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• SKU: SG-V1 • Brand: Stargold • Power Source: Battery Powered • Feature: 220,000 Hours Battery Life • Light source type: LED • Light path distance: 2000 Meters • Country of origin: ‎Japan • Battery: 2000mah • Charging Time: 5 Hours • Battery: 4000mah • Continuous Working Time: 240 Minutes • Safety: Corrosion/ Water/ Shock Resistance

Product Description

STARGOLD Heavy Duty Water Resistant Rechargeable LED Flashlight, SG-V1

Introducing the STARGOLD Heavy Duty Water Resistant Rechargeable LED Flashlight, SG-V1 – your reliable companion in any adventure or emergency. Built with durability and longevity in mind, this flashlight is designed to exceed your expectations, providing brilliant illumination and cutting-edge features.

Key Features:

  1. SKU: SG-V1:

    • Easily identify this top-tier flashlight with its unique SKU: SG-V1, a testament to its exceptional quality and performance.
  2. Brand: Stargold:

    • Trust in the reliability and innovation associated with the Stargold brand. Known for superior products, this Heavy Duty Water Resistant LED Flashlight is no exception.
  3. Power Source: Battery Powered:

    • Powered by efficient batteries, experience the convenience of a portable light source without compromising on brightness.
  4. 220,000 Hours Battery Life:

    • Benefit from an extraordinary 220,000 hours of battery life, ensuring long-lasting illumination for your various needs.
  5. LED Light Source:

    • Equipped with an advanced LED light source, enjoy bright, clear, and energy-efficient lighting.
  6. Light Path Distance: 2000 Meters:

    • Illuminate your surroundings with an impressive light path distance of 2000 meters. Whether camping, hiking, or during emergencies, this flashlight has you covered.
  7. Country of Origin: Japan:

    • Proudly made in Japan, this flashlight boasts precision engineering and high-quality craftsmanship.
  8. Battery: 2000mAh / 4000mAh:

    • Choose between two battery options – 2000mAh or 4000mAh – based on your usage preferences and requirements.
  9. Charging Time: 5 Hours:

    • Recharge quickly with a charging time of just 5 hours. Always have your flashlight ready for action.
  10. Continuous Working Time: 240 Minutes:

    • Enjoy extended usage with a continuous working time of 240 minutes. This flashlight is reliable and long-lasting.
  11. Safety: Corrosion/ Water/ Shock Resistance:

    • Designed to withstand the elements, this flashlight ensures safety with corrosion, water, and shock resistance. It's built for the toughest situations.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a camper, or someone preparing for emergencies, the STARGOLD Heavy Duty Water Resistant Rechargeable LED Flashlight, SG-V1, is the ideal choice. With its exceptional battery life, powerful LED light source, and robust design, this flashlight stands out in terms of durability, performance, and safety. Invest in the SG-V1 and illuminate your path with confidence.