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رمز المنتج: SL-2069 أسود نصائح مستديرة صديقة للبشرة لبشرة ناعمة نظام قطع متقدم حامل ذكي وطول قفل 20 لمزيد من خيارات التصميم 45 ⁰ BLDE زاوية حادة لتنظيف خاص يانع لينة من التآكل والقطع ضوء مؤشر البطارية قص سهل كنت تريد تصفيفة الشعر الموضة وقت الشحن: 8 ساعات استخدام الوقت: 40 دقيقة

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Starlife Length Settings Precision Wheel Cordless & Rechargeable Grooming Kit with Gillette ProGlide Razor - SL-2069 Black

With the Starlife rechargeable grooming kit (2069 Black), you will achieve superior grooming results. Featuring skin-friendly rounded tips, this kit guarantees a smooth, nick-free experience, improving skin comfort. Its advanced cutting system ensures precise trims, ideal for beards and body hair. 

This rechargeable grooming kit features a smart stand that allows you to organize and charge with ease, as well as 20 locking lengths that help you customize your look. The special 45⁰ acute angle blade offers meticulous cleaning, while the soft-touch design combines comfort with cutting precision. With just a 60-minute charge, you can enjoy 40 minutes of use. With Starlife, you can effortlessly achieve your desired fashion hairstyle.

Key Features of Starlife SL-2069 Rechargeable Grooming Kit

Here are some of the key features of the rechargeable grooming kit:

Key Features of Starlife SL-2069 Rechargeable Grooming Kit


Let Starlife be your first choice when it comes to grooming, it's a brand committed to innovative grooming solutions specifically designed to meet your needs. The Starlife rechargeable grooming kit stands for attention to detail, ensuring you achieve the finest results with every use.

Product Code:

You can easily identify your grooming essentials effortlessly with the distinct SKU: SL-2069 black. This ensures you have every tool you need for perfect grooming. The men's rechargeable grooming kit is ideal for maintaining a polished look with precision.

Skin-friendly Rounded Tips for Smooth Skin:

The days of nicks and cuts are over. The rounded tips on the blades of this grooming kit guarantee a gentle, smooth grooming experience. The cordless grooming kit ensures your skin remains comfortable and grateful for the care it receives.

Advanced Cutting System:

The advanced cutting system ensures a clean and precise trim with every use. Whether you're styling your beard or body hair, you'll achieve impeccable results. This rechargeable grooming kit is designed to deliver top-notch performance consistently.

Smart Stand & 20 Locking Lengths:

The Smart Stand organizes and efficiently charges your trimmers, ensuring they are always ready for use. With 20 locking length settings, you gain full control over your grooming style, providing a broad range of options. This all-in-one rechargeable groomer is your versatile solution for daily styling needs.

45⁰ Acute Angle Blade

 With the 45° acute angle blade, this grooming kit ensures a well-groomed appearance that stands out. With Starlife rechargeable grooming kit, you can maintain a polished look that speaks volumes about your grooming precision.

Soft on Skin and Precise Cutting:

Startlife trimmer will help you achieve the perfect balance of gentle touch on your skin and precise cutting. This grooming kit is designed for both comfort and accuracy. The rechargeable grooming kit ensures every session enhances your grooming experience without compromising on quality.

Starlife SL-2069 Grooming Kit with Gillette ProGlide Razor

Battery Indicator:

You can keep track of your grooming session with the battery indicator light. With the indicator, you'll always know when it's time to charge up.

Easy Cutting for Your Desired Fashion Hairstyle:

Transform your look effortlessly with this grooming kit. Whether you aim for a sleek, clean shave or a stylish beard, achieving your desired hairstyle or beard style is now easy. Starlife rechargeable grooming kit ensures you can effortlessly carry out any look.

Long-lasting Power:

Charge your grooming kit quickly with a convenient 60-minute charging time, minimizing downtime and ensuring readiness. This cordless grooming kit allows for extended grooming sessions with a 40-minute usage time, giving you a great opportunity to perfect your desired look.

Universal Voltage Compatibility:

Starlife trimmer has 220-240V, 50/60Hz Voltage. This grooming kit is designed for global use, allowing you to carry it anywhere and easily adapt it to various power sources.

Starlife rechargeable grooming kit (SL-2069 Black) is more than just a grooming tool; it’s an experience designed for the modern man. With the advanced features and sleek design, this rechargeable grooming kit is your key to looking and feeling your finest. Improve your grooming routine with this all in one rechargeable groomer to level up your grooming style.