STARGOLD 16 Inch Table Fan 22w Rechargeable Fan, SG-4036 Blue

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Brand: STARGOLD Model No.: SG-4036 Size: 16 Inch Number of Speeds: 3 Speeds Energy Used: Electric Material: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Battery: Rechargeable Controller Type: Button Control Mounting Type: Table Top Working Hours: 12 Hours LED: Night Light Wattage: 22 W Voltage: 220-240V

Product Description

STARGOLD 16 Inch 22W Rechargeable Table Fan: SG-4036 Blue

The Stargold table fan (SG-4036) combines functionality with style. You will remain cool and comfortable all day long with this high-performance fan due to its powerful performance. It blends perfectly into any home or office setting due to its intuitive design.

With its efficient operation and user-friendly features, the Stargold rechargeable fan stands out. The robust battery ensures uninterrupted cooling, making it an ideal choice for situations. A quiet motor and adjustable speed settings allow you to keep a peaceful environment while cooling.

Premium Cooling Solution for Every Space

The Stargold SG-4036, an elegant and efficient 16-inch fan, combines superior performance with modern design. This rechargeable table fan delivers optimal airflow, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable in any setting. Its robust build and powerful motor make it a standout choice for both home and office environments.

With a rechargeable battery, this fan is portable and long-lasting. The SG-4036 is a reliable companion during power outages or outdoor activities, providing up to 12 hours of continuous cooling. As a result of its stylish design and practical features, it will be an invaluable addition to your cooling system.

Outstanding Airflow and Flexibility

Stargold's rechargeable table fan has three speeds, so you can adjust the airflow to suit your preferences. Whether you need a gentle breeze for relaxation or a powerful gust to combat the heat, this fan ensures optimal cooling performance. Its 16-inch size ensures efficient air circulation throughout the room.

Powered by electricity, this fan combines energy efficiency with powerful performance. An electric air conditioner offers consistent and reliable cooling, making it a valuable addition to any home or office. With this versatile fan, you can enjoy customized comfort.

Sturdy Construction and Energy Efficiency

With an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) construction, this Stargold table fan is built to last. Its sturdy construction withstands regular use while maintaining a lightweight profile for easy portability. As a result of its durability, it is an excellent choice for continuous cooling applications.

The electric table fan operates efficiently, consuming just 22 watts. In addition to providing a cool and comfortable environment, the low wattage also saves on electricity costs. With its efficient design, it can provide effective cooling to any room, making it a practical and economical addition.

Long-Lasting Battery and Night Light

Stargold SG-4036 has an impressive rechargeable battery, which provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation. As a result, it is ideal for areas with frequent power outages, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, the fan's portability and rechargeable capabilities make it ideal for use outdoors.

Aside from its powerful performance, this fan has a convenient night light that provides soft illumination at night. If you are looking to buy a rechargeable fan online in UAE, this model is a great choice. Cooling solution with reliable battery and practical features.

Effortless Operation and Stable Placement

With its intuitive button controls, the SG-4036 is designed for ease of use. Adjusting between different speed settings or switching the fan on and off requires just a press of a button. Anyone can take advantage of the fan's cooling benefits due to its user-friendly design.

Its table-top mounting type also ensures stable and secure placement on any flat surface in your home or office. Due to its design, it will provide a steady source of cooling, making it an ideal addition to your cooling needs. Easy operation and functionality are enhanced by the button control.

Consistent Cooling Performance

Stargold's 16-inch table fan operates within a voltage range of 220-240V, making it compatible with standard power outlets. Regardless of whether you are at home or work, you can expect reliable and consistent cooling performance. Its powerful motor efficiently circulates air, relieving heat.

This efficient design makes the Stargold fan an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable table fan in the UAE. With its robust construction and energy-efficient operation, it stands out as a top option for maintaining a cool and comfortable environment. You can use it for all your cooling needs thanks to its powerful performance and universal compatibility.

You will be able to keep cool and comfortable with the Stargold rechargeable fan (SG-4036) thanks to its stylish design and powerful performance. With its durable ABS construction, energy-efficient operation, and up to 12 hours of continuous use, this fan is perfect for any environment. 

Whether you need reliable cooling during power outages or a portable solution for outdoor activities, the Stargold rechargeable fan delivers. Don’t miss out on this versatile and efficient cooling device. Get your Stargold fan today and enjoy cooling!