STARLIFE Luggage Set of 4 PCS Polyester Fabric Suitcase With Rotational Wheels, SL-TR4 DARK GREY

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Specification: •Brand: STARLIFE •Model Name: SL-TR4 •Trolley Size: 20", 24", 28", and 32" •Exterior Material: Polyester Fabric •Department: Unisex •Lockable: Number Lockable •Password Changeable: Yes you can change your password •Is Number Lock safe: Yes Number Lock is Fully Safe •Wheels: 360-degree multi-directional •Wheels Quantity: 4 Wheels •Wheel Caster: Silent Spinner •Mash Pocket: Yes Zipper Mash Pocket Inside •Strap Material: Nylon •Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy •Handle Stage: 3-Stage •Gross Height: 87cm •Gross Length: 52cm •Gross Width: 33cm •Gross weight: 15 KG •What's In The Box: 1 Full Set of STARLIFE Trolley Luggage

Product Description

STARLIFE SL-TR4 DARK GREY: Where Elegance Meets Endurance

Introducing the STARLIFE SL-TR4 DARK GREY Luggage Set, a pinnacle of sophistication and resilience. Designed for the discerning traveler, this set of four suitcases seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge functionality to ensure your journeys are nothing short of extraordinary.

Key Features:

  • Brand: STARLIFE

    • Elevate your travel experience with the renowned STARLIFE brand. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY embodies the commitment to quality and style that defines the STARLIFE legacy.
  • Model Name: SL-TR4

    • Unleash your travel potential with four versatile sizes—20", 24", 28", and 32". The SL-TR4 DARK GREY caters to your every need, offering a comprehensive set for any adventure.
  • Exterior Material: Polyester Fabric

    • Immerse yourself in the luxurious touch of high-grade polyester fabric. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the SL-TR4 DARK GREY guarantees durability, ensuring your luggage stands the test of time.
  • Department: Unisex

    • Redefine travel fashion with a unisex design that transcends gender boundaries. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY is a testament to inclusivity, appealing to both men and women.
  • Lockable: Number Lockable

    • Prioritize the safety of your belongings with the integrated number lock system. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY offers a secure solution, providing peace of mind throughout your travels.
  • Password Changeable: Yes

    • Tailor the security of your luggage with a customizable password. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY empowers you to set and change your password, adding a personal touch to your travel experience.
  • Is Number Lock Safe: Yes, Number Lock is Fully Safe

    • Travel with confidence, knowing the number lock system ensures the safety of your possessions. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY delivers a worry-free travel experience.
  • Wheels: 360-degree Multi-directional

    • Effortlessly navigate through airports and crowded spaces with the 360-degree multi-directional wheels. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY promises a smooth and agile journey.
  • Wheels Quantity: 4 Wheels

    • Experience stability and support with four robust wheels, enabling easy traversal across various terrains. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY is your steadfast companion, ready for any adventure.
  • Wheel Caster: Silent Spinner

    • Move discreetly and gracefully through bustling environments with the silent spinner wheel casters. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY ensures a quiet and seamless travel experience.
  • Mash Pocket: Yes, Zipper Mash Pocket Inside

    • Stay organized on the go with the convenient zipper mesh pocket inside. The SL-TR4 DARK GREY provides a designated space for small essentials, adding an extra layer of order to your packing.
  • Strap Material: Nylon

    • Rely on sturdy nylon straps for a secure and comfortable grip. Whether lifting, pulling, or carrying, the SL-TR4 DARK GREY ensures a reliable and durable travel experience.
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

    • The lightweight and robust aluminum alloy handles offer a 3-stage adjustable height. Customize the handle to your preference, ensuring comfort at every stage of your journey.
  • Gross Dimensions

    • Height: 87cm
    • Length: 52cm
    • Width: 33cm
  • The thoughtfully designed dimensions strike a perfect balance between spaciousness and practicality, making the SL-TR4 DARK GREY your ideal travel companion.
  • Gross Weight: 15 KG

    • Despite its generous size, the SL-TR4 DARK GREY remains lightweight, allowing you to pack more while adhering to travel weight limits.
  • What's In The Box: 1 Full Set of STARLIFE Trolley Luggage

    • Unbox a complete set of STARLIFE Trolley Luggage, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and style.

Elevate your travel with the STARLIFE SL-TR4 DARK GREY, where style and durability converge for an unparalleled journey. Travel smart, travel with STARLIFE.