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Rechargeable Fan Price In UAE - Buymode

Feel refreshing and soothing anywhere you need to with our high-quality rechargeable fan. A perfect item to carry and take wherever with complete ease. 

Fast charging, robust construction, powerful battery capacity, and two-speed operation–Buymode has a wide range of rechargeable fans to select from. And what’s more exciting about a deal is you get to enjoy all these benefits without having to cross your budget. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the collection list to add the desired item to the cart. You will have your item delivered safely to your house on due time.

Why Should You Buy Rechargeable Fan From Buymode?

Scared of the high price margin of the rechargeable fan? Well, you don't have to stress out much. as buymode is here with its super affordable price to make your shopping super interesting.

So, what is the price of a rechargeable fan in the UAE?

Here, at Buymode, you will get the product starting from 99 AED to 380 AED.

That’s not all! Shopping at Buymode also comes with a lot of perks. From offering special discounts, free home delivery, Buy1Get1 offer, promotional sales, fast delivery both inside and outside the UAE, easy refund and replacement, and 24/7 customer support, the list just keeps on going. 

Some of the key features of our rechargeable fan include the following:

2 in-1 Fan 

Coming with a strong clamp, this rechargeable fan allows you to attach them to any place you want to. From the edge of a desk to the frame of your treadmill or maybe even a nightstand—this fan can indeed do wonders in making the room temperature super comfortable and cooler. 

No more feeling overheated while doing any task when you have this handy item. 

Fast Charging 

Charging couldn’t get any easier with this rechargeable fan. Super fast and takes only about 5-6 hours to get fully charged. Now, for the best trait, it comes with dual charging sports of the USB fab, including a micro type-c port and micro USB port. 

Meaning, you can charge the device using numerous devices as the USB charging port is fully compatible with things like laptops, cell phones, adaptors, mobile power, USB charger, etc.

Powerful Battery Capacity 

Enjoy your fan for a long time without having to charge it often. All credit goes to its powerful and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Plus, the fan has its own charging cables

Whether you are at your house, office, or outdoors, this fan lets you enjoy the cool breeze all day long without any fuss or hassles. 

100% Whisper Comfort 

Many fans make noises, disrupting your conversations or studies. However, with this fan, you can rest assured as there is no scope for any disturbance. Instead, you can listen to your favorite track, or show or conduct any other work with total silence and comfort.

Multiple Settings 

With this top-rated rechargeable fan, you can easily adjust the settings to find the perfect comfort level you need to relax to the fullest. 

Direct the airflow in any area as per your wish.

Adjustable Head and Hook Design 

This portable fan supports rotation adjustment, letting you get airflow from varied angles. From cars to tents, walls, or simply on your home/office table– you can hang or place them anywhere you want to. Thanks to the integrated foldable hooks that have made it possible.

Easy to Use and Clean 

Comes with simple dial control to ensure a smooth operation right on the go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. Instead, all you need is a dry cloth to give it a swift cleaning without stressing much. Just open the frame, and you will be all set to begin your cleaning. 

Built to Last

Each of our products is constructed with premium quality and sturdy materials. So you can enjoy the same experience and service for a long time. 

Portable and Lightweight 

One of the leading traits of this rechargeable fan is they are extremely lighter in weight, ultimately making it super convenient to carry anywhere you go. Besides, if you have a small space, it is indeed a perfect item to do some space saving. 


Constructed with a narrow fence, they are 100% safe to use in your infant and toddler's room. As a result, you can show a sign of relief while purchasing this product.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Rechargeable Fan

Find some factors when purchasing a new rechargeable fan below:

Operation and Charging Times

These two factors are perhaps the most crucial ones to consider when purchasing a rechargeable fan. You can speak with a customer service representative of the store you are purchasing from if you are unable to see this information for yourself on the package or manual.

Battery Recharge Cycle

How many times the built-in battery in the fan may be discharged and recharged before the battery weakens is shown by the battery recharge cycle.

Battery Type and Battery Capacity

The type of battery is a key factor. This will allow you to decide whether the battery can be changed after it dies.

Your model might not be repairable if it came with a proprietary battery. This indicates that after the battery dies, the fan's standby functionality will be gone.

The models that have a generic battery (a normal battery) that is easily accessible at nearby stores are the best ones. You can find a replacement battery if you do this.


Before making a hurried purchase, it is advisable that you set a spending limit and conduct a thorough search for rechargeable fans that fall inside it. Check out some of the top rechargeable fans that money can buy in this earlier-posted guide.

Dimensions of the Room's Size

The size and dimensions of the room in which the rechargeable fan will be used are other important factors to think about before making a purchase.

As there are primarily two types of rechargeable fans: standing and ceiling rechargeable fans, this helps in your decision on the type of fan to buy and where it should be placed in the room.

The Reputation of a Brand

Another factor when purchasing a high-quality rechargeable fan is the brand name and reputation of the manufacturer.

Companies like Stargold, Uka, QASA, Lontor, OX, Universal, Generic, Sonitec, etc, lead the industry for rechargeable fans in the country. A few of the Best Rechargeable Fans are listed here.

Other important elements are the fan's size, design, and charging method (electricity or Solar).

Different Types of Charging Fan Price in UAE

Let's break down the price range for rechargeable fans in the UAE, focusing on portable, small, and mini fan categories:

Portable Fan

Portable rechargeable fans are typically priced between AED 100 and AED 300. Their versatility and mobility justify the slightly higher cost.

Small Fan

Small rechargeable fans cater to those with limited space. Prices for small fans usually range from AED 50 to AED 150, offering budget-friendly comfort.

Mini Fan

Mini rechargeable fans are the most affordable, with prices as low as AED 30 and rarely exceeding AED 100. These pocket-sized cooling companions won't break the bank.

Why Choose a Charging Fan?

Discover the advantages that make rechargeable fans a must-have accessory for anyone in the UAE:

  • Portability: These fans are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them perfect for use at home, in the office, or while on the go.

  • Energy Efficiency: Enjoy hours of cooling without worrying about high electricity bills. Rechargeable fans are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

  • Customizable Cooling: With adjustable settings, you can control the fan's speed and direction to suit your preferences.

  • Backup Power Source: When the power goes out, rechargeable fans can be a lifesaver, ensuring you stay cool even without AC.

Rechargeable Fan

FAQs: Rechargeable Fan in UAE

We have received a lot of questions regarding the rechargeable fan from people of all spheres. That's why to ease the situation, and we have kept a particular FAQ section to answer the most commonly asked question. After all, it is not possible to answer all of them individually. 

Without future ado, let’s have a look at the below questions:

Are Rechargeable Fans Worth It?

Of course. Though the price may seem a bit high, they are indeed a perfect device to use on a daily basis. And not to mention, they last for a long time, eventually making it a great investment in the long run.

How Long Do Rechargeable Fans Run?

Depending on the fan’s speed and when fully charged, a rechargeable fan can keep you cool anywhere, ranging from 2 to 8 hours. However, there is no particular estimation; instead, it all depends on the model of your fan. 

What Should I Look for in a Rechargeable Fan?

There are 3 essential things that you must look up in a rechargeable fan. They are as follows: battery life, which kind of fan matches with your personal demands, and portability (whether you can carry it easily or not).

How Much Does a Rechargeable Fan Cost?

Buymode comes with a huge collection of rechargeable fans, with prices running from 99 AED to 380 AED. Therefore, based on your budget, go for the one that ideally matches your requirements. Plus, with shopping from buymode, you can enjoy a great deal of discounts and ongoing offers on various products throughout the year.