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What if you get electric shocks from the cables installed at your house? It seems so dangerous!! Electric waves can even take away your life.

Again, imagine installing some good quality cables at your home and spending a long time safely. Well, now this feels great. Life is safe and sound!!

But are you confused about what cables you should buy and from where? Don't worry; in the following discussion, you will learn about it in detail.

Buy Best Cables in UAE from Buymode

You must use good quality cables for your house to avoid any accident caused by electricity. But before that, you must know where you can find a good quality cable according to your electrical connections.

Here, in Buymode, you will find all kinds of cable with excellent durability. Not only that, but you will also get amazing deals on those wires that you may not find while shopping from the shop directly.

We Offer Different Types of Cables You Need

Coaxial Cable

A coaxial cable is designed with a metal shield and other signal-blocking components. Cable TV providers generally employ it to link their dish station installations to client residences and business locations.

It is well protected against humidity, so you can easily cut or peel it. You can use this kind of wire for home, school, or churches. These are low voltage wires, so you will get less loss while installing the stereo.

Audio Cable

You have to use an audio cable to transfer audible signals. It can be audio or voice notes. You must use an audio cable to transmit a sound message without extra noise or meddling.

Audio cables can join an audio source, such as a stereo or microphone, to an audio output, such as speakers.

Cat 5 Cable

You will find Cat 5 suitable for computer networks. It is a twisted pair cable. The cable standard is appropriate for most types of Ethernet over twisted pairs and offers a performance of up to 100 MHz.

Cat 6 Cable

You do not use cables for electric supply only. You also use it to supply data. Computer networks with a data transfer rate of 1 Gbps, 1000 Mbps, or more often employ Cat 6 cable.

You will find high performance from these cables. To provide excellent data transmission and very little return loss, they are built using incredibly well-aligned materials.

VGA Cable

You will receive high-speed connectivity from this cable while functioning. It is made with high-quality material that saves this cable from high temperature and erosion.

The HD-15 VGA input of conventional monitors may now be used to connect HDMI output from DVD or other video devices. Also, its high bandwidth supports a wide variety of PC and HDTV resolutions.

AC Cable

AC cables are a dependable option for you in both residential areas and industrial machinery. For packaging and other machinery manufacture, you can surely use these cables.

They are nicely equipped with modern hardware that ensures maximum durability. You will get protection against short circuits and voltage fluctuation. It is going to provide a steady, fluent, distortion-free output of power.

Cables sub-categories you can consider to buy

Latest Cables Price list in UAE 2022

1.5M Audio/Video Cable Gold Plated 3 BY 3 for TV, VCR, DVD, Satellite, and Home Theater Receivers - Price: 17.00 AED

AUDIO CABLE 1 BY 3 for TV, VCR, DVD, Satellite, and Home Theater Receivers - Price: 17.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable, Electric Wire - Price: 22.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable, Electric Wire - Price: 27.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable, Electric Wire - Price: 30.00 AED

RG6- Coaxial Cable, Electric Wire - Price: 37.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable, Electric Cable - Price: 44.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable - Price: 53.00 AED

RG59 - 2 POWER CABLE, Electrical Wire - Price: 102.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable (300M) - Price: 216.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 40 Meters - Price: 52.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 30 Meters - Price: 41.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 20 Meters - Price: 32.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 15 Meters - Price: 27.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 10 Meters - Price: 25.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 5 Meters - Price: 19.00 AED

Cat-6 Ethernet And Networking Cord Patch Internet Cable, 3 Meters - Price: 18.00 AED

RG6 - Coaxial Cable, Electrical Wire - Price: 162.00 AED

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Buymode is one of the biggest online retailers in the UAE right now. It has grown its company and offered its service to more than 105 nations for more than 27 years.

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You could have purchased many cables from nearby stores. However, finding all reputable brands in a single store is not easy.

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Finding all the needed cables at one store would be a dream. Well. It is here in real now.

You can be sure to find all of that on Buymode. So many different options available here that it's difficult to resist ordering all those together online.

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Not only audio cables, but practically all types of cables are also available at reduced costs. You can obtain the same cable for half the amount in the UAE.

The best thing is that these deals are available for longer. The discounts will be available for you all year long. Plus, seasonal flash sales are more beneficial since they provide larger discounts, a Buy1Get1 deal, and free shipping.

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Customer happiness is never compromised by Buymode. You will have your purchased goods on your doorstep in 2 to 3 working days, regardless of where you purchase them. In some exceptions, the delivery can get delayed, but you'll be notified beforehand.

Easy Replacement Policy

Buymode provides the simplest replacement option if the delivery service encounters problems or the goods behave strangely. Even in cases when the product is harmed, they offer returns.

Hassle-Free Online Payment

You may also make payments online with Buymode. Use VISA, PayPal, or American Express to pay for your cables and receive your packages without any problem.

Customer Satisfaction Hotline at Your Service

The customer satisfaction team is available for you 7 days a week. On Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Fridays, and 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays, you may reach them at +971528305643.

Additionally, you may email them at Your questions or recommendations will be answered as soon as they can.

So why do you still wait? Seize the chance to get a strong cable of the same quality but at a reduced price right away.


Do you have a warranty on your product?

Our items' warranties range from six months to two years, according to the item. The overview of each product will include information about its warranty.

How long do you take for a refund or replacement?

The refund requires 3 working days, and the replacement requires 7 working days.