STARGOLD Home Theater Multimedia 2.1 Channel Speaker Remote Control Via BT, USB, SD/MMC, SG-G2023 BLACK

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Brand: STARGOLD SKU/Model: SG-G2023 Power Supply: AC220V-240V _ 50/60Hz Output Voltage: DC 24V 2.5A Wattage: 70 Watts Control Type: Remote Control And Manual Remote QTY: 1 Support: BT, USB, SD/MMC, FM Radio Display: LED Display FM Antenna: YES LED Power: YES Power ON/OFF: (ON/OFF) Switch Placed At The Back of The Woofer Woofer Dimension: 36.5(L)× 41(H)× 23(W) cm Woofer Weight: 4.6 kg Speaker Dimension: 91.5(L)× 14(H)× 11(W) cm Speaker Weight: 2.2 kg Speaker Quantity: 1 Large Speaker With Brand LOGO Features: LED display, optical, coaxial, bass, USB, BT, remote, aux, 10000 P.M.P.O

Product Description

Experience the STARGOLD SG-G2023 Home Theater Multimedia 2.1 Channel Speaker

You can enjoy the next level of home entertainment with the Stargold home theater multimedia speaker (SG-G2023 Black). It's all here for you to enjoy your favorite music, movies, and TV shows in new ways. This will set a new standard for the enjoyment of your favorite music, movies, and TV shows. Here are some of the standout features of this outstanding multimedia speaker system.

Powerful 70 Watts Output

Stargold home theater multimedia speaker delivers cinematic sound quality with a powerful 70-watt output that is ideal for enjoying movies at home. A powerful and relaxing audio system transforms your living space into an entertaining zone. With this exceptional home theater speaker system, you can listen to movies and music like never before.

2.1 Channel Surround Sound

You can enjoy true 2.1-channel surround sound with the Stargold home theater multimedia speaker. With its dedicated subwoofer, you can listen to deep bass while two satellite speakers deliver crystal-clear highs and mids to your ears. As a result of this setup, every sound detail will be captured, glorifying your home entertainment experience to new heights.

Versatile Connectivity

Stargold multimedia speaker enables hassle-free connection options between your devices. You have the option to connect effortlessly via Bluetooth (BT), USB, SD/MMC, and FM Radio, which provides you with a wide selection of options to listen to your favorite audio content. With Stargold multimedia speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, you can access and enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and more.

Remote Control and Manual Operation

Stargold home theater speaker in UAE come with a remote control that lets you easily control your audio settings. Alternatively, you can adjust your audio experience manually if you prefer, to achieve the sound you want. Easily customize your listening experience to suit your mood and environment.

LED Display

The LED display of this multimedia speaker keeps you informed about your settings at all times, with a clear view of the volume, mode, and other controls. By improving the user experience, this feature allows for easy accessibility and personalization of audio settings.

FM Radio with Antenna

Stargold home theater multimedia speaker has a built-in FM radio feature that will allow you to easily tune in to your favorite radio station. This multimedia speaker with FM radio is enhanced by its included antenna, ensuring optimal signal reception for uninterrupted listening pleasure. You can listen to a wide range of radio channels with crystal-clear clarity.

LED Power Indicator

You can add class to your audio setup with this LED power indicator for your home theater speaker in UAE. This visual feature adds dynamic ambiance to any setting, optimizing your listening experience. The LED power indicator adds quality and style to your home entertainment setup in the UAE.

Optical and Coaxial Inputs

Stargold home theater multimedia speaker offers optical and coaxial inputs for better connectivity. These inputs enable hassle-free connections to a wide range of devices, ensuring an enriched audio experience. Access your favorite audio content from multiple sources with ease.

Dynamic Subwoofer

This outstanding speaker features a powerful subwoofer with dimensions of 36.5(L)× 41(H)× 23(W) cm and a weight of 4.6 kg. A dedicated bass unit ensures deep, resonant low-end frequencies, bettering your audio experience. With this exceptional speaker setup, you can enjoy cinematic audio at home.

Satellite Speakers

Two satellite speakers work in sync with this multimedia speaker system to deliver crystal-clear highs and mids with crystal-clear fidelity. Each speaker comes with dimensions of 91.5(L)× 14(H)× 11(W) cm and weighs 2.2 kg. For an exceptional listening experience, these satellite speakers complement the audio system.

Premium Design

Stargold home theater multimedia speaker is equipped with a sleek and modern design that effortlessly blends into any living space. Both visual and audio aspects of your home entertainment setup are strengthened by its aesthetic appeal. This exceptional speaker system blends style and performance.

Lightweight and Portable

As Stargold multimedia speaker weigh 4.6 kg, they are perfect for use as any home theater speaker UAE. You can optimize your audio experience effortlessly with this lightweight design. It offers flexibility without compromising on performance, whether you're moving your entertainment rooms or rearranging your space.

Multiple Playback Options

Stargold multimedia speaker with Bluetooth connectivity feature lets you stream your favorite tunes. Whether it's from a USB drive, Bluetooth connection, or AUX input, enjoy the flexibility to tune to your audio source preferences. A hassle-free and enjoyable listening experience is ensured with this speaker system.

10,000 P.M.P.O

Take pleasure in the dynamic sound experience provided by the Stargold home theater multimedia speaker, featuring a peak music power output (P.M.P.O) of 10,000. As a result, your audio fills the room with vibrant and engaging sound, bringing your entertainment to life.

Adding the best multimedia speaker to your home entertainment setup will give it a whole new level of enjoyment. In that case, Stargold home theater multimedia 2.1 channel speaker (SG-G2023 - Black) can be a wise investment. With superior sound quality, a dynamic design, and a variety of connectivity options, you are sure to have a great experience. 

This incredible home theater speaker in UAE will transform your living room into a cinematic experience you will never forget. You can experience entertainment like never before by upgrading your audio system today.