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Stargold Remote Control 90w Bluetooth Connectivity 2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker, SG-G3 White

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Brand: StarGold SKU: SG-G3 White Energy Used: Electric Frequency: 30Hz.20KHz Functions: SD/FM/Remote Control/Bluetooth/USB/LED Display Wattage: 90 W Control type: Remote Mounting Type: Mixed Mount Bluetooth Technology: Yes Power: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz Output Power: 5000 PMPO & 90W RMS Satellite: 15W X2.

Product Description

Stargold SG-G3 White Multimedia Speaker

Stargold remote control multimedia speakers will change the way you listen to your music. You will be able to experience an in-depth bass experience with easy connectivity. Also, you can amplify your entertainment setup in no time at all. Enjoy the concert experience at home today. Upgrade your sound system with Stargold remote control multimedia speaker. For more detail below are some of the key features.

Stargold Remote Control 90w Bluetooth Connectivity 2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker, SG-G3 White

Brand: Stargold

Stargold's excellence and innovation set the benchmark for the best multimedia speaker technology. Our brand is synonymous with quality, ensuring top-tier solutions for your audio needs. Experience Stargold's pinnacle of audio innovation. Become a sound expert today!

Model: SG-G3 White    

The standout SG-G3 White model is the perfect way for you to find your ideal audio companion in an instant. A custom-designed audio system, this 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system delivers top-notch performance. Audio excellence at your fingertips with this multimedia speaker.

Wattage: 90W

As your room fills with powerful audio output, you'll feel the impact of the 90-watt total wattage of this 2.1-ch multimedia speaker system. With every corner resonating with dynamic sound, you're in for an audio journey like no other.

Mounting Type: Mixed Mount

The best multimedia speakers come with a mixed mounting type feature that allows you to customize placement based on the space and preferences you have. Whether on shelves, mounted on walls, or placed on stands, customize your audio environment effortlessly. Flexibility in positioning will add to your listening experience.

Satellite: 15W X2

A crystal-clear audio experience can be enjoyed with the 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system, featuring two 15-watt satellite speakers. Feel every beat and note of a rich and detailed sound stage. Powerful speakers ensure a well-rounded and engaging audio journey.

Rich Sound

You can engage in the finest entertainment by listening to the best multimedia speaker system that surrounds you that is engaging from every angle. With 50 Watts peak power and 25 watts RMS, you can experience balanced acoustics and deep bass tones. This speaker system is perfect for all your entertainment needs.

Enhanced Bass

This 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system features a compact design and a down-facing subwoofer to complete your audio setup. You can feel the beat in tight spaces with this system's deeper bass. Add powerful sound to your entertainment setup with this compact device.

Stargold SG-G3  2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker with Remote Control, Bluetooth Connectivity

Control Type: Remote

You can easily customize your audio preferences with multimedia speaker with remote control, granting you hassle-free control right at your fingertips. As you manage audio settings effortlessly, you will experience an unmatched level of convenience. This included feature enhances your enjoyment of every note.

Fingertip Controls

The multimedia speaker with remote control features a convenient control pod for easy access. These speakers perfectly complement your listening experience, providing effortless control over music or video playback. The multimedia speaker system raises the bar for entertainment.

Instantly Set Up

Stargold remote control multimedia speaker system makes it easy to get started. Simply unbox the cabled mini-speakers and plug the subwoofer into your computer - it's that easy. Within moments, you'll be completely caught up in high-quality audio, ready to enjoy your favorite music, movies, and more.


This multimedia speaker is compatible with any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Whether it's your mobile device or another entertainment gadget, this compact speaker system is a must-have companion. You can enhance your audio experience wherever you are, whether at home or on the go.

Powerful Sound, Booming Bass

Stargold multimedia speaker system 2.1 channels is an immersive audio experience designed to expand your audio experience. Equipped with 90w RMS total output power and 5000 PMPO, it delivers thunderous sound quality. With concert-level audio excellence, your living room comes alive. This dynamic speaker system will amplify your entertainment experience.

Built-in FM Radio and MP3 Player

This multimedia speaker features a built-in FM radio and MP3 player. Which makes it easy to access your favorite radio stations or plug in a USB drive to enjoy your music collection without any trouble. This versatile speaker system offers endless entertainment possibilities.

Stargold SG-G3  2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker with Remote Control, Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless audio convenience is at your fingertips with this 2.1 ch multimedia speaker system. You can easily connect your devices via Bluetooth technology and stream your favorite songs, podcasts, or music content from smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

LED Display

LED display provides real-time information about the selected input source and volume level of Stargold remote control multimedia speaker. This modern feature adds a stylish touch to your setup, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. With this sleek addition to your entertainment space, you'll remain informed and entertained.

Immersive Subwoofer

This multimedia speaker offers unbeatable depth and richness in audio. The dedicated subwoofer delivers cinematic explosions and heart-thumping beats, ensuring an engaging listening experience like never before. You will feel the full power of every sound and bring movies and music to life.

Wide Frequency Range

Listen to real-time audio with the 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system, boasting a frequency range from 30Hz to 20KHz. Each note and sound effect is faithfully reproduced. You'll experience amazing clarity and experience a new level of audio quality.


This 2.1 ch multimedia speaker system is designed for energy efficiency, running on electric power and compatible with AC 220-240V at 50/60Hz. Designed with sustainability in mind, it delivers high-quality audio with minimal energy consumption. With smooth compatibility and eco-friendly performance, you'll cherish both audio and the environment.

Quality Assured

Stargold offers a variety of high-quality wired and wireless portable audio products that are designed to improve your listening experience. Their commitment to quality is reflected in these multimedia speakers, which are backed by a 1-year hardware warranty. This 2.1 ch multimedia speaker system provides peace of mind in terms of reliability and performance.

You can upgrade your audio system with Stargold remote control multimedia speaker (SG-G3 - White). With Bluetooth connectivity and various input options, this speaker system combines versatility with splendid audio quality. Whether it's music, movies, or gaming, enjoy music with high-fidelity sound from the Stargold speaker system. You can redefine your home sound standards with Stargold. Don't miss out, bring home your Stargold remote-control multimedia speaker now.

 Stargold SG-G3 2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker with Remote Control, Bluetooth ConnectivityStargold SG-G3 2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker with Remote Control, Bluetooth Connectivity