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Gas Stove Price in UAE - Buymode

Make your cooking simpler and faster with our gas stove. So, whether you are looking for a low gas consumption 2 burner gas stove or an automatic ignition stainless steel stove–Buymode has a huge collection of gas stoves to pick from.

Great cooking experience, better temperature control, easy installation and cleaning, less wastage, auto ignition system, and the list must go on. And what's more interesting is you get to experience all these benefits on a budget.

So browse our collections and add the item to the cart. You will have your desired product delivered safely to your doorstep in due time.

Buy Gas Stoves at the Best Price in UAE

Afraid of the high price margin of gas stoves? You don’t have to be anymore. Now you can buy a gas stove at an affordable price from Buymode.

So what is the price of a gas stove in the UAE?

Well, here at Buymode, the price of a gas stove ranges from AED 98 to AED 270.

Again, there is more to the list. You can enjoy special discounts, including free home delivery, Buy1 Get1 offer, promotional sales, fast delivery (both inside and outside UAE), easy return and replacement, and 24/7 customer support, the list just goes on.

Some of the key features of our gas stove include the following:

Great Cooking Experience

Want to try new dishes now and then? Use our highly efficient, powerful, and low heat emission stoves for cooking every meal with total class.

Deep fry, steam, stew, or bake, you can simply cook anything with our top-notch gas stoves. All credit goes to its energy burners that have made cooking much more convenient than ever.

Elegant Finish

Redefine your kitchen with our super stylish and elegant finish gas stoves. Upgrade your kitchen outlook the moment you place this stove.

Apart from the look, the stove has a tempered glass body that provides durability and safety. It always gives a sparkling glow and the same experiences for several years.

Better Temperture Control

Get trouble-free flame control. Simply turn the dial, and the flame will get bigger or smaller immediately.

The stoves consist of an easy to operate adjustable knobs using which you can regulate the heat as per your requirement. Besides functioning smoothly, each is designed to go with the gas top. So no more hassle in changing the flame or getting your food burnt.

Easy to Install

You can simply install these gas stoves. Comes with a built-in gas hob that saves space. So you don’t have to worry about extra space to place these gas stoves. Hence, whether you live in a small apartment or student dorm, these stoves are the exact ones to meet your needs.

Faster Cooking Time

Cook your favorite meal at a rapid pace using our top-rated gas stove. Each of the products offers an even heat distribution. So you can cook any food quickly and precisely.

All credit goes to its central flame position, which heats the pans evenly and smoothly. So you will get it done at a fast rate. Perfect for all family sizes.

Safe and Less Wastage

Our gas stoves are totally safe to use. The flame gets extinguished immediately, ensuring less wastage of heat. Plus, they even emit less heat than any other cooking device, keeping the temperature of your kitchen unaffected.

Suitable for All!

Cook with every pan available in your cookware collection. You can use any kind of pot and pan. 

Auto Ignition System

No more using matches or burning fingers, as you can easily use the auto-ignition system. To make things smoother for you, our gas stove also comes with an auto-ignition system. You can begin or stop your cooking with a simple click on the button.

Effortless Cleaning

Keep your kitchen always clean and tidy. As they are made of 100% durable stainless steel, you can effortlessly clean the gas stove without spending hours.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Gas Stove in UAE

when choosing the right gas stove. You must take certain factors into consideration. Here is a complete list of them. This might serve as a buying guide for you before you make a purchase. Additionally, it will ease your task of looking for the best gas stove in the UAE.

Number of Burners

When looking for the best gas stove in the UAE, this is one of the most vital factors to take into consideration. Your family size and the quantity of food you cook will determine how many burners you need. Therefore, if you prepare at least 4 dishes each day. A 4-burner gas stove is required in that case.

Type of Ignition

There are two different kinds of ignition. The first is the manual ignition, and the second is the automatic ignition mode. if you're utilizing the manual ignition. The gas stove must then be ignited using a gas lighter or a lit matchstick. On the other hand, the auto-ignition options have a built-in igniting option.


Some metallic gas stoves are built of stainless steel, aluminum, or brass as far as material is concerned. Modern gas stoves, on the other hand, have shatter-proof tops and heat-control knobs that are ergonomically constructed. Additionally, they include powder-coated sheet metal bases, strong pan support features, and brass burners with exceptional efficiency. Stainless steel dip trays and spill-proof designs are further features.


The majority of previous gas tops had a simple look because they only had burners. However, today's gas stoves offer the best characteristics in terms of design. The attractive glass finish and durable glass countertop complement the design of your modular kitchen. You also get to view more beautiful designs, like classy black ones. These improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Gas Saving

The burners should provide an even flame because it is the most effective. Always keep in mind that burners with weaker flames use more gas. Therefore, make sure the burners emit a strong, blue-colored flame.

Gas Inlet Connection

It is usually preferable to get a gas stove that is suitable for your kitchen. as opposed to altering your kitchen platform. So, before you buy a gas stove, double-check where the gas inlet is located in your kitchen. Modifications to your kitchen's structure will be necessary if not.


Have confusion regarding the gas stove? We have listed down some of the most commonly asked questions below:

Which is Better, 3 Burner or 4 Burner Gas Stove?

A 3-burner gas stove is perfect for a small to medium-sized family. On the other hand, if you have a medium to large-sized family, a 4-burner gas stove is preferable. 4 burners allow you to cook more meals in one go, saving you plenty of time.

Is Gas Cooking Cheaper Than Electric?

Of course. Compared to electric one, gas cooking is a much cheaper option to go for. Plus, they are highly efficient, and the overall expense of running a gas stove is much cheaper in the long run.

How Much Do Gas Stoves Cost?

Buymode comes with a wide collection of gas stoves. The price ranges from AED 98 to AED 270. Hence, depending on your budget, buy the one that meets your requirement. Besides, you can enjoy numerous deals and promotions throughout the year.