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Stargold Portable Satellite Dish Antenna For Satellite TV, SG-KU65CM


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SKU: SG-KU65CM • Brand: Stargold • Caliber: Short axle -60cm/long -65cm • Focus length: 393mm • KU-band: Gain 12.5GHz -36.67dBi • Material: Iron Plate • Surface: Spray Plastic • Stand-Wall ground multi-purpose type • Angle of elevation – 0°-90° • Azimuth- 0°-360° • Wind speed can receive-25m/sec/works under weak signal-40m/sec/ not damage 60m/sec • Work surrounding temperature -40℃-60℃ • Relative Humidity- 0-100%

Product Description

Stargold SG-KU65CM Portable Satellite Dish Antenna

Upgrade your satellite TV experience with the Stargold Portable Satellite Dish Antenna (SKU: SG-KU65CM). Discover a world of entertainment with crystal clear reception and reliability that stands up to the elements. Don't settle for less when it comes to your TV signal—choose Stargold for unmatched performance and quality that goes the distance.

  • SKU: SG-KU65CM - Unlock the potential of satellite TV with Stargold's reliable antenna.
  • KU-band Gain: 12.5GHz -36.67dBi - High gain ensures strong and stable signals.
  • Caliber Short Axle & Focus length: Caliber Short axle 80cm/long -90cm and Focus length -510mm with KU-band Gain : 12.5GHz,  38dB – 39.7dB
  • Wind speed/ temperature / Humidity : Wind speed can receive-25m/sec/works under weaksignal-40m/sec/ not damage 60m/sec, Work surrounding temperature 40℃-60℃and Relative Humidity- 0-100%
  • Elevation and Azimuth: Angle of elevation - 0°-90° and Azimuth- 0°-360°
  • Material: Iron Plate - Sturdy construction for durability.
  • Surface: Spray Plastic - Protective coating for resilience against the elements.
  • Stand-Wall Ground Multi-Purpose Type: Flexible installation options for your convenience.
  • Brand: When it comes to satellite receiver technology, Stargold is a name you can trust. With a rich history of providing cutting-edge solutions, Stargold brings you the SG-KU65CM, a portable satellite dish antenna designed to revolutionize your satellite TV experience.
  • Built to Last: Durability is a hallmark of the Stargold SG-KU65CM. Crafted from rugged iron plate and coated with a protective layer of spray plastic, it's ready to withstand the elements and harsh outdoor conditions. Whether it's intense sunlight, heavy rain, or strong winds, your satellite antenna will stand strong.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Equipped with a versatile stand-wall ground multi-purpose design, this satellite dish antenna offers flexibility like no other. Adjust the elevation angle from 0° to 90° and fine-tune the azimuth from 0° to 360° for precise aiming. Whether you're mounting it on your rooftop, balcony, or in your backyard, you'll always find the perfect angle for optimal signal reception.

Superior Design for Exceptional Performance:

The Stargold SG-KU65CM Portable Satellite Dish Antenna is engineered to deliver outstanding satellite TV reception. With a focus on precision and durability, this antenna ensures a superior viewing experience, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Flexible Installation Options:

Choose the installation method that suits your preferences with the Stand-Wall Ground Multi-Purpose Type. Whether placed on the ground or mounted on a wall, this antenna adapts to your needs.

Reliable Performance in Any Weather:

Designed to resist wind speeds up to 60m/sec, this antenna remains steadfast even during adverse weather conditions. The robust construction and protective coating ensure longevity and reliable operation.

Elevate your satellite TV experience with the Stargold SG-KU65CM Portable Satellite Dish Antenna, where cutting-edge technology meets durability for uninterrupted entertainment.