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Stargold 1000W Automatic Dry Electric Iron Teflon Plated Sole Plate, SL-771

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Brand: Stargold SKU: SL-771 Capacity: 200 ml Feature 1: Corded Feature 2: Auto Shut Off Feature 3: Personal Installation: Handheld Wattage: 1000W Power: Ac 220-240V Special Features: Non-Stick Base Plate Type: Teflon Iron Type: Dry Iron

Product Description

Stargold 1000W Automatic Dry Electric Iron - SL-771

Stargold 1000W Automatic Dry Electric Iron, model SL-771, is considered one of the best automatic dry electric iron in UAE. Its advanced features and powerful performance guarantee a smooth and efficient ironing experience, and will radically improve your ironing process. A Teflon-plated soleplate and advanced features make ironing easy, precise, and efficient with this high-performance iron. Here are a few highlights from this product.

 Stargold 1000W Automatic Dry Electric Iron Teflon Plated Sole Plate, SL-771


Stargold is one of those brands that is familiar with quality and innovation, so there is no need to look anywhere else. As with every Stargold product, we are committed to excellence, including the Stargold SL-771 Electric Iron. A great solution for an automatic ironing machine for home.

High-Powered Performance

The Stargold automatic iron machine, featuring a powerful 1000W heating element, heats up quickly to provide even and superior ironing results. The ideal iron smoothly glides over your clothes, removing wrinkles and creases without causing any damage to them.

Teflon-Plated Sole Plate

The Teflon-plated soleplate of this iron guarantees a smooth, friction-free ironing experience, making it the best automatic dry electric iron in UAE. It prevents fabrics from adhering to the iron but also enhances its durability. This ensures that this iron remains a valuable and long-lasting home essential.

Temperature Setting Dial

The adjustable temperature dial on this automatic ironing machine allows you to find the ideal ironing temperature for various fabrics. Among them are delicate silks and sturdy pieces of denim. This feature ensures the iron adapts to your needs, providing safe and effective ironing for every garment.

Auto Shut Off & Overheat Protection

A top priority is the safety of the Stargold automatic iron machine, an advanced automatic system. It features an auto shut-off function that activates when the iron is left unattended, preventing accidents and saving energy. Additionally, overheating protection maintains the iron in prime working condition, prolonging its lifespan

Personal Setting

The personal settings feature allows you to set the ironing method to your preferences. With the Stargold SL-771 Electric Iron, your ironing session will be customized based on your needs.

Installation Process

The handheld design of these dry steam irons offers exceptional ease of use. With this feature, you will be able to easily maneuver the iron across your garments for precise and efficient ironing.

Power Capacity

The best classic heavy dry iron runs on a standard AC 220-240V power adapter, ensuring compatibility with the majority of power outlets. You can enjoy consistent and reliable power for optimal ironing results

Effortless Ironing Experience

The user-friendly design of this automatic clothes ironing machine is corded to provide a hassle-free ironing experience. Its ergonomic design and comfortable grip ensure effortless maneuverability, even during extended ironing sessions

Generous Capacity Water Tank

The 200ml water tank allows you to easily add moisture to your ironing process. You can steam out stubborn wrinkles or use steam on collars and cuffs with the best automatic dry electric iron in UAE. Stargold automatic iron machine has exceptional results, and it's up to you to make the choice.

 Stargold 1000W Automatic Dry Electric Iron Teflon Plated Sole Plate, SL-771

Non-Stick & Durable

Because of its non-stick soleplate, your garments will glide smoothly over it without snagging or pulling. Even the toughest wrinkles can be easily smoothed out with this iron due to its heavy-weight construction, which makes Stargold Automatic iron machine the best dry iron in the UAE market.

Iron Type

The dry iron design, perfect for fabrics not needing steam, ensures precision and control. You can enjoy these benefits with the Stargold SL-771 Dry Iron, at an affordable price.

Reliable Quality with Warranty

Due to Stargold's commitment to quality, the Stargold SL-771 Electric Iron comes with a one-year warranty. For years to come, you can depend on its durability and performance.

The Stargold SL-7711000W automatic dry electric iron will improve your ironing experience, ensuring exceptional results every time. Whether it's your everyday outfits or special attire, this iron guarantees impeccable clothing presentation. You will be able to iron your garments with ease and efficiency, making them look elegant and stylish at all times. You can rely on Buymode for a dependable and high-performance iron box that simplifies your daily chores