan-16 inch - Price: 179.00 AED

Stargold Rechargeable Oscillating Water Mist Fan 16 inches Instant Cooling Fan, Heavy Duty Cool Mist - Price: 300.00 AED

Heavy Duty Tilting Wall Mount TV Bracket Adjustable For 23”-63” Inch LED LCD Plasma Screen - Price: 49.00 AED

Duel Arms Heavy Duty Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Most for 32-70 Inches LED LCD and Curved Monitors - Price: 183.00 AED

Heavy Duty Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Most 32”-70” Inch For LCD LED CURVED Screen TV Black - Price: 115.00 AED

STARLIFE 1200W Heavy Weight Dry Iron, Golden Ceramic Soleplate - Price: 60.00 AED

Heavy Weight Dry Iron 1000W With Non-Stick Coated Sole Plate, Variable Temperature Control, Indicator Lights, Overheat Protected White - Price: 77.00 AED

Floating DVD Wall Mount Shelf Bracket with Tempered Glass for Receiver, DVD Players, Cable Box, Games Consoles, Projector, TV Accessories - Price: 30.00 AED

Adjustable Height TV Ceiling Mount Bracket Swiveling Tilting for 32-75Inch LED, LCD and flats panels - Price: 95.00 AED

Tilting TV Wall Mount, Heavy Duty TV Bracket Adjustable for 17-47Inch LED LCD PLASMA & Flat Screen - Price: 41.00 AED

Floating Wall Mount Shelf Bracket with Tempered Glass for Receiver, DVD Players, Cable Box, Games Consoles, Projector, TV Accessories - Price: 29.00 AED

Heavy duty Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 55-90 Inch Flat Screen TV with Tilting, LED, LCD, PLASMA, OLED, CURVED - Price: 75.00 AED

Lightweight, Penetrates Hair Deeply, Faster Drying Time PROFESSIONAL HAIR DRYER - Price: 75.00 AED


Stubble Rechargeable Beard Trimmer for Men's Grooming Kit, Beard Face, Hair, Body Hair Trimmer - Price: 52.00 AED

Rechargeable Men's Grooming and Hair Clipper, Combs for Heads, Beard, & All Body - Price: 65.00 AED

Electric Massage Pillow with Heat, Full-Body Relaxation Targets Upper and Lower Back, Neck, and Shoulders, Integrated Controls Pillow - Price: 55.00 AED

Portable Night Light Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Office Privacy, Sleep Therapy- Buy One Get One - Price: 81.00 AED

Power Extension Cord with 4 Outlets, 3 Meter Power Strip with Surge Protection, Heavy Duty Universal Extension White 3m - Price: 38.00 AED

What Makes Us Unique:

We serve all of our customer's needs in one place, providing various goods. The manufacturing of these goods is of the highest caliber. Every product is created by us entirely from scratch after thorough investigation.

Hassle-Free Delivery Service

We have a promising delivery service with top-notch goods in excellent shape and condition. We will provide the best services and products available on the market as quickly as possible.

We accomplish this by collaborating with reputable shippers who will deliver your items to your door. Compromising with the product quality and service has never been an option.

Low-End Delivery Fee

Our delivery service doesn't really require many inconveniences. Delivery fees vary by country of use; a flat rate of AED 15 will be paid for shipping in Dubai. For "Cash on Delivery," a minimum fee of AED 15 will be applied as cash handling fees.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Depending on the product, our warranties can last anywhere from six months to two years. Each product's description will include information about its warranty which is pretty helpful in understanding the policy. You can also extend the warranty if you want. Rest assured, you won't be provided with fake or damaged products.

Flexible Return Policy:

Our high priority is to provide the best quality product in your hands safely. So, if the product gets damaged or you are provided with the wrong product, it will be changed within 2-3 business days.

For shipping, there will be a minimum payment of AED 15. For "Cash on Delivery," a minimum fee of AED 15 will be applied as cash handling fees.

Easy Payment Method:

Our payment process is pretty easy and solvent. We charge fees in UAE dirhams (AED). The currency user country is based on other countries.

We also accept card payments to reduce your trouble in payment if you are short on cash or have other inconveniences. However, please speak with your card issuing bank to learn more about any additional costs they may impose on you before placing your order with us.

In today's world, the E-commerce business is a great competition. We are happy to declare that we are nailing it in UAE, and our customers have continued to place their faith in us throughout the years because of the exceptional customer satisfaction they obtain from our premium quality products.

While you get puzzled about buying anything online, we are here with all your daily necessities in one place, providing the best quality products with the best service you would ever seek!



What is the Shipping Charge for Electronic Products?

Electronic products need to be handled carefully. So, the shipping charge depends on the location and product you buy.

Do You Provide Electronic Products Outside UAE?

Yes, we deliver products outside UAE. Our service ensures you the safest delivery anywhere you want.

How Do You Charge the Vat?

5% VAT and 5% (UAE) duty fee are applicable. And that applies to all orders.

Is There Tax Applicable?

The tax is applicable depending on the user's country.

Can Electronic Items be Sent Through a Courier?

Prepare the necessary equipment and follow these easy steps to package electronic items for courier delivery: Place the original packaging for your electronic gadget inside it. Place the cover on the box and use tape to seal it. Put bubble wrap around the package to add an additional level of security.

What Might be Some Components of an Electronic System?

It is made up of a variety of parts, including diodes, resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors, and resistors. The components are linked together using conductive cables or traces. A circuit can only be said to be finished if it forms a loop and begins and finishes at the same location.